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Jane's changelog

Have you ever stumbled upon a new feature in your account or stared suspiciously at your screen because you know something has changed, but you can’t put your finger on what? Well, you’re in the right place — Jane’s changelog! Every few weeks, our team publishes a list of new features, changes, and (sometimes) fixes to this page to make sure that you’re always up to date with what’s new in Jane.

If you find this changelog helpful and would like to see more of these updates, shoot us a message at [email protected] and let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us improve how we communicate and will help us choose what to include in future changelogs.

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Calling all beta testers! 📣

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Jane's Changelog: 2022

Jane's Changelog: 2021

📣 Calling all beta testers

We always say we’re growing Jane alongside you, and that doesn’t stop at feature requests. When you sign up to be a beta tester, you get early access to exciting new features and, in return, we ask that you let us know what you think!

If you want to keep an eye on your wish-list features, be sure to vote on them in our Feature Request portal to receive updates on their progress and (sometimes 😉) earlier access to beta testing.

Here are the open betas we’re recruiting for right now:

Changelog: March 20th, 2023

One booking workflow to rule them all 💍

Last week, we made a change that allows you to book all of your appointment types (Group Appointments, Classes, and 1:1s) by clicking on the Schedule and choosing the appointment from the Treatment/Session drop-down on the Appointment panel.

To make this change possible, you’ll notice we had to do a little switcharoo of the Treatment and Patient fields. ⤵️

💭 Previously, the only way to book a Group Appointment or Class was to select it under the staff name on the left and drop it onto the schedule (you can still do this if you’d like).

Some of our community provided quick feedback on a few unintended changes with this feature, so we’ve started working on those. Thanks so much to everyone who let us know if something wasn’t feeling quite right. 💙

  • 🚀 We’ve fixed up the way you add an insurance policy when booking an appointment so Jane behaves as expected whether you choose to add the Patient or the Treatment first.
  • 🔜 We had omitted some info about a Patients last appointment, so we’re going to add all of that back in.
  • 🔜 We heard that the Treatment drop-down was too narrow to accommodate some longer Treatment names, so we’re working on ensuring everything fits on one line.

Update: Credit Cards on Intake Forms

The credit card collection field on your Intake Forms can now be made required. 🙌

Clients will only be asked to complete this step if there isn’t already a credit card connected to their account. If you’d like to turn this on, you can head to Settings > Forms & Surveys > Intake Forms and edit your form.

Thanks so much to everyone who provided their feedback on how this change would be helpful. If you’re not using Jane Payments yet, you can learn all about it here and get set up in 5 minutes whenever you’re ready!


  • Sales Report: We’ve added a No Charge filter option so you can get a more complete overview of your appointments.
  • Outcome Measure Surveys: We’ve made an update that lets you see the total score when you’re looking at an open Chart Entry.
  • Online Appointments for Groups
    • We added a banner to the waiting room that helps clients and providers feel confident they’ve got their microphone and camera permissions enabled. We hope this saves you from getting really good at miming to your clients to enable their microphones. 🎙️
    • You now have Persistent Settings for your camera, speaker, and microphone inputs/outputs! This means that Jane will remember if you joined your last appointment with your headphones/webcam/external speakers and automatically use those if you have them connected to your computer when you join a call.


  • Self Check-In: We fixed an issue where SMS Self Check-In links would expire immediately for Android users.

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Changelog: March 6th, 2023

Outcome Measure Surveys

We’re excited to be releasing the first part of this feature because we know it will be helpful for so many of you, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming soon!

🎉 Here’s what you can do with Outcome Measure Surveys right now:

  • Enable scoring for your checkboxes, sliders, or drop-downs on a Clinical Survey (Settings > Forms & Surveys ) and let Jane do the math for you when an Outcome Measure Survey is completed.
  • Use an Outcome Measure Survey for an individual client by adding it to their chart as a Chart Entry and filling it in on their behalf. You can make sure your surveys appear when you click New Chart Entry by going to your Staff Profile > Templates > Surveys.
  • Automatically send a survey to all clients before or after all appointments or at the time of booking.

💌 Here’s what’s coming soon:

  • Sending Outcome Measure Surveys to individual clients, either manually or automatically.
  • The ability to share templates that include scoring in the Chart Template Library.

Demo Clinic Password

Did you know we have a Demo Clinic where you can play with new features and test out workflows without creating any messy data in your account? Well, we’ve just made it easier to access by adding the password to your Need Help? menu.


  • Late Cancellations: We’ve made an update so that Late Cancellations appear as line items on your Product Performance report (just like No-Shows).
  • Online Appointments for Groups:
    • Virtual backgrounds (with Chrome browser only): We’ve added a few virtual background options, so you can now join your call from the ocean, the forest, or even outer space. 💫
    • Network indicator: Can you hear me now? Similar to how you can check for bars on your cellphone, you can now check for bars on a video call. We’ve added an icon to the upper right-hand corner of your screen to help you see how strong your internet is. You’ll also receive a notification if you experience a significant drop in your connection.
  • Reports:

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Changelog: February 21st, 2023

Online Appointments for Groups

You can now host HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR-compliant online sessions for 2-12 related clients, without leaving Jane. This is an optional add-on to any Jane plan, at $15 per practitioner per month. This will be great for sessions with multiple clients who know each other, like family and couples therapy— we’re still working on creating a great experience for unrelated groups and classes. 1:1 Online Appointments will continue to be free for everyone. 🎉

We’ve added some exciting features like blurred backgrounds, a session timer, chat, hand raising, and hi-def video.

Learn more about Online Appointments for Groups >

Our goal has always been to keep Jane affordable for you and that hasn’t changed. Adding extra participants to a telehealth session is (surprisingly!) expensive for us to run. So, by adding a flat rate per practitioner, we’re trying to ensure that you only pay for those in your practice who will use it and that we can continue to build great features for you.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to grow and make sure you’re getting great value for the cost of Jane.


  • We’ve added a new loading message: A Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that Ali, our co-founder, loves. Let us know if you see it the next time to log on! 👀
  • Shifts: You can now feed two birds with one scone and delete any breaks that exist within a Shift when that Shift is deleted.
  • Intake Form Reminders: We’ve added an automatic reminder for Intake Forms that are sent manually and are incomplete 24 hours before the client’s next appointment.


  • Late Cancellations: We heard that the way the new invoicing option for Late Cancellations was being billed to clients’ insurance wasn’t working for some practices. We fixed that up so that Late Cancellation invoices act a bit more like No-Shows and assume the client will be responsible for the cost.
  • Treatments/Sessions: We fixed a quirk where Jane lost track of the order of Treatments when there was a long list of them. Your Treatments should all stay in the order you left them from now on.

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Changelog: February 6th, 2023

🇺🇸 Update: Improved Statement Filtering

In addition to our recent updates to Diagnosis Codes on Statements, we’ve added a 3rd filter option to exclude Diagnosis Codes altogether. When selected, this filter produces Statements that show only CPT codes and insurance details.


  • Reporting Improvements:
    • Sales Report: We took the Sales Report in for its annual service so when you go to export it, that clanking under the hood should be gone (aka it should load a little quicker for you 😉).
    • Online Appointment Usage Report: This report can now be exported to Excel/CSV to allow you to dive a little deeper into your usage.
    • Unapplied & Applied Payments Report: We’ve improved the date formats on this report so that they’re easier to sort when exported to Excel.
    • Activity Log: If you’ve ever come across a log item saying, “So-and-so destroyed on Tuesday at 12 pm”, you’ve likely thought to yourself, “… destroyed what, Jane?!”. We’ve been there. So, we asked Jane to provide a little more context (i.e. “destroyed a Shift”) to help prevent confusion.
  • Disciplines: We’ve separated the Kinesiology/Athletic Therapy Discipline into 2 separate Disciplines— Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy. ✌️ To update your Discipline, you can head to Settings > Disciplines and click edit. Then, you can choose the appropriate Discipline from the Category drop-down list.
    • If you use Online Booking, you may also need to edit your Name and Professional title to update what displays to the public. If you’re not sure which title you should be using, we encourage you to reach out to your regulatory body.
  • PCI Compliance: To help you maintain PCI compliance, we’ve added a warning that appears if you try to type a credit card number into a Chart Entry. It will prevent you from Signing the Chart Entry until the card number is removed. For more info, you can check out our update from last week. ⤵️


  • Relationships: We’ve tidied up an issue where duplicate emails were being sent when a new Relationship was created. Clients should now only receive a single, consolidated update when you set up their Relationship.

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Changelog: January 23rd, 2023

Improved PCI Compliance

If you’re not familiar with PCI Compliance, it’s a standard to ensure business owners are maintaining safe payments for their clients, including proper storage of credit card information.

Jane is a secure platform for storing clients’ data, but it can still be used in ways that are not PCI-compliant, like collecting and storing credit card numbers in plain text in chart entries.

To help you maintain compliance, we’ll be removing the ability to record credit card information in charting fields (including Intake Forms) by January 31st. 📆 Similar to other note fields in Jane, any 16-digit number will be replaced with stars once saved.

🎉 Jane Payments is PCI compliant and allows you to easily collect and store credit card info in three ways:

If you’re not using Jane Payments yet, it only takes 5 minutes to get set up. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Better Cancellations in Jane

We made 3 updates that will make managing and tracking cancelled appointments better:

Late Cancellation Invoices:

  • You can now set custom fees for your late cancellations, just like you have for No-Shows (Settings > Fees)!
  • Once set, these fee options will be available during the Late Cancellation Period when you click the Cancel button on an appointment.

💬 Reason for Cancellation:

  • As you cancel an appointment, you’ll notice your Reasons for Cancellation now appear in a pop-out box.
  • This includes a new “Other” option that allows you to add specific reasons as needed for easier-to-track cancellations.

⏪ Undo a Cancellation:

  • Finally, once that appointment has been cancelled, you can now reverse the cancellation if it was done in error.

These are small changes that we hope make a big impact! Learn more >

Intake Form Reminders

Speaking of making a big impact (drum roll, please 🥁)… Every Intake Form will now include an automated email reminder that will be sent 24 hours before an appointment if the form is incomplete!

We hope this helps reduce the amount of time you spend emailing clients and ensures more appointments start with completed forms. Learn more >


  • The Sales Report: We made a tweak to the Sales Report to show partially paid invoices when the All Outstanding filter is selected. This should make the math a little math-ier for you.
  • Diagnosis Codes on Statements: We changed the way that diagnosis codes are formatted on receipts, invoices, and statements (but not superbills) by removing the diagnosis code description and separating all codes by commas (instead of having one per row). You’ll see these changes applied to purchases invoiced after January 9th.
  • Procedure Codes: After updating the price of a procedure code, you can now edit that procedure code on an existing appointment to update the price. To do this, click Change Billing Code and re-select the same procedure.

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Changelog: January 9th, 2023

Update: Mailing Client Statements

We’ve reformatted the clinic address on Printed (Mail) Client Statements to fit within the return address window of double-window envelopes. We hope this saves you a little time (and ink or stickers) when mailing out your statements!


  • Billing Codes: We’ve done a little tinkering under the hood so that Jane pulls up your custom, favourited, and most relevant Procedures and Diagnosis codes a little quicker when searched.
  • Chart Templates: You can now duplicate Chart Parts when you’re building or editing your templates for quicker, easier template creation!
  • Translations:
    • We’ve cleaned up some of our translations en français in our cancellation emails and the “Welcome back” message in Online Booking
    • We’ve added labels for the required fields on Intake Forms en español
  • 🇺🇸 Electronic claims (837): Jane can now support Supervising and Ordering providers on electronic claims! Previously, both were communicated as Referring providers, which occasionally caused a rejection. We hope this makes your billing a little smoother.

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Changelog: December 12th, 2022

Online Gift Cards

Available in the US and Canada.

You can now enable the sale of Gift Cards through your Online Booking site! Purchasers can buy gift cards through their secure client portal via Jane Payments. They’ll receive a code that can be used for themselves or copied into a downloadable gift card template to give to a loved one. You’ll be able to redeem the gift card code on the admin side of Jane during the receiver’s next session.

We built Online Gift Cards to help provide a simple way for you to run promotions and attract new clients through gift-giving, just in time for the holidays. If you’re not using Jane Payments yet, you can learn more and get all set up in minutes when you’re ready!

Learn more about Online Gift Cards.


  • Statements: We increased the font size of the mailing address from 12px to 14px to make our printed snail mail Statements a little easier on your mail delivery person’s eyes.
  • 🇺🇸 Insurance Billing: We did a little tinkering under the hood and souped-up Jane’s performance when posting EOBs, and generating individual superbills and CMS1500s. Zoom zoom.


  • Wait List: Jane was doing a little interior design work and accidentally turned the Wait List bubble green. Those bubbles are back to their cheery orange once again.
  • Forms and Surveys: The new Settings screen for Intake Forms, Clinical Surveys, and Rating & Reviews, wasn’t formatted for medium-sized screens (like a tablet). That’s all fixed up now, and you’ll be able to work on those from whichever device you like.

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Changelog: November 28th, 2022

Save Credit Cards from the Jane Payments Terminal

You can now optionally save a credit card on file when your client taps, swipes, or inserts their card into your Jane Payments Terminal!* Having a card on file makes it so easy to charge contactless payments, collect A/R, and bill auto-recurring memberships. It’s also a great way to help prevent no-shows. 💰

Learn all about saving credit cards from the Jane Payments Terminal.

This feature is available for Jane Payments users in 🇨🇦 Canada and 🇺🇸 the US. If you’re not signed up yet, you can learn more about Jane Payments and get all set up in minutes!

Pay Balance Texts (SMS)

Raise your hand if your inbox is a little… messy these days. 🙋‍♀️Jane’s got you covered: Cut through the clutter by sending a Pay Balance Text Message using Jane Payments. You can add a personalized message while sending your client a secure link to pay their outstanding balance. Clients can pay from anywhere through their client portal with a card-on-file, or Apple or Google Pay.

Making it easier for clients to pay means a better chance of you getting paid, sooner. Read more about this and other ways clients can Pay Balances Online.


  • Searching Charts: You might notice that the search function in your charts has been even more helpful recently (and if you haven’t, give it a try!). We’ve added a little extra logic to Jane so you can spend less time flipping through charts and more time getting ready for your next client.
  • Deleting Client Files: Account Owners can now delete files from a client’s Files tab, regardless of who uploaded them, as long as it isn’t included in the client’s Chart.


  • Electronic Claim Submission: We fixed an issue with the way staff phone numbers were formatted in electronic submissions (837) that would occasionally trigger a clearinghouse rejection. If you’ve ever been given a fake phone number, you’ll understand the feeling. 😉
  • Pay Balance Emails: For a brief time, Jane wasn’t allowing some practitioners to send Pay Balance Emails, even if they had the Access Billing permission selected in their Staff Profiles. We’ve reminded Jane that anyone with that box ticked should be allowed to collect payments, so things should be back to normal now.

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Changelog: November 14th, 2022

Settings Page Redesign

Jane has grown up a lot over the past few years, so the Settings list has gotten longer and each page within that has gotten a little busier. To help make it easier to manage your Jane account, our team is embarking on a Settings Redesign journey. We’ve got two exciting changes for you this week:

#1: Clinic Info & Locations

We’ve started with the first place most people land when they’re getting set up: Clinic Info & Locations. We’ve broken this page into 2 separate tabs (Clinic Info, Locations) to keep things clearer and easier to manage as you add/edit some of the most essential information about your practice.

#2: Intake Forms, Clinical Surveys, and Ratings & Reviews

We’ve also built a new home for the setup of your client forms and surveys (Intake Forms, Clinical Surveys, Reviews & Ratings). These are now conveniently grouped together in the Forms and Surveys tab.

If you’re ever looking for any of your Settings pages, you can find them quickly by typing a keyword into the Setting Search bar in the top lefthand corner of your Settings.


  • Charting on an iPad: If you were trying to access a chart from the Day view on an iPad recently, you may have noticed Jane wasn’t being quite as helpful as usual. We’ve done a little tinkering, and your charts should open as normal again.


  • 🇺🇸 Secondary Claim Submission: We added some messaging for when a primary claim response isn’t automatically added to a secondary claim. Reasons include:

    • 🙅 The primary payer forwarded the secondary claim on the clinic’s behalf

    • 🙅 The primary response should not be used for billing secondaries

    • 🙅 The procedures in the primary response don’t match the procedures on the claim

    • 🙅 There is another ‘valid’ primary response with a more recent effective date

  • 🇬🇧 UK Insurance: We’ve made a few more updates to insurance policy terms for our mates in the UK. This is a small part of our ongoing work to build better regional insurance features in Jane.

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Changelog: October 31st, 2022

Do your clients want to pay all the invoices for their family visit with a single transaction? Or would they like to pay their child’s invoice and be reflected as the payer? Good news: You can now do both in Jane. 🎉 

This new way to pay uses Jane’s Relationship feature to create a more streamlined checkout for you and your clients, as well as more accurate receipts and statements.

Learn all about how you can get going with Payments for Related Clients!

Charting for Classes or Group Appointments

To streamline the workflow for those seeing multiple clients at once, we’ve created a shortcut that allows you to copy a signed Chart Entry from one client’s chart to another’s.

This option will appear on any Chart Entry with a Class or Group Appointment attached to it. If you need a refresher on attaching Chart Entries to appointments, you can check this guide out!

We hope this makes your charting for Groups and Classes a little easier. You can learn all about it here!


  • 🇨🇦 Canadian Insurance Integrations: There was a little bug that was allowing users to accidentally double-submit claims to TELUS eClaims or Pacific Blue Cross. We asked it to pack up its things and go, so it shouldn’t be pestering anyone anymore.


  • Settings Search Bar: Jane just got smarter! We’ve been working on expanding Jane’s vocab when it comes to searching your Settings. You can now type in all sorts of things that you remember seeing (somewhere in the Settings) and Jane will pull it up for you. 💪
  • Editing Quick-Click Chart Parts: We’ve made it a whole lot easier to edit your checkboxes, drop-downs, range scales, and Smart Options & Narratives. You can now drag and drop items into place, rather than rewriting your list of options. Happy editing!

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Changelog: October 17th, 2022

🇺🇸 US Insurance: Secondary Claim Management in Jane

There’s a new workflow in town and it will make managing your secondary claims in Jane so much better. That includes billing secondary submissions electronically.

Starting October 18th here’s what you’ll see:

  • 📂 All new secondary claims will automatically be put into the Waiting on Primary claim submission folder
    • Any existing secondary claims (generated before October 18th) will remain in their current folder
  • 🚀 Once the primary claim is marked Approved, Jane will move the secondary claim to your Draft or Unsubmitted claim folder (based on your Billing Settings)
  • 💪 If you submit to Insurers that automatically forward secondary claims for you (like Medicare), you can indicate that in Settings > Insurers and Jane will automatically mark your secondary claims as Submitted at the same time as the primary
  • 🪄 If you upload ERAs, Jane will automagically fill in the primary remittance information that’s required to bill secondary claims

You can check out our guide for all the details!


  • Primary Phone Number: You can now indicate your client’s primary phone number in their profile so you have a visual cue telling you which number to call first! We hope this makes it a little easier for you to get in touch with your clients (on the first try 😉).

  • 🇺🇸 Locations: Jane now includes Armed Forces Americas (AA), Armed Forces Europe (AE), or Armed Forces Pacific (AP) in the State drop-down options for Client Profiles, Staff Profiles, and Clinic Locations.


  • Credit cards on Intake Forms: Jane was displaying the cancellation policy on the Credit Card section of your Intake Forms in seconds instead of hours. While we appreciate the attention to detail, we’ve asked Jane to zoom out a little to make the policy easier to understand.

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Changelog: October 3rd, 2022

ICD10 Code Set

Effective October 1st, we’ve added 1176 new billable diagnosis codes to the ICD10 set in accordance with CMS’s 2023 updates. To give you a bit of time to get your charts and billing up-to-date, we’ll wait until October 11th, and then we’ll remove any codes that are no longer in use.

You can read all the details in our FAQ!

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Changelog: September 20th, 2022

Credit Cards on Intake Forms

If you’re using Jane Payments, you can now enable secure, PCI-compliant credit card collection on new or existing Intake Forms by heading to Settings > Intake Forms > Credit Cards. Once enabled, clients without a card on file will be asked to add their card info the next time they’re prompted to fill out an Intake Form.

Credit card info entered on Intake Forms will be stored as a secure token on your clients’ profiles, ready to be used when you need it.

Check out our guide for all the details!

Currently available for Jane clinics located in Canada 🇨🇦 and the USA 🇺🇸.

If you’re not using Jane Payments yet, it only takes a few minutes to get set up (Settings > Jane Payments), so you can give it a try today! There are no contracts or hidden fees, just effortless payments from here on out.

Learn more about Jane Payments rates and benefits.


  • 🇬🇧 UK Insurance: We gave Jane a lesson in local lingo so now the term “Excess” is being used instead of “Deductible”.

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Changelog: September 6th, 2022

🆕 Billing Notices on your clients’ Profile

We’ve added a one-stop shop for collecting A/R right from your clients’ main Profile page! The Billing Notices box will show any Private Outstanding balances and give you the option to send an email request for payment or process a payment on the spot.

This is one more way Jane Payments makes it easier than ever for you to get paid. 💪 If you’re not using Jane Payments yet, you can learn more here! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

🇺🇸 Session/Treatment-Specific Place of Service Codes

If you need to bill or provide superbills using more than one Place of Service (POS) code, you can now set a default POS code for your practice, as well as specific codes for any services that require it!

In your Location Settings, you can set a code that will apply to all Sessions/Treatments that don’t have a specific POS code added, and in your Sessions/Treatments Settings, you can enter a code that will only apply to that specific appointment type.

This update was inspired by practices billing/providing superbills for Telehealth and in-person visits, but will be helpful for anyone who needs to use different POS codes from a single Location in their Jane account!

Learn all about it in our Setting a Place of Service Code guide!

Thanks so much to our community members who helped us understand this pain point! We love that we get to grow Jane alongside you. 💙 This is another step towards making Jane the best it can be for those of you billing insurance and providing superbills.


  • Insurance Info on Intake Forms: We’ve tweaked the insurance collection step on intake forms to make it a little more streamlined. Your client’s address will now automatically pre-populate with what they’ve entered on the previous page, saving them from having to enter that info in twice.
  • Groups: When we added our shiny new Group section to the client Profile, we didn’t realize we had added it right where the Chart option used to be. We’ve moved it along so you can continue to chat with your clients, grab your equipment, and navigate Jane at the same time without stumbling upon something unexpected.
  • Wait List Notifications: We’ve made an update so that Wait List Notifications will work according to each client’s Online Booking Policy. So, any Wait List client with Online Booking disabled will receive notifications telling them to call to book, while any Wait List client with Online Booking enabled will receive an email that lets them choose an opening online!
  • 🇺🇸 ERA Management: Jane now displays insurer Remarks (Remittance Advice Remark Codes), for those of you uploading ERAs. When an insurer sends Remarks, you’ll find them under the Messages column in the Claim Response screen. Our goal is for you to never have to leave Jane to bill insurance, and this is one small, remark-able step in that direction. 😉

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Changelog: August 22nd, 2022

🆕 Group Appointments

Tandem bikes, paddling a canoe, moving a couch… some things are just better when you get to do them with others. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that you now have the ability to schedule Group Appointments in Jane! 🎉 This allows you to book multiple clients into a single session with a single invoice.

We’re still hard at work on a few more goodies to help with your Group Appointments (Group Telehealth and Group Billing are coming this Fall!), so stay tuned for those in the coming months.

Here are a few guides that will help you get started with Group Appointments if you want to give them a test drive:

Your feedback is so important to us as we continue to build out our Group Appointments feature. You can always shoot us an email or add a feature request.

Here are two open feature requests you can add your voice to:


  • Gift Cards: For a long time, gift card-related transactions were excluded from the Statement in a client’s Billing profile, resulting in a balance that didn’t accurately reflect what was shown in their profile or what they really owed. We’ve made some tweaks and things are now perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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Changelog: August 8th, 2022

Update: Insurance Policy Viewing

When you go to view a client’s Insurance Policy, you’ll now be able to see a lot more info at-a-glance!

We’ve added details like the policy holder’s relationship to the insured (along with their name and DOB), the Prior Authorization Number, Insurance Plan Name, and default coverage amounts. We hope this removes a few extra clicks from your billing workflows.

🇺🇸 Removing an Insurance Policy from an Appointment

We added an extra safeguard for anyone trying to remove an Insurance Policy from an Arrived appointment after a claim has already been submitted.

Now, Jane will pop up to let you know how many claims have already been submitted and remind you that deleting it will also delete the claim, unlink associated responses, and delete all submissions. Better safe than sorry!


  • Account Activity Notifications: We’re always working to make Jane even more secure, so over the coming months, you and your clients will start to notice heads-up emails that are sent from Jane whenever a password, email, or address is changed, or when there’s a login to an account from a new device.


  • Signing & Locking a Chart Entry: The lock that appears on your Day sheet to let you know whether a Chart Entry has been signed got a little sticky. It wasn’t locking until you refreshed your page, so we sprayed some WD-40 on it and it’s back to snapping shut as soon as you hit that Sign button. 🔒

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Changelog: July 25th, 2022

Managing your Jane Subscription

We’re making it easier to update your Jane subscription as you add/reactivate and delete/deactivate Staff members in your Jane account! Jane will ask a few quick questions to help automatically increase or decrease your license count as needed. Whenever the license count is changed, the Account Owner will receive an email letting them know. Account Owners can still manually update their subscription from Settings > Jane Subscription, as well, but this should help remove a few extra clicks from the process!

We’ll be rolling this out over the next couple of weeks, so if you don’t see it in your account quite yet, you can check back soon!


  • Emails: We’ve made Emails that are sent from Jane easier to read by changing the text colour to add a little more contrast.
  • Jane’s System Status Page: We’ve improved our System Status page to keep you up to date in the (rare!) event that Jane is having a bad day. With this update, we can send notifications directly to your Jane account if a feature or integration you use is temporarily down.


  • 🥷 Privacy Mode: There were a few places that Jane was forgetting to blur when in Privacy Mode (Shift + P), like certain spots on the Sales Report, Purchase View, or Patient Profile Billing area. We’ve fixed that up so you don’t have to worry about anyone peeking over your shoulder, no matter which part of Jane you’re working in.
  • Mailchimp: Emails that were entered into Jane using capital letters weren’t syncing to Mailchimp for anyone using the integration. We’ve asked Jane to be a little less case-sensitive and your client’s emails should sync without issue moving forward.

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Changelog: July 11th, 2022

Update: Pronouns

We’ve added an option to your Clinic Info & Location Settings to enable/disable pronouns in your clients’ My Account. We’ve decided to put this back in your hands so that, by giving your clients the option to update their pronouns, you’re able to more intentionally signal whether or not you can provide inclusive care.


  • Online Booking Branding: We know you work hard on your branding, and we always want to respect that. We’ve made some updates to ensure the logo you upload to your Online Booking site is as crisp and clear as can be.
  • Intake Forms: The Online Intake Form section of your Clients’ Profile shows you all of their completed and pending Intake Forms. We had originally named the column that shows whether a form has been completed or not “Submitted”, which turns out was a little optimistic. 😉 It’s now called “Status” to more accurately reflect the information being provided.


  • Schedule View: We noticed that client’s prefixes were not reliably showing up on the schedule. We pulled Jane aside and explained that if someone spends 10-15 years in school to get their PhD or MD, the least we can do is refer to them as “Dr.”

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Changelog: June 27th, 2022

Accept Tips with the Jane Payments Terminal

We know that asking if someone wants to tip after a treatment can be, well, a little awkward. That’s why we’re so excited that you can now set up your Jane Payments Terminal to prompt your clients for you!

You can even set some standard tip amounts (ex. 10%, 12%, 15%) along with the option to add a custom tip or skip it altogether. You can also turn off tips during a particular client’s check out if it doesn’t feel like an appropriate time to have that prompt appear. 💸 We hope this helps you make a little extra cash (and avoid those awkward conversations!).

Learn more about tips on the Jane Payments Terminal >

Equitable Life has been added to TELUS eClaims

You’re now able to submit Equitable Life of Canada claims directly through Jane’s TELUS eClaims integration for a faster and more seamless claim submission experience. 🎉

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, you can click here to check if Equitable Life supports claims for your profession. If you’re currently tracking your Equitable Life submissions in Jane, you can visit our guide to learn how to upgrade your existing insurer to a TELUS eClaims insurer.

Learn more about submitting claims with our TELUS eClaims integration, and see the full list of supported insurers, by checking out this guide here!


  • 🇧🇼 We added a new currency translation: Jane now knows that the moolah in Botswana is the pula!
  • 🇺🇸 U.S. Insurance Policies: We caught Jane up on some insurance lingo. Now, if you’re adding a third policy to an appointment, Jane will label it the Tertiary Policy instead of Policy #3.


  • Wait List Notifications: Jane was having a little trouble matching up Wait List clients with new openings for staff members who use Staggered Booking. We’ve gone in and fixed that up, and we hope the improvement is… staggering. 😉

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Changelog: June 13th, 2022

Update: Client Statements

If you’re someone who works with client Statements in Jane, this one might make you go, “ooh!” and maybe even, “ahh!”. These small but mighty updates will be great for everyone, but we hope they’re especially helpful for our friends in the U.S. who deal with insurance. 💪

Here’s what’s new:

  1. 👀 We’ve moved the Summary to the top of the Statement, so it’s above all the nitty-gritty details. This way, you and your clients will be able to see the most important info at-a-glance.
  2. 🧾 Speaking of nitty-gritty details, we’ve added a new filter option: Exclude Insurance Details which will remove all the insurance bits and bobs (like CPT codes, ICD10 codes, co-pay, etc.) to help keep your Statements from being longer than a CVS receipt.
  3. 📫 For anyone who sends their Statements in the mail, we’ve also added a Print (Mail) option so the client’s name and address will fit into the window of a #10 envelope when folded!

We hope these changes are helpful for you and your clients!


  • Chart Entries: We’ve added a new Filter option that allows you to sort a client’s Chart Entries by newest first or oldest first! Then, if you go to Export the chart, it will print or create a PDF in the order you’ve chosen.
  • Language Settings: Jane is learning a new language! You can now search using Japanese characters and, if you head to Clinic Info & Locations and set your locale to Japan, Jane will translate some key parts of your account into Japanese (including your Online Booking site). Arigatou to our clinic in Japan for their patience and assistance with this. 🙏
  • Memberships: We made Memberships a bit more flexible. You can now apply a Membership to an appointment even if the billing cycle for that appointment time is unpaid! Jane will give you a friendly heads up but will allow you and your clients to book any eligible sessions regardless.
  • Write-Offs: We’ve taken a cue from Missy Elliot and worked it so that you can now take a partially written-off invoice, flip it and reverse it. This will revert the invoice back to the initial balance, saving you a step in the process.


  • Wait List Notifications: A bug was causing staff members’ post-treatment time to be added on top of a treatment’s scheduled time when a client claimed a spot on the Wait List. We politely asked the little nuisance to pack its things and go, so there shouldn’t be any more treatment length confusion for your Wait List clients.
  • Intake Forms: We’ve fixed up an issue where Intake Forms that still need to be completed weren’t appearing in clients’ My Account. Now, your clients should be able to log in and see their pending Intake Forms (and hopefully complete them 😉).

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Changelog: May 30th, 2022

Update: Jane Payments Cut-Off Time

The new cutoff time for Jane Payments is 11:59 pm ET / 8:59 pm PT. 🎉

This means that all payments processed before 11:59 pm for our East Coasters and 8:59 pm for those of us out West will be deposited into your account at the same time. Say goodbye to having payments from the same calendar day split into two deposits on two separate days! We hope this helps make your bookkeeping a little easier.

New: Settings Search Bar 🔎

Over the years, as Jane has grown up, our Settings list has grown too. So, we’ve introduced a search bar to help you quickly find what you’re looking for! Right now, you’ll need to type in the specific Settings tab you’d like to pull up, but soon you’ll be able to type in keywords for whatever you’re looking to do and Jane will show you where to go! Pretty neat, hey?

Update: Formatting for Phrases

You can now add formatting to your Phrases: Create a list, include some links, or even add a little emphasis! You can add or edit Phrases from your Staff profile. Learn all about using phrases for faster charting here!


  • Passwords: You know when you’re typing in a password and you think you’ve made a typo so you have to delete everything and start over? Well, you won’t have to do that in Jane anymore! We’ve added the option to make your password visible as you type it in, so you can create super long, complex passwords and not worry about entry errors. 💪
  • Insurance Policy Reset: We’ve added a little extra info to the policy reset confirmation screen to explain the criteria for resetting a policy. We’ve also updated the success message when policies are reset to show the number of insurance policies that were reset, instead of just displaying the total number of policies that were selected.
  • Insurance Info on Intake Forms: Did you know clients can’t upload their insurance info to an intake form as a PDF? We realized that wasn’t super clear, so we’ve added a note to the upload area so clients know which file types can be uploaded (jpeg, jpg, and png). To make sure the message is loud and clear, we’ve added that info to the error message someone will see if they try to upload an incompatible file as well.
  • 🇨🇦 TELUS eClaims: Registered Social Workers and Occupational Therapists are now able to submit claims through Jane’s TELUS eClaims integration!
  • 🇺🇸 CPT Codes: We decided it was time to do a little Spring cleaning on our CPT codes. 🧹 So, we grabbed our brooms and swept Jane’s billing code library clean of any duplicate codes. It feels so good to have it fresh and tidy!

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Changelog: May 16th, 2022


  • Jane Payments: We’ve redesigned the Settings area so that everything you need to know or take action on is easier to find in fewer clicks.
  • Time Zones: For anyone using Jane’s ‘Display Clinic Time Zone’ feature, we’ve continued to add to the list of places that Jane will display Time Zones for clients, including on Wait List Requests!
  • Arrive/No Show: You click Arrive so many times a day (and No Show hopefully a little less), so every extra second you spend waiting for Jane to turn that appointment green (or red) counts! We’ve made some behind-the-scenes updates to make that process speedier than ever, and we hope it saves you a little extra time each day.
  • Client Sign-up Form: We’ve improved the order we displayed First Name, Last Name, Preferred Name, and Pronouns on the client sign-up form.
  • 🇺🇸 Claim Submission Folders: We added a fancy new ‘Related Claims’ section to the Claim Summary panel in your Claim Submission Folders. Now, when you click View on a primary claim in any submission folder, you can scroll down and see if the client also has secondary coverage (and vice versa!).


  • Return Visit Reminders: Jane was having some trouble with time management and wasn’t sending out RVRs that were scheduled on the same day they were set to send. We’ve fixed that up now and your reminders will be sent, no matter when you’re scheduling them.
  • Wait List Notifications: We trapped a bug that was causing Wait List Notification cues to pop up for appointments scheduled outside of shifts. We’ve shooed that little pest out the window and they will only appear for appointments within a shift from now on.
  • Products: Occasionally, if someone changed the quantity of a product being sold really quickly, Jane had a little trouble keeping the inventory up-to-date. We’ve introduced a little extra caffeine to the morning routine, and Jane now has all the necessary energy to track even the quickest of clickers!

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Changelog: May 2nd, 2022

🚀  Wait List Notifications

The wait for better Wait List management is over! Wait List Notifications will hold any cancelled, deleted, no-showed, or moved appointment times for your Wait List clients whose availability and preferences fit within that spot. Then, you’ll be able to send all those clients an SMS and/or Email notification, book in a specific client, or release the spot back to the general public.

If you enable automatic notifications, you can sit back and relax while Jane manages your Wait List for you! We hope this helps you keep your schedules full and see your clients sooner.

Learn more about Wait List Notifications!


  • Staff Profiles: What’s in a name? Well, hopefully not a typo… but if there is, staff members can now edit their own name, regardless of permission level.

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Changelog: April 18th, 2022


  • Disciplines: Everyone please say a warm welcome to some new friends… we’ve added Foot Care Nursing to Jane’s list of disciplines!
  • 🇨🇦 TELUS eClaims: We’ve also added the Nova Scotia College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists as a selectable licensing body for TELUS eClaims!
  • 🇺🇸 U.S. Claim Submission Folders:
    • Claims in the Approved and Search folders will now be shown in descending order by service date, meaning you’ll see your most recent claims at the top! Say, ‘see ya later’ to those old claims you’ve been seeing for so long.
    • We also added a new Claim Type filter so it’s super easy to find all those secondary claims (or filter them out so you can just select primaries!).


  • Charting: We searched high and low and found a pesky bug that would clear a Chart Entry if a practitioner used Google translate in the charting area. We can’t promise Jane will always understand what you’re saying, but if you choose to translate directly in your charts, the entry will stay intact.
  • 🇨🇦 TELUS eClaims: Some claim reversal requests (particularly for Desjardins) were being rejected due to rounding of cents in the total billed amount. It turns out every penny really does count! We’ve sorted that out and it won’t hold up your claim reversals any longer.

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Changelog: April 4th, 2022


  • Timezones: You can now update your Online Booking Settings to display your clinic timezone for your clients! Your timezone acronym (like PST, EST) will appear on your Online Booking site and in all appointment-related emails. We hope this helps avoid miscommunications for anyone working with clients outside of your timezone!
  • The Compensation Report: Some of you were asking for an easier way to understand how Jane was arriving at the commission value totals shown within this report, so we updated the exported version to include a per-line breakdown of commission rates, subtotals, and totals. This update will also provide additional flexibility for clinics that may want to perform their own calculations on the compensation data!
  • Setting up your Jane Account: We’ve added the ability for Account Owners to easily navigate back to Optional Tasks in the Onboarding Wizard in case you want to redo them. Thanks to everyone who requested this small change that we hope will make a big impact on how you learn to use Jane. 💙


  • Locations: If you’ve ever gotten lost with a map in your hand, you’ll know how Jane was feeling recently. For a while, the map in the Clinic Locations Settings wasn’t updating to match the address that was typed in. We’ve got this all fixed up now!

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Changelog: March 21st, 2022



  • Memberships: We haven’t quite figured out time travel yet, but Jane has! You can now backdate a Membership when you sell it, and Jane will generate all the past billing cycle invoices accordingly. In keeping with the number one rule of time travel, these past invoices won’t be processed automatically to avoid any expensive surprises in the present (or future 😉).
  • Refunds: We found that lots of bookkeeping headaches were happening due to payment refunds accidentally being edited and that it’s pretty rare that someone actually needs to do that. So, we’ve removed the option to edit, and if you ever need to do so, the Jane team will be more than happy to hop in and help you out.
  • 🇨🇦 Canadian Insurance Integrations: Jane pulled out the ol’ label maker and got busy. You’ll find some new insurer labels that help you see integrations (like Pacific Blue Cross, Teleplan, and TELUS eClaims) at-a-glance when saving a new Insurance Policy.


  • Receipts: Sometimes, the detailed receipts would show ‘Credit Card’ when an Interac Debit card was used, so we’ve fixed that up to make sure all your receipts are accurate.
  • 🇨🇦 Teleplan: Jane was having a bit of trouble submitting Teleplan claims from a client’s Insurance Policy area. We fixed that up, so you can once again submit your Teleplan claims from wherever works best for you.

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Changelog: March 7th, 2022


🇺🇸 CPT & Diagnosis Codes in Charts

Starting March 8th, anyone using U.S. Insurance Features in Jane will be able to type the ‘#’ key into any Note field of a chart entry to search/add CPT and Diagnosis codes! 💃 Once they’ve been added to your note, they’ll appear in the ‘Edit Billing Codes’ area at the bottom, where you can re-order and select the ones you would like to apply to the Insurance Info section of the appointment. Then, you can click Update Billing and watch the magic happen. 🪄

The goal here is to help streamline your charting and billing. To learn more, you can check out our tutorial video and guide. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or feedback!


  • Jane Payments: Some of the French translations in our Jane Payments area were… pas bon. We signed Jane up for Duolingo, and hopefully Jane parle mieux le français maintenant.
  • It looks like Jane’s putting that Duolingo to good use because you can now search Clients and Staff using non-Latin alphabets, like Japanese and Chinese!
  • Privacy & Security: We made Jane a little bit safer by requiring your password before you can change your Mobile Phone Number in your Staff Profile (and the same for Clients in their My Account!). Just another layer of security to keep your accounts safe and sound.
  • 🇺🇸 Electronic Claim Submission: Our clinics located in the US Virgin Islands and other US territories can now submit claims electronically!
  • 🇺🇸 U.S. Insurance Submission Folders: After receiving some feedback that you were missing the at-a-glance ability to check if billing codes had been added to an appointment, we added two new columns to the Claim Submission folders: Procedures & Diagnosis Codes. This will make it easier to spot claims that don’t yet have Diagnosis codes or CPT codes added!


  • My Account: Jane was being a little inconsistent about requiring home or mobile phone numbers from Clients when they signed up online. We’ve got that sorted out now, so either a mobile or home phone number will be needed.
  • Privacy & Security: We snuck in another small security win by hiding client names that were exposed in the URL when searching for a Client Profile.
  • Class Bookings: We zapped an annoying little bug that was causing any Class Booking placed beside a shift that was set to a “Not Bookable Online” to also not be bookable online.

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Changelog: February 22nd, 2022


🇺🇸 U.S. Insurance Billing: Claim Submission Folder Update

For all our practices in the U.S. that bill insurance, you’ll notice that your Claim Submission folders have gotten a makeover. The core functionality hasn’t changed, but there are a few changes that we know will make your insurance billing go so much smoother.

There’s a new Claim Summary panel that shows you everything you need to know about a claim at-a-glance. We’ve added checkboxes that you can use to select your claims for submission and a summary at the bottom of the page to show you how many you’ve chosen, from how many different insurers, and whether they’re primary or secondary claims. We’ve also moved the big orange submit button from the top of the screen to the bottom right, for a more intuitive experience. 🎉 Let us know what you think!


  • My Account: We’ve updated the Documents section of your Client’s My Account to display files in order from newest to oldest. For your clients, this means no more scrolling through dozens of surveys to find the info you’ve just shared! A small but mighty change. 💪
  • Memberships: We realized the way we initially set Memberships up was a little restrictive, so we’ve made some tweaks to allow you to redeem them for past appointments. This way, if a Membership accidentally gets removed or is missed for an appointment, you can go back and apply it as needed.
  • Class Booking: Previously, if a client booked into a class through your Online Booking site, Jane didn’t update your admin Schedule until the booking was completely finalized. Now, the class booking will update in real-time as soon as a client initiates the booking process so that there’s no chance of overbooking your class.
  • Chart Templates: We’ve given Full Access users the ability to delete system (clinic-wide) chart templates like, for example, that SOAP note no one is using anymore.
  • 🇺🇸 New Insurance Policies: Previously, if a ‘Date of Current Illness, Injury, or Pregnancy’ had been added to an insurance policy, we didn’t require that you select a date type. If no date type was selected, we assumed it was an ‘Onset of Current Symptoms of Illness’ date when generating claim submissions. To help with the accuracy of your submissions moving forward, we’ll require that the date type is selected before saving new insurance policies that have a ‘Date of Current Illness, Injury, or Pregnancy’.


  • Packages and Memberships: We’ve updated the way Jane copies appointments on the Schedule. Now, if you Copy an appointment that is part of a Package or Membership that your client has purchased, it will only be transferred to the next appointment if it hasn’t expired by that future date.
  • Emails: We’ve got Jane practicing more gratitude! The customizable “Thanks for choosing us” text that was previously appearing for only some automated emails will now appear on all emails. Full Access users can edit this by heading to the Language section of your Settings and editing the “Phrases: Thanks For Choosing” message.
  • 🇺🇸 ICD10 Code Set: We did some early Spring cleaning of the ICD10 Code Set. 🧹 We’ve added any codes we missed in our last update and swept away any old, deprecated codes. While there might still be a few dust bunnies we’re working on, all active codes are now included in the code set.

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Changelog: February 7th, 2022


🇨🇦 Sun Life Financial says goodbye to TELUS eClaims

Sun Life Financial claims are no longer accepted through TELUS eClaims as of January 30th. This change means that all practice management vendors, like Jane, that are integrated with TELUS eClaims will no longer be able to direct bill to Sun Life. Instead, we’ll all have to use Sun Life’s stand-alone portal.

We’re easing this transition by updating your Sun Life (TELUS eClaims) insurers and their associated insurance policies from integrated electronic submissions to portal billing, as well as preventing any new Sun Life (TELUS eClaims) insurers from being created.


  • Client List Report: We added ‘Referring Professional Phone Number’ to the exported version of this report! This is a nice little stepping stone along the path to making your Client List Report the most complete and useful it can be.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: They say there are no shortcuts in life, but there sure are in Jane! And we’ve just added 2 more. Hitting ‘K’ on your keyboard will now bring up your Task list and using ‘Shift + ?’ will pull up the full list of keyboard shortcuts that are available.
  • Choosing a Secure Password: We’ve added a helpful resource to the Practitioner Profile setup to help you learn how to create a secure password.
  • 🇬🇧 U.K. Insurance: We’ve updated a few insurance terms to match the lingo used on your side of the pond.
  • 🇺🇸 Staff Billing Settings: We improved the design of the Staff Billing Settings by switching the optional Billing Settings from checkboxes to expandable chevrons. This should keep things feeling a little tidier as you scroll through.


  • Insurance Info on Intake Forms: Briefly, clients weren’t able to move past the Insurance Information step of an Intake Form if they had selected ‘Self’ as the Relationship to Insured and the Intake Form was set to require the Insured Person’s Details/Address. We’ve explained why that’s a touch illogical to Jane, and clients will once again be able to fill out their forms as expected.
  • Chart Items: If you chart with multiple Body Charts, one after another, you may have noticed a bit of musical Body Charts going on when you upload a new image. We’ve told Jane there’s a time and place for dancing, and it’s not in your Chart Entries, so those should stay put from now on.
  • Intake Forms: Folks were finding that some of their Intake Forms were rearranging themselves as well. We’ve fixed that up, and they should once again be appearing in the correct order.

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Changelog: January 24th, 2022



  • Locations: We’ve added a drop-down menu to the Locations screen that will let you choose to view your active Locations or archived Locations. We also added a reminder there to save your changes while creating or editing a Location, because who doesn’t need a little nudge to save their work sometimes?
  • Welcome Emails and Password Reset Emails: We’ve made an update to the links included in these emails to enhance the security of your Jane account. Now, once a client or colleague has clicked the link to update their password, the link will expire and they won’t be able to use it again.


  • Sketch pad: We found an issue where notes created on the sketch pad were being cut off when you went to download or print a Chart Entry. We’ve asked Jane to respect your masterpieces, so your sketch pad notes should remain intact from now on.
  • Intake Forms: Client signatures were occasionally not appearing once a client had completed their Intake Form. We’ve fixed that up, and all forms that require signatures should display them moving forward.
  • Schedule: A pesky little bug had us seeing double… double-booking, that is. An appointment would appear as if it had been double-booked when placed immediately after an existing appointment. We’ve asked that bug to step in line, and your Schedule should be back to normal.
  • Rooms: We asked Jane to pump the breaks when someone tries to delete a room that has future appointments booked into it. This way, there’s no chance of someone’s Schedule getting messy if a Room is deleted before appointments are relocated.
  • 🇨🇦 TELUS eClaims: We found an issue where submissions for La Capitale and Coughlin & Associates were being rejected. We’ve patched that up, and you’ll be able to submit your claims without issue.

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Changelog: January 10th, 2022



  • We added a friendly reminder to the Treatment Settings to Save your work before moving on. It’s a reminder we wish we had more often, so we figured that you might too!
  • We increased the number of characters you can use for your Ratings and Reviews Google Prompt from 255 to 500, so now you can customize to your heart’s content.
  • 🇺🇸 We’ve improved our ERA Management Tool! Now, Jane will include any claim-level adjustments that might be included on a claim response, rather than just the individual billing code adjustments (which are the norm!).


  • Clinic Locations had become a bit stubborn about the order they were appearing in your Settings. We’ve reminded them who’s boss, and you can once again arrange them however you’d like.
  • For a while, Jane was allowing appointments to be reserved outside a shift when ‘prevent staff booking outside of shifts’ was turned on and the appointment was Copied and placed there. We did a bit of spackling, and Copied appointments won’t be slipping through the cracks anymore.
  • 🇨🇦 The “Check Eligibility” button was appearing for all TELUS eClaims, even insurers that don’t actually accept them… whoops! We’ve patched that up, so now only claims under insurers that do in fact accept these submissions will show the option to do an eligibility check.

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Changelog: December 20th, 2021



We know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for this one (974, officially!), so we’re very happy to be able to say: you can now create Memberships and collect recurring payments in Jane!

Once you’ve created your Memberships, you can sell them to your clients to be billed on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. If a client has a credit card on file, you can choose to have Jane charge them automatically. Other payment methods can be accepted manually. We’re hoping this feature will save you time and maybe even make you a little extra cash.


  • We tweaked the way Jane creates an invoice to ensure that an Insurer’s Legal Name (instead of the Internal Name you’ve given it) is displayed.
  • Packages will now be carried over when you Copy an appointment! This should save you a few extra clicks, especially if you’re booking several appointments out in advance.
  • For any clinics out there that have Staff members who practice multiple disciplines, we’ve asked Jane to clean up how and where those Staff appear on the main Schedule.
  • We made it a little easier to turn off Ratings & Reviews. While we’re always trying to make sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, we don’t want you to have to jump through hoops just to hit the off button.
  • We gave the Need Help section (in the top right corner of your Jane account) a complete makeover to make it even easier for you to get in touch whenever you need us.


  • We discovered an issue where Jane was allowing payments to be unapplied more than once. This usually happened when you were trying to delete a big (like really big) payment and, while waiting for Jane to mull it over, perhaps hit that trash can button a few extra times. We’ve asked Jane to put a lid on the trash can while she’s thinking, so you shouldn’t run into this issue anymore.
  • A little bug was causing the Treatments list under a Staff member’s name on the Schedule to stay open even though the Staff member was deselected. We’ve swatted it away, and that list should once again tuck itself away when you don’t need to see it.
  • We’ve updated the Dashboard that appears in your Settings to factor in Daylight Savings. Turns out that time change was just as hard on Jane as it was on our sleep schedules. Go figure.

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Changelog: December 6th, 2021


🇺🇸 Introducing CMS1500 support for Secondary Claims!

If you look at an appointment with two insurance policies added, you’ll now see an option in the Pay drop-down menu to generate a CMS1500 for the Primary or Secondary claim. This is phase 1 of our plan to support Secondary Claims in Jane.

We’re now moving onto phase 2, which involves some adjustments to the Claim Submission folders to make it really easy to visualize and track Secondary Claims. After that, we’ll move onto phase 3, which will introduce support for electronic submissions to secondaries.

Intake Forms just got a little more organized

We’ve updated the way you can view and manage your patient’s Intake Forms from their patient profile! At-a-glance, you can see the name and status of their 5 most recent Intake Forms, and then you can click to expand the list if you’d like to view older forms (with unsubmitted at the top and submitted forms at the bottom).

When you click the three dots to the right of each Intake Form, you have the option to change the patient associated with the form or delete it altogether (as long as it hasn’t been signed; the account owner is still the only one who can delete a signed Intake Form).

Choose your favourite Chart Items and Templates

We had a lot of you requesting the ability to choose the Chart Items and Templates that appear in the dropdown menu under the New Chart Entry button, so this one is for all of you! You can now click the star next to your favourite Items and Templates to customize the options that appear in your dropdown menu. We hope this helps make your charting even easier and speedier!

  • 📍 Update (December 9th, 2021): After receiving some feedback from our community, we’ve decided to return to the previous design of the Chart Templates and Items area for now. We appreciate everyone who reached out with feedback, and we love working with you to make Jane the best it can be. If you’d like to contribute to our planning for how this area will change in the future, please reach out to us or add a Feature Request to our board.


  • We’ve added the ability for you to hide your Location Address from appearing on your Online Booking site and patient email communication. Stealth mode engaged. 👀
  • We added Reflexology to the Discipline list found in Settings!
  • 🇺🇸 Jane’s insurance billing got even more flexible last week, with the addition of a new setting to Staff Billing Settings: Bill Under a Different Name or Rendering Provider? This will make a few things easier: (1) working with students or new grads, (2) when you see a patient at the same time as another practitioner, or (3) if you need to bill under your full legal name, but use a different name with your patients.
  • 🇺🇸 We added the Insurer Name to the list of details presented when linking an Unlinked Claim Response to its rightful claim. This will make it easier to find when Jane can’t link the claim response automatically, especially if a patient has a primary and secondary policy.


  • We discovered an email translation that was showing up in some intimidating code speak. We promise the robots are not planning their uprising (quite yet), and the wording should be back to normal now. 🤖
  • We found and fixed an issue where Clinical Surveys were occasionally not being sent out.
  • When working with the Schedule, if Copy or Move had been selected, Jane was getting a bit stubborn about finishing that task before doing anything else. We’ve reminded Jane who the boss is, and you should once again be able to do other things as you go to Copy or Move an appointment.
  • We found a pesky issue where the Ratings & Reviews settings would sporadically reset. If you had any trouble with Review emails sending, we suggest double-checking to make sure they’re set up as you’d like them. We’ve made sure Jane won’t continue to misbehave.

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Changelog: November 22, 2021


Insurer-Specific Modifiers 🇺🇸

This one is for our U.S. community: You can now set insurer-specific modifiers instead of having to add modifiers to every single appointment! From your Billing Settings, you can set up default modifiers for any insurers that need them. Less manual entry = fewer rejections (and hopefully fewer grey hairs as well)!


  • You can now add a New Patient profile from the Wait List, the same way you can from the Appointment Panel. Go ahead and take a quick stretch break, because you just gained some time back in your day!
  • We’ve tweaked the Ratings and Reviews Settings page so that we don’t ask if you’d like to “Select all treatments” if you haven’t opted in any Staff members who offer those treatments.
  • We’ve made a little change to the Pay Balance Email to help you feel confident in the way you are asking your customers for money (it’s a difficult enough conversation as it is!). Now, you’ll be able to see a preview of what your client will see before you send it.
  • 🇺🇸 When submitting insurance claims electronically, Jane now lets you know (and throws up a roadblock) if you’ve selected any secondary claims in your batch. Jane isn’t able to support electronic submission to secondary payers… yet! We’re working on a feature to allow for secondary submissions as we speak.
  • 🇺🇸 We’ve added an option when creating a CPT code to include the description (label) in electronic and paper claim submissions. This unlocks the option for you to bill Unlisted Services/Procedures through Jane.


  • We caught a bug that was nibbling on the Schedule: you’ll once again be able to select certain Staff to view using the plus icon while also filtering by discipline.
  • One of our favourite Chart Items, the sketch pad, was acting… well, a tiny bit sketchy… If you were using Safari, dots wouldn’t appear, but we’ve found the issue, and it’s once again behaving as expected.
  • We fixed an issue on the Schedule for anyone using Jane on mobile. The banner that prompts you to ‘Tap and Hold’ if you’d like to book an appointment was popping up and hanging around a little longer than expected. The banner will once again appear and disappear in a timely manner.
  • Some of the hyperlinks in the Patient Profile Notes area were redirecting users to, well, nowhere (like in Credit Memos and Packages). We’ve patched those up so we’re not sending you waywardly into the link abyss.

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Changelog: November 8, 2021


Updates to Collecting Insurance Information on Intake Forms

As part of our mission to make insurance billing as smooth as possible in Jane, we’ve made another exciting update to our recently released insurance information collection feature. You’re now able to specify whether you want to collect the primary policy holder’s (ie. your client’s, or their spouse’s or parent’s) personal details, address, or both: you let Jane know which details you’d like to collect, and Jane will provide the appropriate fields to do so. If your client selects anything other than ‘self’ for ‘Relationship to Insured’, new fields will appear to collect those details as well. This information will all automatically populate into your client’s insurance policies, awaiting your review.


  • We tweaked the Schedule for mobile devices so you no longer have to tap twice in order to select a staff member.
  • If you were entering a New Insurer Payment from the Insurer Invoices area, you may have noticed that Jane was setting the default $ value to the total amount that was owed by that insurer. We like to be optimistic here at Jane, but that might be a bit too optimistic. We’ve told Jane to default the $ value to zero and let you enter what the insurer has actually paid.
  • We added some language translations to the Ratings & Reviews settings page.
  • 🇺🇸 We added a View Claim Response(s) option in the Insurance Info section of the Appointment Panel and Purchases screen. Going forward, if a claim is connected to a claim response and you want to view or edit the EOB for the appointment, we recommend using this new option instead of ‘Edit EOB’ so you can see the remittance details.
  • 🇨🇦 We hid Alberta Blue Cross as a TELUS eClaims insurer option for clinics in Alberta since only providers outside of Alberta are able to submit their Alberta Blue Cross claims through TELUS eClaims. Yep, we hear how that sounds! 🙃


  • We caught a bug that was causing some of your Sketch Chart Entries to get a little cut-off.
  • When deleting Chart Entries from the Staff Profile, Jane was sending a Not Found Error message once the deed was done. But… you know, that was kind of the whole point of deleting it, so maybe a mission accomplished message would have been more accurate? We’ve removed the message altogether to help avoid any confusion in the future.
  • We brought back the camera icon for Online Appointments displayed in the Staff List. 📹
  • Jane was giving some users a little light sass when they tried to delete a Patient Profile that a File had been added to and then deleted from. Now, once all Files are deleted the Profile can be removed without any backtalk.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where, when copying and pasting something from Word into a Chart Entry, Jane was pasting the title of the Word document in there as well.
  • 🇨🇦 In an attempt to help our clinics submit successful insurance claims, we may have made things a little too restrictive. 😳 We’ve loosened up a little, so if a claim is in a ‘no submission required’ state, you can once again edit billing and diagnosis codes. Go ahead, call us a helicopter practice management software, we deserve it.

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Changelog: October 22nd, 2021


Update to Staff Social Media Logins

As part of our ongoing effort to protect the privacy and security of our clinics, we made a small change to staff logins. Staff members who exclusively have a social media login (Google, Facebook, Twitter) associated with their account will now be prompted to create a standalone username and password. This adds a layer of security to verify that it’s really you attempting to change sensitive information on your account. If you haven’t seen it already, we love this webcomic. It’s a great reminder that strong passwords don’t have to be hard to remember.


  • We added a direct link to book a New Account Set Up call to the Onboarding Wizard for clinics that are still getting acquainted with Jane and could use a little help from our support team.
  • We made Jane go a little faster when opening an appointment from the schedule. This is a small performance step per appointment, but a giant leap for appointment-kind. 🌕
  • When working in Patient Privacy Mode (Shift+P) patient personal information will now also be obfuscated in the Reports area.
  • Instead of automatically arriving Online Appointments when a client arrives in the new Waiting Room, Jane now lets you choose when to arrive the appointment. Jane is helpful, but never bossy.
  • In true you can’t change the past fashion, you’ll now see a handy error message if you try updating an appointment on the schedule that has already been deleted.
  • Before deleting a claim that is linked to a remittance claim response, Jane now double checks if you really want to delete it. 🇺🇸


  • After a brief break from being considered, rescheduled breaks are once again included in the Hours Scheduled/Booked Report.
  • We fixed an issue where Jane would sometimes display a different payment method other than the one you had just clicked on when processing a refund. In other words, we put the “fun” back in refund.
  • The instruction chart part was not following formatting instructions and would collapse multipleparagraphstogether. They should now be spaced out appropriately with an adequate amount of breathing room.
  • Some clinics reported an occasional hiccup when trying to load the Insurer Invoices > Purchases list under the Billing Tab. In true Halloween spirit, we put on a bedsheet with some cutout holes and successfully scared off those hiccups. 👻
  • Some things age well, like wine or one of those fancy cheeses. Others don’t age as gracefully… like insured appointments. While this only affected a handful of our most seasoned clinics, no one should experience trouble loading old insured appointments going forward. 🧀
  • Keyboard shortcuts were not working from the Day sheet. Shortcuts are once again following their ⌘CMDs (commands— sorry Windows users, Apple joke) may once again hop to your schedule (Shift + 1) or double book (D key) with ease.
  • Accounts Owners who are also practitioners assigned to a Discipline will now be directed to the practitioner view when tapping the Schedule tab.
  • Folks were finding that they couldn’t copy or move appointments between the Day and Schedule Tabs. Appointments can now hop fluidly between views.
  • There was a small quirk that made filtering the electronic Remittances list challenging, especially if there were a large number of them in the folder. This should be much more manageable now. 🇺🇸

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Changelog: October 8th, 2021


Additional Profile Security

We have introduced an additional level of security to the profiles of staff members and patients that protects the information used to verify identity. All staff are now required to enter their password before updating their own — or another staff member’s — contact information. When a patient updates their own contact information via the My Account page, they will now have to enter their password before making changes.

ICD10 Code Set 2022 Update 🇺🇸

The ICD10 code set — which can be found in Settings > Billing Codes — has been updated to reflect CMS’s 2022 changes that took effect on October 1st. Valid diagnosis codes from 2021 that are now deprecated in the 2022 update have been removed from Jane’s ICD10 code set. Likewise, all replacement codes and new codes have been added. Learn more in our ICD10 FAQ here.


  • We made some small tweaks to the styling of Resources on the schedule to improve things for clinics that use several Resources for appointment bookings.
  • We added a handy guide reference to help all new staff create a secure password when setting up their Jane account for the first time.
  • We added a new description to the Online Booking post-treatment time — which can be found in the Staff profile under Edit/Settings > Online Booking — to help practitioners better understand how to setup their schedule.
  • We made Wait List items update instantaneously when viewing the schedule. You can now see updates to the Wait List made by patients or other practitioners in real time! Sweet, sweet automation!
  • We made a small tweak to the drop-down options in the Create a New Treatment workflow. This change lays down the foundation for some exciting updates to Treatments that are coming down the line. Specifically, support for Grouped Appointments!
  • For our Canadian clinics, we have added TELUS eClaims support for Alberta Blue Cross. A friendly heads up that Alberta Blue Cross only allows submissions via TELUS eClaims for those outside of Alberta (we recognize that this sounds a bit strange!). 🇨🇦
  • For our Canadian clinics, Jane is now better equipped to handle situations where a bad or malformed response is received from TELUS or the insurer. This was previously causing pages (invoices, purchases, etc.) in Jane associated with the bad response to become inaccessible. Submissions with good and bad responses are now always accessible. 🇨🇦
  • Jane’s Polish Community - świętować! Clinics in Poland can now sign up for a Jane Payments (through Stripe) and start processing payments. 🇵🇱
  • We’ve added some missing German translations to receipts. Wunderbar! 🇩🇪


  • Resending the right intake form - Jane was sending intake forms for any expired forms, which caused some confusion. Now, Jane only resends the expired form if it’s required, or if your patient has an upcoming appointment.
  • The Return Visit Reminder (RVR) button wasn’t cooperating when accessed from the List View version of the Schedule after no-showing an appointment. It’s now cooperating and will direct you to the RVR form lickety-split when clicked.
  • We patched a hole that allowed treatments on Wait List items to be carried over when clinics changed the practitioner offering a different discipline.
  • Our Ratings & Reviews feature was accidentally blocking folks from selecting treatments assigned to a Discipline set to Not Bookable Online. We relaxed the rules here to ensure all treatments can be enabled for a Ratings email, regardless of the online booking policy.
  • The “Reschedule an Appointment” mode was triggered on mobile devices when scrolling on top of an appointment on the Schedule. Clinics can scroll easy knowing that they won’t accidentally move an appointment to another day.
  • The summary section of the Applied & Unapplied (A&UP) report was missing the first date of the selected date range in its calculations. The values should make sense now!
  • The Onboarding Wizard has undergone some improvements including a change that will allow users to freely navigate throughout Jane without the wizard popping in and out.
  • We noticed that some clinics were running into a blue sad-face error when entering a very large price for a product (over a hundred million dollars). Well, we’ve turned that frown upside down by adding a little message that gives you a heads up that you’ve probably entered the wrong price.
  • The price field was showing up blank on the Edit Product form for certain locales. Folks who use Euros as their currency should be able to see prices properly now when making changes to products. 🇬🇧


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Changelog: September 24th, 2021


Go faster with our new ERA Management Tool 🇺🇸

You can’t spell Insurance without ERAs! Head to Settings > Remittances in your account or checkout our ERA blog post to learn how much easier it is to post insurer payments by uploading electronic remittances to Jane.

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? It’s Telehealth Waiting Room.

Telehealth Waiting Room who? 🥁

We’ve added a waiting room to Online Appointments so you have time to settle before seeing your clients. Now when you join a call, your client will remain in the new Knock Knock waiting area until you’re ready to admit them to their session. Learn more about the new Knock-Knock feature for Online Appointments here.

Insurance Card Photos can now be set to Optional

After receiving some great feedback from the community on our new Insurance Information Intake Form feature, we’ve introduced a preference that makes uploading an insurance card photo optional instead of required.

Customize the information you collect from New Clients

You can now tailor the client sign up page in our new Settings > Client Form Fields area to ensure you’re capturing the client information you need. This is also the place where you can enable Pronoun collection for your clients who book their appointments online.


  • We’ve given the Ratings and Review set up page a new look to make it easier to navigate. We’d love to know what you think — send us a message if you have any thoughts!
  • We’ve prettied up the way lists are formatted in chart entries by removing some of the indentation.
  • We added a sticky save bar in the Settings area to remind you to save you changes before leaving.
  • We’ve introduced some additional translations for pronouns labels in Danish, German, English, Spanish, Estonian, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.
  • We also updated some Danish language for the Online Booking site. Shoutout to our newest Danish clinic for helping out with these translations!
  • Our team added a few new videos and helpful tips to improve the onboarding experience for new practitioners joining Jane for the first time.


  • The chart status icon 🔒 on the appointment in the day sheet was out of sync when changing / removing the linked appointment in a chart. I guess you could say the lock was not in lockstep but we got a lock on the issue, fastened a fix, and got the issue locked down.
  • Corrected our staff member defaults so that practitioners can see breaks on their schedule unless otherwise specified.
  • Administrative staff with Practitioner / Front Desk access can once again manage their own shifts. We see the irony in administrative staff not be able to administer their own shifts…
  • Fixed a bug that caused Jane to link tasks to the author rather than the assignee. Authors of Tasks can once again link tasks to other staff members, instead of only being able to assign them to themselves. You know what they say… when you want something done right, do it yourself…
  • We ensured clients who have a Jane account open in multiple tabs on their browser don’t run into issues when booking appointments online. Your clients can now go tab crazy and confidently book their appointments.

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Woohoo! You’ve made it to the bottom of our changelog. Thanks for scrolling. 😊

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