Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.


  • Adding a Location

    You might be a mobile practice and work in several different locations with different availability, or you might have multiple physical practices that share practitioners, client or patient base and branding.

  • Edit Individual Shifts

    There are two different tools to manage your schedule in Jane that serve two different purposes. The first tool is called, “Manage Shifts”, and the second tool is called, “Edit Individual Shifts”. Here is when you should use them:

  • Setting Up Shifts

    Jane’s Manage Shifts tool is the primary way to set up shifts in Jane. It’s a quick way to create a weekly shift schedule for multiple practitioners over a time frame that you’ve chosen. You can clear existing shift schedules, create new weekly schedules, or remove one day of availability for mul...

  • Booking an Appointment (Staff)

    Note: These instructions are for clinic staff. Patients can learn how to book their own appointments here.

  • Booking a Break, Vacation and Holidays on your Schedule

    You can use the Break feature to block out time in your staff calendar. This is a quick option for scheduling a day off or blocking off parts of your day.

  • Class Booking

    This is a feature designed to allow for multiple unrelated clients to be booked in all at the same time. I guess that’s the definition of a class, but we do want to make it clear that if you allow the class to be booked online, you will be opening the group up to multiple people who do not know ...

  • Couples or Related Groups - Booking, Billing, Charting and Notifications

    There are times that you want to work with more than one person at a time, but it’s not a class or drop-in style group. This may be especially relevant to you if you’re a mental health practitioner or a family chiropractor. This would be for appointments like couples or family counselling or fami...

  • Deleting a Class or Group Appointment

    Have you added a Class or Group Appointment to your schedule that you need to cancel? Start by finding the scenario that best applies to your situation and we’ll walk you through your next steps. 👀

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    That’s why there are a number of keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate the Schedule with fewer clicks.

  • Late Cancellations

    We know cancellations and missed appointments can’t always be avoided, so we have a few features to make managing late cancellations a little bit easier. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • No Show and Late Cancellation Fees

    No Shows or Late Cancels can happen for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s unavoidable and although you’d like to record the No Show or Late Cancel you don’t want to charge a fee. Sometimes you would like to charge a full fee and other times you might only want to charge half.

  • Online Booking: Checking What is Offered Using the Magnifying Glass

    Have you noticed the Magnifying Glass button in Jane? This handy little feature can help you get more detail about open time slots in your schedule.

  • Online Booking: Choosing What Is Offered Online (Locations, Staff, Shifts, Treatments etc) and Individual Staff Preferences

    When setting up online booking, you have a few options on what gets displayed online and how it is displayed.

  • Patient Arrivals & No Shows

    Recently, we made an update to the colour of Arrived appointments where the client invoice is paid or is $0. You can read about that initial change here.

  • Patient Privacy

    Jane offers a few quick and easy features to keep your patient’s information confidential when working in areas where your screen might be visible to others.

  • Print Daysheet

    To print off a staff member’s day sheet/schedule, you can start at the Staff Tab and find the Staff member in question.

  • Printing a Daysheet

    Sometimes you still need a hardcopy of a practitioner’s day to work from.

  • Re-Booking Appointments

    Jane offers users a couple of ways to manage repeat appointments. See Recurring Appointments to learn how to set up appointments that repeat automatically at regular intervals. Or, to learn how to quickly re-book appointments using the copy and paste tools, read on:

  • Recurring Appointments

    ❗️ You can only book recurring appointments into your Shifts that would be set up in your schedule, otherwise Jane won’t know when you are available to see patients! Check out our FAQ on Setting Up Shifts if you haven’t yet done this.

  • Reordering Treatments and Disciplines (Admin Schedule and Online Booking)

    Sometimes you would like your treatments ordered with your most popular choice at the top. Or maybe you would like to group certain visit types together and tweak which disciplines appear first.

  • Resource Booking

    Do you have a treatment that requires a certain type of equipment in limited quantity? Just one (maybe Shockwave Therapy) or do you have a pool to draw from (3 lasers for example)? Maybe you book casual practitioners based on available rooms, or maybe you can overlap your appointments most of th...

  • Room Booking

    Rooms in Jane are a way for practitioners to see multiple clients at the same time. They can help you create “columns” in your schedule so you can book 2-3 patients into the same timeframe, for example. They can also help you to organize your calendar per Room instead of per practitioner.

  • Self Check In (For Patients)

    If your clinic has enabled the patient self check-in feature.

  • Setting a Post Treatment Reset Time or Break

    Sometimes practitioners need a little extra time between appointments, whether it’s to prepare for the next patient or just to take a breather. We feel you! Jane offers a couple of different ways to automatically add post-treatment time to appointments.

  • Setting the Schedule Grid

    On your schedule you can adjust the minimum increments. The greatest common divisor of appointment length for your clinic is the value you need to use. For example if you have one practitioner who schedules on 15 minute intervals but another who uses 20 minute intervals, you should use 5 minute...

  • Setting up Treatments

    Jane’s default is to call the services a clinic offers ‘Treatments’, but you can customize this depending on what you call the services you offer your clients. This guide to Customizing Jane (under ‘Terminology’) tells you how you can change Jane’s default language.

  • Staggered Booking Set Up (Multiple Rooms or Clients Overlapping)

    There are many different treatment styles that include overlapping or staggered appointment booking. These can occur in widely varied and unique ways, so we’ll offer some of the most common scenarios below, but it’s always good to test them out with your online booking once you have everything s...

  • Special Notes

    Notes only show up internally in Jane. Anytime you type something into a box labelled ‘Notes’ or with ‘Add Note…’ in the text box, you are creating an administrative note that will not appear on any patient-facing documents or communication.

  • Subscribing to Your Calendar (for Staff)

    Any staff member can easily add Appointments and Shifts to their calendar software by using the Private Calendar URLs listed in their staff profile.

  • Tags – Limiting Treatment Availability

    You can tag your shifts and treatments (aka services, sessions, classes) with a tag of your choosing, sort of like a hashtag. And then Jane will only offer up availability for that treatment on shifts with a matching tag. It’s a simple idea and really powerful in how it lets you control your avai...

  • Using the Wait List

    Need a little help managing your Wait List? Jane’s got you covered with automatic waitlist notifications! Keep your schedule full, see your clients sooner, and spend less time and effort doing it.
  • Who was Cancelled/Deleted from the Schedule?

    Whether it was an “oh shoot” administrative error, or a mysterious spot you were sure used to be filled by a patient, or someone showing up in a spot where they don’t have an appointment there are a few ways to troubleshoot missing appointments.

  • Working With the Schedule

    Whether you’re a practitioner or a clinic administrator, the schedule is one of the features you’ll probably use the most in Jane — but never fear, we’ve designed it to be super easy to use. In fact, if you’ve ever used any of the most popular web-based calendar systems, Jane’s schedule should be...

  • Schedule Opening & Closing Time

    We generally suggest setting the opening time to an hour before you usually take your first patient, and your closing time to an hour after you usually take your last. This will help give you a bit more flexibility when working with the schedule, but it will not determine when patients are able t...

  • Cancel or Remove an Appointment from the Schedule

    Appointment cancellations happen for a variety of reasons, Jane makes it easy to accurately track these in your schedule. You can cancel or delete one appointment at a time, or you can delete multiple appointments for a patient at once.

  • Staff Member not Showing up on Schedule

    So you’ve just added a new staff member, but they aren’t showing up on the schedule yet.

  • Directing New Clients to Book an Initial Visit Only

    ​There currently isn’t a way in Jane to require new patients to book an initial visit before they can book a subsequent. If you offer both treatments online, then your patients will be able to choose and book any appointment available, even if they are a new patient.

  • Removing a Location

    You may want to remove a location for a variety of reasons so let’s walk through how to accomplish this in Jane.

  • Contact to Book

    Do you need to approve bookings before they get scheduled? Jane’s Contact to Book setting lets you show your availability online, but prompts patients to call you to schedule their appointment so you can approve the time.

  • Accessibility in Jane

    It’s important to us that Jane is accessible to all our users. Inclusivity is a key part of our culture and our product development process 💙

  • How to Hide Your Location from Your Online Booking Site

    To hide your location address from your online booking site, you will want to head over to the Settings tab, click on Locations in the left sidebar menu and then on the Edit button to the right of the location.

  • Setting Up Shifts FAQ

    Welcome! Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Jane’s primary shift scheduling tool: Manage Shifts. And if you haven’t seen them already, we do have a few other dedicated guides that may come in handy as you’re setting up your clinic’s schedule.

  • Allow Post-Treatment Time After Shift Ends

    Jane has a fancy staff setting that allows staff members to run their post-treatment time (also known as ‘room reset time’, ‘room cleaning time’, etc.) after their shift ends. This allows patients to book in with them online even if the post-treatment time runs after the scheduled shift.

  • Prevent Staff from Booking Outside of Shifts

    You may have noticed something special hiding away in Jane’s Schedule Settings called “Prevent staff booking outside shifts”. This is another way you can personalize your schedule in Jane to fit exactly what you need. 😍

  • Double Booking

    Before getting started with the Double Booking feature, you would need to ensure this setting is turned on under Settings > Schedule Settings > Allow double booking. Don’t forget to hit Save.

  • Changing the Length of a Scheduled Appointment

    Did you know you can adjust scheduled appointments to make them longer or shorter than the usual treatment length? This can be helpful if you have clients that may need more or less treatment time, or need some extra time to get in/out of your treatment space.

  • Putting Tags to Work

    In this guide, we’re going to share some examples of how you can use Tags to manage your Online Booking availability. Feel free to choose your own adventure below by selecting the scenario that best suits your clinic needs!

  • Group Appointments

    Group Appointments make things easier both for clients and staff who need to book multiple related clients into a single appointment. No double-booking or joint profiles required!

  • Group Appointments: Client Experience

    In this guide, we’ll walk you through how your clients can book Group Appointments online.

  • How to Book Services or Resources Without a Staff Member

    If your clinic provides services to patients that do not require a practitioner in person, you might think the best way to set this up is by creating a staff profile for the service.

  • Chapter 1: Schedule

    Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here. 

  • Icons on the Schedule

    Ever wondered what those little icons mean in the corner of your appointments? These show us some important details about the visit at a glance. Let’s walk through them together.

  • Save Space on Your Screen by Minimizing Weekends

    Sometimes Monday to Friday is all you can handle. Jane makes it easy to hide weekend days from your schedule to save space on your screen.

  • Booking a Break on a Mobile Device (Phone or other Small Screen)

    Let’s face it, we do a lot from our phones these days. Here’s how you can block off time on your schedule using your phone. Small screens sometimes require a bit of a design change because only so much can fit!

  • How to View the Booking History of an Appointment

    To start, you’ll want to head over to the Schedule tab and then select the appointment. Looking for a cancelled appointment? Check out our guide on Who was Cancelled/Deleted from the Schedule.

  • Medical Aesthetics Hub

    💡Heads up — this guide refers to some features that are not available on all plans. For more information, check out our pricing page.

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