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Contact to Book

Do you need to approve bookings before they get scheduled? Jane’s Contact to Book setting lets you show your availability online, but prompts patients to call you to schedule their appointment so you can approve the time.

Has a patient mentioned that your Online Booking Site says Contact to Book or have you seen it yourself when testing things out? There are a few reasons this text could be appearing – This guide will cover what settings cause this and how to adjust them!

​My Treatments Say Contact to Book

There are a few reasons this text can appear when a patient is trying to book in online…

  1. Your Treatment(s) could be set up as Call to Book
  2. Your shift(s) could be marked as Contact to Book
  3. Some settings in your Online Booking tab could not allow patients to book in appointments within a certain timeframe

To determine what is causing this you can look at the treatment in question on your Online Booking Page as well as the appointment slots on your calendar.

1. If the treatment says Please contact us to book in this Treatment this is caused by a setting on your treatment called Call to Book.

​ ​To turn this off head to Settings then click Treatments & Classes on the left. Click in to Edit your treatments one-by-one…

​ ​Scroll to the bottom and uncheck Call to Book then Update Treatment

​ ​Voila! Your treatments should be available to book online :) ​

2. If Contact to book is showing up on all of your treatments on the Online Booking Site but there is no text on your treatment this could mean that your shifts are marked as Contact to Book. To change this head over to your Schedule and take a look at your shifts. If they are set as Contact to Book you will see so on the top of the shift

Click Shifts in the top right corner of the screen then click on your shift to edit it.

Scroll down to the bottom of the shift panel that slid in from the right and change the setting from Contact to Book to Not Bookable Online or Bookable Online.

3. If Contact To Book is only showing up on a few of your treatments this is probably the cause of a setting in your Online Booking settings called Do Not Allow Booking Within. To make changes to this head into your Settings then click Online Booking on the left. Scroll down to the Booking Canceling & Relationships section…

If Allow Same Day Booking is unchecked you can check it to open up your same-day availability. Here you can also change your Do Not Allow Booking Within to make more appointments available to book or you can uncheck Show Openings Within Unallowed Period as “Contact to Book” to stop displaying these appointments at all.

My Patients See Contact To Book When They Try To Cancel or Reschedule

This could be for one of two reasons…

  1. You have turned off the ability for patients to cancel online
  2. The patients has hit the Late Cancelation Period and can no longer cancel online

In either scenario, you can adjust this by heading to Settings and clicking Online Booking on the left. Scroll down to the Booking Canceling & Relationships section. Here you can check Allow Cancelations Online to let you patients Cancel through their patient portal or you can adjust your Late Cancelation Period

If you have any questions about these settings let us know - You can always email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-844-310-5263.

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