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Patient Statements

Patient Statements can be handy when you want to run a report showing multiple visits together, show amounts owing or make a summary of payments for a client. You can print statements with just the patient’s info, the patient and insurer, and with invoices and payments or either on their own.

Let’s take a look at how that works.

Start in the patient’s Billing tab:

See that Filter button (arrow #3)? That can help you get to the invoices you want to show up on the statement. You can filter the list right down to a single practitioner, or to a specific date range.

Or, if you want to mix and match, you can click on individual invoices to turn them blue.

The key here is to remember that only the lines that are blue are going to be included on the Statement. So even if you have filtered down to a more specific list, you’ll have to hit the “Select All” button to turn them all blue.

Here’s a list filtered to a single practitioner:

And here’s one with mix and matched invoices:

When selecting invoices just be sure to click on an area on the invoice line that isn’t already blue text. It’s tricky - that will link you somewhere else!

Okay. Now if you’ve got all the invoices selected that you want to show up on the statement, you can click the “Statement” button.

(You’ll only see that “Pay Balance” button if you’re connected with Jane Payments integration. Here’s more info on Jane Payments if you’re interested)

Once the Statement loads up you get even more options (hooray!).

You can email it directly if the patient has an email address in Jane.

Pro Tip: There are two ways to create a Patient Statement

So you want to be a Jane Pro? Here’s a little secret: you can create two different statements for your clients. We only showed the second method above because the other one is even easier!

The first way to generate a statement is to select specific invoices and then click the Statement button.

If you select specific invoices, the statement will show the selected invoices and any payment made paid by the client and insurer. It will also show the outstanding balance if there is anything to be paid.

This would include any gift cards or credit memos that are associated with the invoice, even if they are payments made by other clients.

Alternately, you can hit the Statement button without selecting any invoices.

If you click Statement without selecting any invoices, Jane creates a statement that includes all of the invoice and payments specific to that patient. This would exclude any gift cards or credit memos that belong to another profile (e.g family member).

This means the balance on this statement could be different from a statement generated the other way, depending on whether or not the patient has used gift cards or credit memos to pay for their services.

Once you’ve clicked Statement, you’ll be able to choose filters for what you would like to appear on each one!

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