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  • Add Upcoming Appointments to the Bottom of Printed and Emailed Receipts

    To add upcoming appointments to the bottom of a patient’s receipt, you can select the appointment that you’d like to arrive from the schedule, and hit Arrive. The appointment will turn green in the schedule.

  • Adding No-Show Fees

    Adding no-show fees in Jane is relatively straightforward.

  • Adjusting Invoice Dates

    The invoice date is pulled from the date of the appointment on the schedule. If the wrong date is listed on the appointment, the patient was booked into the wrong date on the schedule.

  • Applying Patient Credit to a Specific Invoice

    For clinics that use multiple payment methods, applying patient credit can be tricky if you want to keep payments applied to only certain invoices.

  • Applying a Payment

    Note: Payments can only be applied to appointments that have been invoiced. To invoice an appointment, simply mark it as “Arrived” or “No Show”, and Jane will automatically create the invoice for you. See Patient Arrivals & No Shows to learn more.

  • Assigning Product/Inventory to Staff

    In order for Jane to know which staff member a particular sale is associated with, it first has to be assigned to a practitioner. Appointment invoices are automatically assigned to the staff member who provided the service, but with products, the staff member responsible for receiving the compens...

  • Billing for Per Unit (Mileage, Botox, Materials Used, Reporting etc.)

    An increasing amount of clinics are looking for ways to bill for medical treatments, travel time, materials used, etc.

  • Changing a Treatment Price (Discounts)

    There can be a number of cases and reasons why, as a practitioner, you’d want to charge a patient a different amount than you would normally charge them.

  • Discounts and Price Adjustments

    Let’s say you want to create or track special discounts or you treat clients on a sliding scale and you want Jane to remember their discount. In Jane, we call these Adjustments. Here’s how you can use them:

  • Changing Payment Method

    Note – The following steps are for Outside Jane payments only, as you can’t change the payment method for transactions processed directly through Jane Payments. Learn more about Jane Payments here.

  • Creating a Credit Memo (Patient Credit when No Payment Received)

    This guide is going over how to create a credit on an account when no payment has been received by the patient.

  • Creating a New Payment Method

    If you are processing or receiving payments outside of Jane, you can create manual payment methods to record that you received the payment - but processed it elsewhere. For example, if you accept Cash, E-transfer, Venmo, Care Credit etc. If the payment method isn’t part of the default list that c...

  • Creating a Patient Credit

    To create a patient credit, you can overpay an invoice (through cash, cheque or whatever method of payment chosen to overpay) or create a payment without applying it to an invoice.

  • Creating a Product

    You can assign a product to any income category that you have created in Jane. This allows you to further differentiate your products to different reporting categories and also to compensate your staff differently for different product sales.

  • Credits and Owings - Investigating

    Sometimes, patient or insurer accounts will show a credit or owing balance and you might not be sure why they have this balance on their account.

  • Customize Patient Invoice Details

    Sometimes you need to edit the patient details that display on your receipts, invoices, and statements. We’ve made it easier than ever to help you do this!

  • Delete a Patient Payment (Taken or Applied in Error)

    This is an area where it’s important to understand the effects of deleting a payment on your reporting. Deleting a payment may seem like the easiest way to fix something, but while it may look right on the screen in front of you, the reports (especially the Compensation Report) will also be changed.

  • Edit or Delete a Credit Memo

    Sometimes you need to make an adjustment to a credit memo. Fortunately it’s very easy to do that in Jane. Just go to the patient you want to modify’s profile page and click on Billing. Then click on Credit memo.

  • Editing an Invoice with Payment Already Applied

    If a payment has already been received and applied, here’s what you can do to change the amount charged. Alternatively, head here to Change the Payment Method

  • Family or Group Credit

    Sometimes families or groups want to purchase credit to use for any member of the family. You can use the Gift Card system from within Jane to create a credit that can be used for multiple clients.

  • How to Customize Receipts

    Jane pulls information from several different areas to populate your receipts. This guide highlights each of the different areas that contribute to your printed receipts and statements, and how to customize your receipts.

  • How to Manually Override an Invoice

    Jane has a great feature called Adjustments for applying commonly used discounts to invoices. Adjustments are great because they indicate to the patient that they’ve received a discount from the normal treatment price.

  • Increasing Your Fees

    When increasing the fees charged in your practice, you’ll want to give your clients some advanced notice of the change.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Patients also have the option to pay with more than one method of payment (e.g., part cash, part credit)

  • Package Deals - Paying Practitioner At Time of Visits

    💡Heads Up! In October 2020, we released a dedicated Packages Feature to manage package deals sold to your patients. As a result, some of the information in this guide might be outdated. Check out our guide Setting up a Package for more information.

  • Partially Pay an Invoice

    This guide is showing you how to partially pay an invoice to create a receivable on the account.

  • Patient and Insurer Info on Receipts

    High time we made this a support doc.

  • Patient Statements

    Patient Statements can be handy when you want to run a report showing multiple visits together, show amounts owing or make a summary of payments for a client. You can print statements with just the patient’s info, the patient and insurer, and with invoices and payments or either on their own.

  • Paying Balances Online

    One of the benefits of Jane Payments is that it gives you the option to send patients their account statement text or email with a link for them to pay online.

  • Printing or Emailing Receipts

    You can print, re-print, or email a receipt any time after a patient has been billed. There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on your situation.

  • Refunding a Product/Inventory Purchase

    This article refers to refunding a sold item. This typically would be a product sold from your Product list.

  • Reports


  • Searching by Invoice Number

    Otherwise, for a client invoice, you would need to know the date range that the invoice was generated within, but you should be able to locate non-insurer invoice under “Purchases” in the Billing tab of your account.

  • Selling a Product

    So you’ve added products to your inventory, and now you want to sell them. Seems like a logical sequence of events! If you’ve not yet created your products, it would be a good idea to check out this Guide Document on Creating a Product first.

  • Supervising Therapist on Receipts

    Sometimes there are staff members that are being supervised by another therapist, and you would like the supervisor’s name and Registration number to show up on the receipt.

  • Transitioning Your Patient Credits/Receivables to Jane

    Part of the transition from one Management Software to another is working with your outstanding credits/balances.

  • Unapplying a Payment

    Say you want to unapply a payment that a patient has made. You might have applied the payment to the wrong invoice, or a patient pre-paid for their visit but you need to change their treatment, or you just need to make changes to the invoice.

  • Understanding Invoice Reversals

    So it’s the end of the week and you’re in the middle of checking the ‘ol Sales Report like you usually do and— oh! What is that? Your eyes narrow trying make sense of this unfamiliar grey text.

  • Writing Off Unpaid Amounts (and Reversing Them!)

    You bill an invoice to insurance, only to see that they will not be covering as much as they said they would. Or maybe a patient has an outstanding balance they refuse to pay and never come back to the clinic.

  • Reconciliation Date: Reporting Invoice Changes Made Prior to a Certain Period

    If you haven’t seen it already, we strongly recommend that you check out our guide on Understanding Invoice Reversals first, as this document will make reference to the concept of invoice reversals and require a basic understanding on how these work in Jane.

  • Online Booking Pre-Payments

    This feature is available for Jane Payments users. If you’re not signed up yet, you can learn more about Jane Payments and get all set up when you’re ready!

  • Creating an Invoice

    💡Heads up — this guide contains some workflows that are only available on the Thrive plan. We’ll let you know which workflows these are throughout the guide.

  • Transferring a Client Credit Balance

    Sometimes clients who have a credit on their account might want to share their credit with someone else to use, maybe a member of their family, or a friend. You can use the Gift Card system from within Jane to create a credit that can be transferred between clients.

  • Email a Patient Invoice

    💸 Did You Know? With Jane Payments, you’ll be able to invoice and receive credit card payments directly within Jane. Instead of just emailing an invoice, you could send a Pay Balance Email to encourage your client to settle up their outstanding balance right away online.

  • Things to Know When Taking Your First Payments In Jane

    So, you’ve gone through the process of Creating Payment Methods, and you’ve mastered the art of arriving your patients and you’re ready to take your first payments in Jane 💰. How exciting!

  • An insurance company has sent me a credit card to process for reimbursement, what should I do?

    Instead of sending a check or EFT, an insurance company has sent you a credit card to process. If you haven’t received a credit card from an insurer before, or if you don’t know how to manage insurer credit cards in Jane, then this guide should help clear things up.

  • Jane's Tips for Year End

    Wow, time really flies! Eggnog cartons are lined neatly on supermarket shelves, and the next four weekends are chock-full in another unique holiday season. We understand that the end of the year is a busy time for everyone, so here is our handy checklist to ensure a smooth rollover for your clini...

  • Importing Sales to Xero from Jane

    This guide will walk through the steps of importing the invoices generated within Jane into Xero.

  • Importing Sales to Quickbooks Online (QBO) from Jane

    💡 Although Jane isn’t integrated with Quickbooks, we’ve created this guide to help you take invoices from Jane and bring them over to Quickbooks. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for below, Quickbooks has some great tutorial videos and guides which you can take a peek at here.

  • Multiple License Numbers

    Practitioner with two license numbers? While there isn’t a feature dedicated to separating the license numbers between services, there are a couple of options you have to ensure that only the appropriate license number ends up on your receipts.

  • Setting Up Your Billing Settings

    This guide will provide an overview of each of the Billing Settings accessible to a Full Access user under the Settings tab.

  • Tips and Gratuities

    Jane has two primary ways to accept or record tips: through Jane Payments Terminal, or through a payment system outside of Jane, as well as Jane’s in-app / card on file processing. No matter how you’re accepting tips through Jane, they’ll be reported on in the same way.

  • Hide Client Information from Financial Emails

    The Hide Client Information from Financial Emails preference allows clinics to choose how they would like their clients to receive emailed copies of their receipts, invoices, and other financial documents.

  • Customizing the Details & Price on an Unpaid Invoice

    This is an oldie but a goodie. Did you know that you can easily customize the details and price on an unpaid invoice prior to collecting payment? This allows you to document certain details that will be reflected on the client’s invoice & receipt.

  • Shipping Fees on Products

    Do you ever ship your products to your clients? If so, you can add a shipping fee in Jane to cover the cost of shipping expenses! This will help you keep track of product inventory while generating invoices that include the cost of shipping.

  • FAQ: Subscription Licenses and Jane's Usage Report

    All practices signed up prior to January 3rd, 2023 who are still on their Legacy Plan will continue to calculate under their existing licensing model.

  • Refunding a Patient Payment

    If you’re looking to correct a payment that you collected outside of Jane, check out this document on Deleting a Payment. If you are looking to return a product or inventory item see Refunding a Product.

  • Working with Online Gift Cards

    This feature is available for Jane Payments users in 🇨🇦 Canada and 🇺🇸 the US. If you’re not signed up yet, you can learn more about Jane Payments and get all set up when you’re ready!

  • Payments for Related Clients

    Whether a parent is paying for a minor or paying for multiple invoices at once for a family chiro visit, Jane can accurately reflect the payer of an invoice (and the payment method) when one client is paying for someone else.

  • Accounting Software and Jane

    We are often asked whether you still need an accounting program if you are using Jane to run your clinic.

  • How to Bill Filler

    We often see our Aesthetic Clinics bill their Injectables in a few different ways. This could be by syringe, by the treatment area, or by brand.

  • How to Bill Botox

    Injectables are generally priced per unit, and we want to appropriately capture this in Jane and make the checkout process nice and easy for your staff and patients. Let’s dive into the steps of Billing Botox.

  • How to Bill and Manage Service Add-Ons on the Base Plan

    This guide will cover how to bill add-ons and multiple services for clinics currently on the Legacy Base Plan that don’t extend the visit. This is handy for billing add-on services such as a Vitamin IV drip to a Subsequent appointment or travel fees to a session for a mobile practice.

  • How to Create an Invoice for Administrative Tasks

    Do you need to charge your patients for an administrative task, such as an admin fee or report of findings? We’ve got you! You can take advantage of selling products as a way to invoice patients for additional admin costs outside of their usual booked appointments.
  • How to Edit the Received Dates of Payments

    This guide walks you through how to modify the date or payment method of a transaction. You can edit the payment received dates for both insurer and patient payments.
  • Setting up Multiple Jane Payments Accounts

    All you’ll need is a unique email address for each Jane Payments account & to be a Full Access user of your Jane account.

  • Failed Jane Payments Payouts

    When a payout fails we will automatically reattempt this payout as part of your next scheduled deposit. This may not be the next scheduled deposit you see in the list, as it can sometimes take a few days for your bank to return these to us as Failed.

  • Changing Your Jane Payments Banking Information

    Note: If you are changing from a personal bank account to a business one, you’ll need to change your Jane Payments account type - please reach out to our Support Team for the next steps at [email protected].

  • Identity verification for your Jane Payments account

    We’ve partnered with our friends at Stripe to help us power Jane Payments behind the scenes. When you first sign up for Jane Payments, as well as after you’ve processed a few credit card transactions, they might reach out to you by email and ask for more information about you or your practice.

  • How To Get Paid Instantly with Jane Payments 🇨🇦

    How to enable instant payouts to get paid within 30 minutes with Jane Payments
  • Deleting a Credit Card from a Patient’s Profile

    Sometimes you may need to remove a patient’s credit card on file. A client may reach out to the clinic to remove their saved card on file, or when a credit card has expired or been replaced.

  • U.S. 1099 tax forms

    It’s everybody’s favorite season - tax season! Bookkeepers, accountants, and anyone else who enjoys long documents and a lot of numbers, this one’s for you. 😏

  • HSA / FSA cards

    When it comes to HSA cards, these work a little bit differently than a standard post-paid credit card you would get from your bank. They’re often only designated for use with specific kinds of businesses to make sure the patient is redeeming these funds for eligible services.

  • How to confirm whether or not a refund was successfully processed?

    When it comes to issuing refunds in Jane Payments, we submit a refund to your patient’s bank immediately after the refund is processed. Once a payment has been refunded, you’ll see a little banner next to the refund, as well as a Reference Number - this lets you know that the refund has been succ...

  • Deleting a Payment Method

    🔥Tip: deleting payment methods will not remove records of previously recorded payments. Deleting in this case will ensure that that payment method won’t be active for use for future transactions.

  • Creating Treatment Combinations

    We’ve noticed that our Aesthetic Clinics like to get creative when it comes to making unique combinations of treatments. This comes up when a clinic is looking to:

  • How to Set Up and Bill to a Third-Party Payer (CA)

    A lot of companies and workplaces have arrangements in place where they pay for an appointment on a patient’s behalf. With this setup, a third party will reimburse the clinic for a patient’s visit.

  • Partially Refund a Payment

    Looking to refund only part of a payment? You’ve come to the right place! This guide will take you through this step-by-step.

  • How to Redeem a Past Treatment under a Package

    Sometimes a patient may decide to purchase a package in the middle of a series of appointments. Wondering how you can apply that package to their past appointments? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

  • Deleting or Reversing a Refund Recorded in Error

    Accidentally refunded a payment? Don’t fret! This guide will walk you through how to get that refund deleted so it can hang out as a credit or be deleted.

  • Disabling tax on an individual purchase

    Sometimes there are situations where you may need to disable tax on a specific purchase. For instance, perhaps you have an individual patient who is tax-exempt.
  • How to Manage a Wallet or Bank Style Package and Membership

    You might consider setting up packages or memberships within Jane that act as a wallet or bank-style option for your patients to redeem from.

  • Invoicing for Minors

    Are you a practitioner who sees clients who are minors? If so, this guide will show you how to edit invoices in Jane to include the name of the parent or guardian who will be paying for the visit.

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