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Supervising Therapist on Receipts

Sometimes there are staff members that are being supervised by another therapist, and you would like the supervisor’s name and Registration number to show up on the receipt.

There are a few ways to do this in Jane:

1. You can add the supervising therapist’s name and license number to your staff profile

Enter both names and numbers in the ID Numbers area within the Billing tab in the Staff Profile:

Please note that the order that the licenses are displayed on your receipt is by alphabetical order based on the license name - not the order they are added to your staff profile in.

2. Edit the billing name on the treatment/session

If it’s only for certain session types, you can change the Billing name on that type of session to reflect the supervisor:

Head over to the Settings tab and then to Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments in the left sidebar menu. Next, either click on the blue text with the name of the treatment or on the Edit button to the right of the treatment you’d like to update.

Once you scroll down to the Details section, you’ll want to make sure to add the Treatment name, the Supervisor’s name and their credentials in the Billing Name field.

3. Edit the invoice directly

If it’s just an occasional visit and you don’t want it on every invoice, you can also always edit any invoice with some extra details by clicking on the blue Patient Invoice in the Billing Info section of the Appointment Panel:

And then enter the info in the “Details” area and Save:

In each case, you’ll see both numbers show up on the receipts and invoices.

As always, let us know if you have trouble finding the right place to enter the info!

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