Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.


  • Fullscript and Jane

    Fullscript is an online platform that helps you dispense professional-grade supplements, without the need for physical inventory. Fullscript is a software platform for:

  • Fullscript - Recommendation Templates

    Similar to creating chart templates in Jane, you can create Fullscript recommendation templates for faster charting.

  • Google Analytics

    On July 1st, 2023, Google Analytics will replace their Universal Analytics (UA) with their next-generation tracking solution, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  • Linking to Facebook

    Here’s the current way you can link your Jane booking site to your Facebook page.

  • Mailchimp

    Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that allows you to create and automate personalized journeys for many customer scenarios. You can manage your contacts, send emails, and track results of your clinic’s email campaigns.

  • Mailchimp Integration: A Troubleshooting Guide

    ​Every once in a while with changes to the code and full-on software updates, we see the communication between Jane and Mailchimp get disrupted. No fear, however! If you head to the integrations area of your Jane account, you can manually push an update to your mailing list with just the click o...

  • Linking Patient Profiles in Physitrack

    If so, you will have patient profiles that were created in Physitrack that need to be linked to your current Jane account. And we’ve now made it easier for you to do so!

  • Physitrack - Setting Up Your Integration

    Physitrack is a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform for healthcare practitioners to offer high-quality home exercise programs, track patient adherence and video calls.

  • Physitrack and Jane

    If you are not an existing Physitrack customer and are simply looking to set up Jane’s new in-house Online Appointments feature you can visit our Guide and search Online Appointments. Please note - you do not need to have a Physitrack account or sign up for Physitrack to use Jane’s Online Appoint...

  • Physitrack - Using Jane & Physitrack Together

    Once your Physitrack/Jane integration is all set up, you can begin using it with just 2 clicks from a patient’s chart. Click Here for help with setting up the integration.

  • Pacific Blue Cross - Setting up your PROVIDERnet Integration

    This guide will walk through everything you need to set up your Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet integration so you can begin directly billing claims from the comfort of your Jane account.

  • Pacific Blue Cross - Submitting Claims Through the PROVIDERnet Integration

    If you’re brand new to submitting to Pacific Blue Cross, you can skip past this portion about transitioning insurance policies.

  • Pacific Blue Cross - Reversing Claims Through the PROVIDERnet Integration

    Sometimes you might need to make changes to a claim sent in by accident or with errors and you can do so right from within Jane.

  • TELUS eClaims - Setting Up Your TELUS eClaims Integration

    We are really, really…..(and let’s add another really just for good measure) happy to say that Jane is integrated with TELUS eClaims.

  • TELUS eClaims - Submitting Claims and Eligibility Checks Through the TELUS eClaims Integration

    This guide document is full of valuable information to get you up and running with TELUS eClaims as smoothly as possible. Please read it carefully, and then feel free to jump to each section below to brush up on anything you may have missed.

  • TELUS eClaims - Reversing Submissions Through the TELUS eClaims Integration

    From time to time, you might need to reverse a TELUS eClaim that was submitted by accident or with errors. You can do this directly within Jane!

  • Jane’s Integration with Clinic Sites

    Clinic Sites is a platform that will allow you to build a full website beyond your Jane Online Booking site. Clinic Sites automatically syncs with your Jane account and pulls your up-to-date logo, colours, location information, list of services, staff member photos & bios, and the link to your On...

  • Subscribing to your Calendar (For Patients)

    If you’re helping your patients subscribe to their calendars there are two main ways to do this.

  • Deep dive into calendar subscription issues with iCalendar

    This guide will be for those who have already gone through the basic troubleshooting steps for Calendar Subscriptions. If you’re landing on this guide first, head on over to Troubleshooting your Subscribed Calendar to try the basic steps first.

  • Subscribing to Your Calendar (for Staff)

    Any staff member can easily add Appointments and Shifts to their calendar software by using the Private Calendar URLs listed in their staff profile.

  • Troubleshooting Tips for Subscribed Calendars

    If you’ve landed on this guide it sounds like you might be having troubles with your Subscribed Calendar from Jane.

  • Fullscript FAQ + Troubleshooting

    There is no limit to the number of practitioners you can have integrated to Fullscript. Each practitioner will need to have their own profile in Fullscript to add and create recommendations. Once you’ve set up a Fullscript account, you can add the integration by following our Fullscript and Jan...

  • Physitrack FAQ + Troubleshooting

    Each Physitrack account will integrate with one Jane clinic at a time. The integration between Jane and Physitrack isn’t specific to a clinic, so if a program was updated or assigned Jane wouldn’t know where to send the updates to.

  • TELUS eClaims FAQ + Troubleshooting

    This guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions around Jane’s TELUS eClaims integration, errors and troubleshooting tips.

  • How to Send an Automated Birthday Email

    To do this, you’ll need to take advantage of Jane’s Mailchimp integration, which allows you to pass information to Mailchimp on patients who have consented to receive promotional materials from you. If you haven’t already set that up, it would be a good idea to check out this Guide doc on setting...

  • Integrations Hub & FAQ

    Welcome to our Integrations hub page. Here, you’ll find information about each integration and some guides to get you started. We also have some frequently asked questions below. As always, if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy t...

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