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Room Booking

Room Booking

Need to see more than one patient at a time? Or do you have rooms dedicated to specific providers at a time? If so, you might find Rooms in Jane helpful to organize your schedule!

Rooms in Jane are a way for practitioners to see multiple clients at the same time. They can help you create “columns” in your schedule so you can book 2-3 patients into the same timeframe, for example. They can also help you to organize your calendar per Room instead of per practitioner.

💡Jane tip — can you see multiple clients at once but need your appointments to start at slightly different times? Check out how to create a Staggered Booking Setup.

A quick note before we get started — if your clinic has shared rooms that any provider can book on a first-come-first-served basis, you’ll want to use Resource Booking instead of Rooms so that you don’t overbook your spaces.

Creating Rooms

A Full Access user can set up Rooms in Jane, but first, you’ll need to head to your Settings > Schedule Settings and turn on Advanced Scheduling:

Once that’s done, you can create your rooms by:

  • Heading to Settings > Room Scheduling and clicking New Room

  • Naming your room and assigning it to a Location

  • Optional: You can then choose to assign a specific practitioner’s existing shifts to a room.

We recommend selecting Skip This Step if the staff member already has upcoming appointments or the Room will be used by any other providers, as that will affect those current booked appointments:

Assigning Providers to Rooms (Using Shifts)

Now that your rooms are created, you can tell Jane which providers will use these rooms and when by assigning their scheduled Shifts to a Room.

Shifts can be assigned to rooms when:

To assign a Room to a Shift, you can:

  1. Click the Shifts button in your Schedule to go into Shifts mode
  2. Click on the Shift you want to assign to a Room
  3. Use the drop-down menu to choose a Room and Save

If that Shift repeats and is part of a series, Jane will ask if you want all future Shifts to be assigned to that room, or if you only want to change this one Shift:

💡 Heads up — if multiple practitioners are assigned to the same rooms at the same time, you can accidentally overbook the rooms!

Make sure only one provider is using a room at a time, or use Resource Booking if staff are competing for the same rooms. >

Once you’ve assigned your Shifts to Rooms, you can check your Rooms View for scheduling conflicts and to make sure everything’s set up the way you need 👇

Viewing Your Schedule by Rooms

You can view your schedule by Rooms to see each Room as a column, rather than each practitioner as a column. To see your schedule by Rooms, you can:

  1. Click the Staff Today button at the bottom of your Schedule
  2. Then you’ll see a Rooms button pop up in the top-right corner:

Daily View of All Rooms

If you click Rooms, you’ll see which providers are assigned to your rooms per day:

Seeing Rooms per day is the default view, but you can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of your Schedule to go to a different date, or click Week to get the weekly overview of your room usage:

Just a heads up — Rooms are ordered by their capitalization first, then alphabetical order. So if your room names were spelled like, “alpha, Bravo, charlie, DELTA”, they would display like, “Bravo, DELTA, alpha, charlie”

If anyone has Shifts that are not assigned to a Room, they will show up in an “Other” column:

Weekly View of One Room

If you click the arrow next to Rooms, you can choose one specific room to see which providers are using that room this week:

Again, the week view is the default here, but you can use the navigation buttons at the bottom of your Schedule to view one Day at a time, or go to a different date range:

We hope this helps you set up and fine-tune your schedule, but if you have any questions or encounter any bumps in the road, just give our Support Team a call or email [email protected]!

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