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Jane Payments FAQ

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🗣️ General Questions

💰 Payouts & Deposits

🏦 Processing Fees

💳 Jane Payments Terminal

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General Questions

How long is the contract term with Jane Payments?

Just like Jane, there are no contracts or fixed terms with Jane Payments.

What payment methods can Jane Payments accept?

Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Debit Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, UnionPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and, if you have a Jane Payments Terminal, Interac Debit.

How do I refund a transaction made through Jane Payments?

You can refund any transaction made through Jane Payments right in Jane, without your client being present. The only exception is if the payment was made on an Interac Debit card, which will need to be inserted into the Jane Payments Terminal first in order to process a refund. Please note, transaction fees will not be refunded.

Will Jane store my clients’ payment data?

No credit card data is stored in Jane. When you enter credit card information into Jane, Jane creates and keeps a token that can be used to reference that information. But the actual sensitive information is sent to and stored within our payment partner Stripe, which holds the highest security certification in the industry. 🔒

What’s that odd, small charge on my client’s credit card?

Your client may see a $1 or less “pending” charge on their credit card or bank statement when their card is added to their file. This is a temporary authorization charge which is used to ensure the card provided is valid and able to accept charges. These authorizations will drop off the patient’s card statement after a few days and may appear as long as 7 business days.

Clients are able to speak with their card issuer to confirm this is the case, as well as confirm when it is expected to drop off their statement if they have any concerns.

Why did my client’s card decline?

When you’re taking a payment using Jane Payments, we send a request to your client’s credit card issuer, who lets us know if it’s “Approved” or “Declined.” Whenever a credit card is declined, we often jump to conclusions and assume it’s due to insufficient funds (but that’s not usually the case). Jane tries to give you as much information as possible about why a transaction is declined, but often times, we don’t receive a lot of information about the “why” from your patient’s credit card provider.

If your client has ensured that their credit card is valid and should work, it would be best to have them call their credit card issuing bank or provider to ensure they’re not blocking or preventing the payment, and to make sure their billing address is up to date. We wish we could call them on your behalf, but they only speak to cardholders.

More information on Declined Cards:HSA/FSA Cards

Why did an unexpected error occur when charging my client’s card?

An “Unexpected Error” Occurred or “Something went wrong” When Using a Jane Payments Credit Card

When processing a credit card, if there is a message that pops up stating that Something went wrong or an Unexpected Error has come up, this is usually due to the patient’s bank needing additional authentication.

It would be best to recommend the patient reach out to their bank to see if they need to provide further verification. Once that has been confirmed, you can charge the credit card to go through successfully.

Note: One of the most common reasons this happens is that the bank or credit card issuer needs the patient to complete the 3D Secure Authentication.

Can a refund be processed if the original card used for payment has expired?

This depends on the bank! Most banks, if the patient or client is still with them, will just re-route the refund to the correct place, whether that’s the patients new credit card with the bank, or another space altogehter.

There is no way of knowing if this will occur, so the clinic can try to process the refund through the expired credit card. If you run into an error this means that the refund cannot go through, and the clinic would need to provide that refunded money to the clinic in other ways, like a cheque, Paypal or e-transfer.

How can I differentiate between a Jane Payments Terminal payment, and an Online Payments transaction?

This is best clarified by checking over your transactions under the clinic’s Jane Payments Transaction report, under the Reports tab.

⚠️ Accessing the Jane Payments Transaction report (and any report) requires the staff profile to have Administrative/All Staff or higher as their permission level. For a review of this and other permission levels in Jane, check out our guide here: Staff Access Levels.

Once in this report, set your date ranges for the transaction in question, and on the right you’ll see the following labels & tags:

  • Card on File (in blue) = an Online Payment:

  • Terminal (in green) = a Jane Payment Terminal payment:

  • For Canadian clinics, Terminal - Interac (in pink) = a Jane Payments Terminal payment processed through Interac debit:

How can I update the name that appears on a client’s statement when they’re charged?

To update this language, you’ll want to head over to the Settings tab, then within the left sidebar menu, select Jane Payments. From there, you’ll click on the blue pencil icon on the correct Jane Payments account.

From there, you can review or edit the Statement Descriptor field. Make sure to hit the blue Save button to confirm those changes.

NOTE📍: On the actual statement, the statement descriptor will have what is entered in the clinic’s account under Statement Descriptor and North Vancouver. This is because the transaction is processed through Jane and our business is located in North Vancouver. We are not able to change the location to the clinic’s actual location, but including the clinic’s name or an abbreviation may be helpful to clarify where the charge is coming from.

Why is my patient’s statement showing a different name than what is indicated under my Statement Descriptor settings?

If you’ve already confirmed that the Statement Descriptor is correctly entered, it’s important to note that banks and card issuers use several data points from a given transaction to determine which friendly name and logo to display. Since each bank does this differently, the behaviour is not consistent across all patients or banking systems.

Jane Payments settings do not have control over or have an impact on these mapping systems. The recommendation here would be for the clinic to reach out to that card issuer to get that incorrect merchant name or image mapping updated on their end.

Payouts & Deposits

When do I get my Jane Payments deposits?

With Jane Payments, you’ll receive a deposit every business day on a two day rolling basis (so Monday’s transactions deposit on Wednesday morning, and Friday’s transactions deposit on Tuesday morning). Keep in mind if there is a federal holiday, it will be delayed by a business day (since a holiday isn’t one).

The cutoff time for Jane Payments is 11:59 pm ET / 8:59 pm PT. This means that all payments processed before 11:59 pm for our East Coasters and 8:59 pm for those of us out West will be deposited into your account at the same time. Say goodbye to having payments from the same calendar day split into two deposits on two separate days! We hope this helps make your bookkeeping a little easier.

There are a couple of reports in Jane that will help you track these payments and deposits, as well.

Head to the Reports tab and choose Jane Payments Transactions from the lefthand side. Here you can see all payments taken on the dates you’ve selected, as well as the patient name, how the transaction was taken, as well as your payment processing fees.

You can also click Jane Payments Payouts from the lefthand side, where you’ll see a list of all the payouts for the selected period of time, as well as any that are en route to your bank account.

What should I do if I have multiple practitioners that need to be paid out directly?

With Jane’s Online Payments, you can set up as many accounts as you need to pay out directly. When using a Jane Payments Terminal for in-person payments, all of your practitioners can use one terminal and be paid out individually. We know, it’s pretty magical! 💫 If you’d like to learn more, this guide is for you.

Are there any reports to help me keep track of transactions and payouts?

There sure are. Under the Reports tab, you’ll see the Jane Payments Payouts & Jane Payments Transactions reports, which give you real-time information about your transactions, processing fees, and deposits.

Processing Fees

What are the processing fees by country?

There are no monthly or annual fees with Jane Payments. You’ll only ever pay for what you process! 💃

🇨🇦 Canada:

  • Online: 2.75% per transaction
  • Terminal: 2.65% per transaction, $0.10 for Interac Debit

🇺🇸 USA:

  • Online: 2.85% + $0.25 per transaction
  • Terminal: 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction

Jane Payments Terminal

How do I know whether or not the Jane Payments Terminal is a good fit for me?

If you’re unsure whether you need a Jane Payments Terminal or not, take our Payment Personality Quiz!

Do I need to have any hardware to process in-person payments?

If you’d like to collect payments in person, you’ll need the Jane Payments Terminal (which can be purchased directly in your account). Otherwise, you can process all your payments directly in Jane.


Canada: $279.00 + tax/shipping

US: $239.00 + tax/shipping

Does the Jane Payments Terminal save credit cards on file for future use?

It sure can! Clinics can optionally save a credit card on file when a client taps, swipes, or inserts their card into the Jane Payments Terminal. To learn more, check out our guide Saving credit cards from the Jane Payments Terminal.

Can my clients leave a tip?

You bet! Check out our guide to Tips on the Jane Payments Terminal to learn more.

Do I need internet/wifi to use the Jane Payments Terminal?

Yes, the Jane Payments terminal will require a strong, reliable internet or wifi connection to function. If you are a mobile clinic 🚙, we recommend reaching out with any questions before purchasing.

Can I use the Jane Payments Terminal to pay out to multiple bank accounts?

With the Jane Payments Terminal, you can link to each of your practitioner’s bank accounts to send them their payments directly. 💸 Yep, you heard that right, no need for multiple terminals.

Does a Jane Payments Terminal have a warranty?

Yes! When you purchase a Jane Payments Terminal, it comes with a one-year warranty.

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