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Packages & Memberships

  • Setting up a Package

    In this guide, we will cover what exactly a package deal is and how to set one up in your Jane account. There are also a few additional case studies of some example packages at the end of the guide, to demonstrate some of the different scenarios for how these packages can be used.

  • Package & Membership Reports

    Now that you’ve gotten all of your packages, you may be interested in learning more about which passes have been selling well, which are on the brink of expiry, and which types of services are redeemed most often.

  • Selling, Redeeming and Refunding a Package

    With a brand new package created and at your disposal, it looks like you’re just about ready to start learning more about how to use these packages out in the wild. This guide will go over some of the main functions and aspects of working with Packages, including: selling and redeeming a package;...

  • Working with Package & Membership Receipts

    This guide will cover the information that is displayed on patient receipts depending on the payment model that has been set up for your package or membership (pass).

  • Understanding Package & Membership Compensation

    While packages and memberships are appealing to patients as they often receive a discounted rate for purchasing sessions in advance, we also want to make sure that packages are equally as beneficial for your providers. This guide will review how staff compensation works alongside Jane’s packages ...

  • Packages FAQs

    This guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about Jane’s Packages feature. If you haven’t seen them already, we have a handful of packages guides on several topics:

  • Setting up a Membership

    Chiros, PTs, Pilates & Yoga Instructors, you name it! We have a little something for you to add to your offerings.😍 Our Memberships feature isn’t only going to save you time administratively, they can also provide a predictable stream of revenue to your clinic, and encourage your clients to retur...

  • Selling a Membership

    So, you’ve done the legwork, and now it’s time for the fun part! Selling a Membership. To initiate the Membership Sale process, head over to a client’s Profile > Billing > Packages & Memberships section.

  • Deleting and Cancelling Memberships

    In this guide, we’ll go over the difference between deleting and cancelling a membership as well as how to perform these actions within Jane.

  • Memberships FAQ

    This guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about Jane’s Memberships feature. If you haven’t seen them already, we have a handful of Memberships guides on several topics, before looking at these FAQ’s:

  • Redeeming or Refunding Memberships

    When booking a new appointment for the patient, if the treatment type selected falls under the eligible items for the membership they have purchased, a new Membership section will appear.

  • How to Redeem a Past Treatment under a Package

    Sometimes a patient may decide to purchase a package in the middle of a series of appointments. Wondering how you can apply that package to their past appointments? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

  • Packages on a Payment Plan

    Sometimes you may want to provide patients the option to pay for their Package in installments. This allows you to collect payments over time, rather than requiring the full amount upfront.
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