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Insurance Billing (Canada)

  • Billing MSP Through Teleplan

    If you’re practicing in BC, you should be eligible to submit your MSP claims online via Teleplan.

  • Billing To Insurers Without an Appointment (For Phone Calls/Chart Notes, etc.)

    In this guide document an Insurer might be a Lawyer, a School, an Insurance Company, or a Government Agency. In Jane, any payer who is not the patient would be considered under this umbrella term of “Insurer”.

  • Billing to WorkSafe BC - Physiotherapy

    If you’re practicing in BC, you should be eligible to submit your WorkSafe BC claims online via Teleplan.

  • Booking and Billing No Charge WSBC (WCB) Subsequent Visits

    Some disciplines have block payment agreements with WSBC. You’ll want to record and track these subsequent visits without sending anything in to WSBC.  

  • Courtesy Billing or Patient Pre-Pay - (Sending claims to Insurers but getting paid in full up-front by Patients first)

    There’s quite a few ways to manage insurance billing in your practice. Some clinics bill insurers directly and the insurer will pay the clinic directly. Some clinics provide receipts or superbills and let the client submit to their insurer on their own.

  • Create Custom Billing Codes

    Are you in the U.S.? Check out this guide for Creating Billing Codes. Canadian friends, read on below!

  • Creating a Patient Policy (CA)

    The insurance billing workflow begins by entering patient insurance information inside their profile. This is done by setting up a new Insurance Policy.

  • Creating and Setting Up Insurers (CA)

    The first step in creating a claim is creating the insurer. To do this, ensure you are logged into an account with at least Administrative Staff/All Billing Access permissions.

  • Delete an Insurer Payment

    This is an area where it’s important to understand the affects of deleting a payment on your reporting. Deleting a payment may seem like the easiest way to fix something, but while it may look right on the screen in front of you, the reports (especially the Compensation Report) will also be changed.

  • Direction to Pay - Billing to Lawyers

    Sometimes lawyers will work with you on a Direction to Pay agreement. This can be that they reimburse you for a patient’s visit either at the time of settlement or on a structured schedule (once a month for example).

  • Getting Started with Teleplan in BC

    If you’re just about to take your first steps and haven’t yet signed up with Teleplan, you might want to check out this Guide on Signing up for Teleplan first.

  • Grouping Insurer Invoices

    If you need to group multiple visits onto one invoice to submit to an insurer, you can do that with Jane.

  • How to Bill for Multiple Services on a Single Visit Using Billing Codes

    This guide will go over how to create custom billing codes in Jane to bill for multiple services and treatments for your Private, Insured and/or ProviderNet Pacific Blue Cross visits.

  • How to Manually Override an Invoice

    Jane has a great feature called Adjustments for applying commonly used discounts to invoices. Adjustments are great because they indicate to the patient that they’ve received a discount from the normal treatment price.

  • ICBC Invoicing and Reporting - Effective April 1, 2019

    If you are a practitioner or have practitioners working in your clinic under one of the following disciplines, you are likely wondering how to manage ICBC billing in Jane after April 1, 2019.

  • ICBC - Acupuncture

    As of April 1, 2019, ICBC now allows Acupuncturists in BC to directly bill for treatments provided to patients who have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Super exciting!

  • ICBC - Chiropractic

    ICBC has launched some exciting changes for billing Chiropractic services. As of April 1, 2019 :

  • ICBC - Clinical Counselling

    ICBC has made some exciting changes to the billing for Clinical Counselling claims. Prior approval for Counselling is no longer required and in addition to that, there is a separate, higher rate for billing an Assessment Visit.

  • ICBC - Kinesiology

    ICBC has made some exciting changes to the billing for Kinesiology (Active Rehab) claims. Prior approval for Active Rehab is no longer required and the fees are now separated into different amounts for an Initial Visit and Subsequent Visit.

  • ICBC - Psychology

    ICBC has made some exciting changes to the billing for Psychology claims. Prior approval for Psychology is no longer required and in addition to that, there is a separate, higher rate for an Assessment Visit.

  • ICBC - Massage Therapy

    ICBC has launched some exciting changes for billing Massage Therapy services. The rates per service have been increased and patients who have sustained an injury in a motor vehicle accident on or after April 1, 2019 are now pre-approved for treatment.

  • ICBC - Physiotherapy

    ICBC has launched some exciting updates for billing Physiotherapy claims after April 1, 2019.

  • Insurance Coverage & Taxes

    Jane’s insurance panel allows you to enter how much to bill the insurer or 3rd party payer for this visit. If the item you are billing is taxable (meaning your Treatment or Product has tax selected in the Settings area) it’s important to know how taxes will be handled when you enter a billing co...

  • Insurer Underpayment (Adjusting Amount Paid by Insurer)

    Sometimes you bill one amount to the insurer and the insurer pays you another.

  • New Claim Template Area

    When we first developed the claim “template” field, we did include a spot for both an initial and a subsequent code. Of all the insurers that Jane’s clinics work with, only a handful have a different Initial and Subsequent Code, and this meant that there were a large number of people forced to do...

  • Receiving an Insurer Payment

    You can receive an insurer payment from the appointment side panel, from the invoice, and from Billing > Insurer Invoices.

  • Rejections

    Jane pulls in your Teleplan Remittances every morning and will automatically send your rejected Teleplan invoices to the “Rejected” area of your Billing tab for you to review.

  • Resetting Insurance Policy Counts and Limits

    Because this can help you keep the invoices and payments for the correct year attached to the correct policy. This way, when you view a previous year’s policy, you’d only see visits from that year attached to it. Likewise, when you view the current year’s policy, you’ll see just the visits from t...

  • Searching by Invoice Number

    Otherwise, for a client invoice, you would need to know the date range that the invoice was generated within, but you should be able to locate non-insurer invoice under “Purchases” in the Billing tab of your account.

  • Teleplan Late Submission Reason Code

    If you are submitting claims beyond 90 days old Teleplan will not accept them without something called a “Late Submission Reason”.

  • Apply or Unapply an Insurer Payment

    This guide is specifically regarding insurer payments. If you’re needing to know how to unapply a patient payment, you can view this guide: Unapply a Patient Payment

  • Working with Claim Submissions (Paper Insurer Invoices)

    Any invoices you’ve marked as “arrived” for an insured visit that is not being billed by Teleplan will be listed in this “Unsubmitted” area. 

  • ICBC - Active Rehab Program

    For billing Active Rehab, you’ll be managing your claims manually because ICBC does not permit electronic submission for this program.

  • ICBC - CL20 Report

    Note: This will be a manual submission by fax, mail, or email as this fee is not billable through Teleplan.

  • ICBC Chiro - Flat Fee Program

    ICBC does not permit electronic billing for the Chiropractic Flat Fee Program.  That means there are a couple of steps to work through to set up the insurance properly and make sure that the billing is then completed by faxing in the various reports or through their online form.  

  • ICBC Massage: How to Set Up an Insurer and Create a Claim

    ICBC does not permit electronic billing for Massage Therapy.  That means there are a couple of steps to work through to set up the insurance properly.  

  • ICBC New Claim Workflow

    You may have noticed we’ve made some adjustments to how insurance claims are handled in Jane. We completely understand that change is sometimes confusing! But we also truly believe that this one will be one that better serves your insurance billing needs as a whole moving into the future.

  • ICBC Physio Fee Codes

    Yes, we did just make some changes to how claims are set up.

  • Pacific Blue Cross - Setting up your PROVIDERnet Integration

    This guide will walk through everything you need to set up your Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet integration so you can begin directly billing claims from the comfort of your Jane account.

  • Pacific Blue Cross - Submitting Claims Through the PROVIDERnet Integration

    If you’re brand new to submitting to Pacific Blue Cross, you can skip past this portion about transitioning insurance policies.

  • Pacific Blue Cross - Reversing Claims Through the PROVIDERnet Integration

    Sometimes you might need to make changes to a claim sent in by accident or with errors and you can do so right from within Jane.

  • Adding Billing Codes to Paid Invoices

    To add an insurance claim or billing codes to a paid appointment, scroll down to the Insurance Info area in the Appointment side panel.

  • Billing to WorkSafe BC – Chiropractic

    If you’re practicing in BC, you should be eligible to submit your Worksafe BC claims and Chiropractic Reports 8C and 11C online via our Teleplan integration.

  • TELUS eClaims - Submitting Claims and Eligibility Checks Through the TELUS eClaims Integration

    This guide document is full of valuable information to get you up and running with TELUS eClaims as smoothly as possible. Please read it carefully, and then feel free to jump to each section below to brush up on anything you may have missed.

  • Setting Up a Fillable PDF Form

    Note: A friendly reminder that the Fillable Forms feature is only available on the Insurance Plan. Click here to learn more about the features offered on the Insurance Plan.

  • How to Populate a Fillable PDF File

    This guide will go over how to populate a configured fillable form for a patient appointment, review that the information entered, and how to download or print this form for submission.

  • TELUS eClaims - Setting Up Your TELUS eClaims Integration

    We are really, really…..(and let’s add another really just for good measure) happy to say that Jane is integrated with TELUS eClaims.

  • TELUS eClaims - Reversing Submissions Through the TELUS eClaims Integration

    From time to time, you might need to reverse a TELUS eClaim that was submitted by accident or with errors. You can do this directly within Jane!

  • ​Missing the Insurers Tab? Adding the Insurance add-on to the Practice or Thrive Plan

    Are you trying to set up your Insurers but the tab seems to missing? It sounds like you might not be signed up for Jane’s insurance add-on. Heads up — the insurance add-on can be added to the Practice or Thrive plans.

  • Working with Claim Submissions and Online Insurer Portals

    We have many Jane users working with online portals to bill insurance companies directly for their client’s visits. This might be Medavie Blue Cross, your provincial Blue Cross, TELUS for WSIB, HCAI etc.

  • Billing No-Shows to Insurers

    Jane doesn’t allow insurers to pick up the balance from an appointment marked as “No Show” since most insurance companies and payers will refuse payment if the patient did not attend their appointment. But, in the case that the insurer or payer has agreed to pay for some or all no-shows, there ar...

  • Insurer Statements

    Just like patient statements, you can pull up insurer-only (or insurer and patient) statements from the patient profile. But, in the case that you’d like to include a few different patients under the same insurer on one statement, we can do that from another area of Jane. Let’s go through both wo...

  • Duplicate Insurers

    If you’ve accidentally created the same insurer twice, you can combine them into one with our Merge Insurers feature.

  • TELUS eClaims FAQ + Troubleshooting

    This guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions around Jane’s TELUS eClaims integration, errors and troubleshooting tips.

  • Pended and On Hold Submissions with TELUS eClaims

    If you’ve used the TELUS eClaims portal in the past, you’re likely familiar with those “pending” or “on hold” claims. When the insurance provider has successfully received the claim, they generate this type of response letting you know they cannot provide an in-the-moment decision.

  • Collect Insurance Information on Intake Forms From Your Clients 📸

    Jane offers a dedicated way for clients to upload photos of their insurance cards and provide their most basic insurance policy details in an intake form.

  • HCAI billing in Jane: Block Billing Workflow

    Welcome to our guide on the HCAI Block Billing workflow. If you’ve already been block billing in Jane and want a refresher on the steps, read on! However, if you’re new to billing HCAI in Jane, we’d recommend using our Third-Party Billing workflow instead. It’s a little faster and easier to pick ...

  • HCAI billing in Jane: FAQ

    This is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about working with HCAI claims and tracking them within Jane.

  • Insurance Mode on Claims: Payable to Patient vs Payable to the Clinic (CA)

    On every Jane account, the insurance billing default is set to Collect from Insurer. This means that you are expecting the insurance company to pay you (the clinic) rather than send money directly to the patient. However, you do have the option to switch a purchase on your account to Patient Pre-...

  • How to Unarchive an Insurer

    Sometimes we create duplicates of insurers, or insurers that we only need to use for a short period. While those insurers can be archived, what happens if it needs to be used again?

  • Recording an Insurer is covering $0 (CA)

    This guide will walk through how to document that an insurer is not covering an amount for our Canadian clinics. If you are located in the US and looking for how to do this, check out our Posting a $0 EOB guide for a detailed walk-through.

  • Booking an Insured Visit

    Whenever you book an appointment, you’ll be given the option to use any open insurance policies for that patient. 

  • HCAI billing in Jane: Third Party Billing Workflow

    Welcome to our guide on billing MVA claims to HCAI in Ontario! Just like any other third-party insurer, you can submit claims through HCAI’s portal outside of Jane, and then manage those claims within Jane.

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