Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Patient Profiles

  • Adding a New Patient

    Adding new patients to Jane is a snap! There are two ways to add a new patient to your account, depending on your staff permission levels.

  • Couples or Related Groups - Booking, Billing, Charting and Notifications

    There are times that you want to work with more than one person at a time, but it’s not a class or drop-in style group. This may be especially relevant to you if you’re a mental health practitioner or a family chiropractor. This would be for appointments like couples or family counselling or fami...

  • Deleting a Patient or Client Profile

    Note - If you have created two patients, and you thought: “Oh, I will just delete one.” WAIT! Hold that thought! Let me direct you to our Guide Document on Merging Patients.

  • Family Profiles - Managing Family Members (For Patients)

    To put it plainly, you can book individual appointments for your whole family from your account.

  • Family Profiles - Online Booking & Intake Forms

    Psst… did you know that with our Group Appointments feature, clients can book multiple people into a single session? This would be for sessions they want to attend together, like group counselling or a family chiro visit.

  • Family Profiles - Managing Family Members from the Client Profile

    To put it plainly, one family member can book individual appointments for the whole family from their client profile.

  • Family Profiles - Payments with Shared Credit Cards

    Did you know that when you’re taking payment for a client’s visit, you can choose someone else as the payer? With our Payments for Related Clients feature, you can collect a payment from a parent for their child’s visit, for example, and accurately reflect the payer on the invoice. You can do thi...

  • Helping Patients Log In

    Your patients will need to set up a username and password to access their patient portal called My Account. In their My account section, patients can book appointments, join their Online Appointments (telehealth) and much more. For more on the patient’s My Account page - click here.

  • Marking a Patient as Discharged or Deceased

    Marking as Discharged, will remove your patients from the “Active” list for when you’re running your Client List and will remove them from the Unscheduled Visit report.

  • Mass Welcome Email

    When you first start up with Jane, one of the things you might consider is sending out a Mass Welcome Email.

  • Merging and Unmerging Patients

    Let’s say your patients have created a duplicate profile on your online booking site. No problem – Jane makes it easy to merge duplicate patient profiles with just a few clicks.

  • Message Log

    The Message Log, found under your staff and patient profiles, will provide a log of all of the emails and text messages delivered from Jane. You can come here to verify what was sent, when it was triggered to go out, and how successful Jane was at delivering that message.

  • My Account - Your Patient/Client Portal

    Your clients have access to a secure client portal through Jane called My Account. This account can be set up when they complete the Online Booking process or when they receive their Welcome Email. If you’re curious, here’s a little more info on Helping Patients Log In. If they visit other clinic...

  • Patient Preferred Name

    Jane is pretty passionate about accessible healthcare for everyone, and we understand that your patients may identify themselves with a name other than their legal first name.

  • Client Relationships

    Sometimes your client wants emails sent to multiple addresses - often regarding a child’s profile where both parents should receive email communication. On that same note, sometimes parents want to be able to book appointments for their children and pay for their visits.

  • Prefixes, Titles & Honorifics

    Jane’s style is to be both professional and informal. So, by default, Jane will greet your customers in a friendly way. Hello Jane! for example.

  • How to View and Print Appointments for a Patient (Past or Upcoming Appointments)

    Jane keeps track of all past, present, and future appointments for your patients or clients right from their profiles.

  • Pronouns

    We want your clients to have a great experience. So, in order to help you build a safe and inclusive space, we’ve added the option to include Pronouns in Jane for profiles (this means clients and staff too!). 💙

  • Sharing Chart Entries with Patients

    There’s a feature in the charts where you can make chart entries visible to your patients. So long as your patient has an account set up, you can use this to share treatment plans, exercise prescriptions, lab results, files, or any other chart note.

  • Add a Credit Card from the Client My Account Portal

    Learn how patients can securely add their own credit card details to their My Account portal
  • Online Appointments and Privacy Laws

    We’ve been very careful with designing Jane to ensure that all new features that are added, like Online Appointments, will comply with all Privacy Laws, in addition to each Standard Codes of Practice across multiple health professions.

  • Troubleshooting Tips for Subscribed Calendars

    If you’ve landed on this guide it sounds like you might be having troubles with your Subscribed Calendar from Jane.

  • Subscribing to your Calendar (For Patients)

    If you’re helping your patients subscribe to their calendars there are two main ways to do this.

  • Updating the Default Email Account On Your Device

    While using Jane, you can send an email to your patients by clicking on the email address associated with the patient profile. You can find this directly within the patient profile, as well as in the appointment panel on the schedule.

  • Customizable Patient Sign Up Form

    One of the reasons you may have chosen Jane is because signing up is easy. It should be just as easy for your clients to book an appointment online. You can customize the patient sign up page to ensure you’re capturing the right information from your new patients.

  • Patient Communication (unpublished)

    If you’ve landed on this page, you might be looking for some tools to help you and your team communicate with patients, especially for those daily conversations like “can I reschedule?” or reminding patients to complete their Intake Form for the umpteenth time. We’re hearing from our community th...

  • Creating a Group

    The more the merrier! Administratively booking couples, families, and groups just got easier. 👩‍👧‍👦

  • Groups and Group Appointments FAQ

    This is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about Jane’s Groups and Group Appointments features.

  • Payments for Related Clients

    Whether a parent is paying for a minor or paying for multiple invoices at once for a family chiro visit, Jane can accurately reflect the payer of an invoice (and the payment method) when one client is paying for someone else.

  • How To: Reset Your Jane Password

    Finding yourself logged out of Jane? Can't remember your password or username? Here are the high-level steps to get you back on track.
  • Test Patient/Client

    If you want to log in as a patient or client to see what it’s like to book an appointment or fill out an intake form, you can use your Test Patient profile, Ted Test. You can also use Ted Test to try out admin workflows like creating a chart or booking an appointment.

  • How to Create a Client Profile Administratively

    Most of the time, clients will create their own profiles when they book their appointments in online. Every once in a while though, you may need to create a new profile on the fly!

  • Jane's Mobile App for Patients (Beta)

    Thank you for participating in this early access beta for our mobile app! We’re so excited to get this into your hands so you can book, view, and manage all your appointments with Jane clinics in one place, with one login.

  • Jane's Mobile App for Patients (Guide for Clinics)

    Welcome to our guide on Jane’s mobile app for patients or clients! We are developing this app to delight patients, increase bookings, and reduce no-shows. The app gives patients a central place to book and manage appointments with Jane clinics.

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