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Medical Aesthetics Hub

💡Heads up — this guide refers to some features that are not available on all plans. For more information, check out our pricing page.

📣 Since recording the video above, we’ve released our side-by-side photos chart part that allows you to upload two photos for a side-by-side comparison. Just like the body chart, you can draw on these images or add pointers that correspond to notes. Check out our guide to learn more.

Need-To-Know Workflows

Lastly, we know you’re probably pretty eager to get your account set up, and we’d love to lend a hand with that by providing a complimentary Account Setup Consultations.

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Our Facebook community is providing suggestions and sharing feedback that we are actively monitoring and collecting. You can find the link here to join! 💙

We regularly review our Feature Request Page which is available to our current community. At Jane, our mission is to Help the Helpers (that’s you!) Our community is full of engaged members who love sharing their experiences using Jane to run their practice.

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