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My Account - Your Patient/Client Portal

Your clients have access to a secure client portal through Jane called My Account. This account can be set up when they complete the Online Booking process or when they receive their Welcome Email. If you’re curious, here’s a little more info on Helping Patients Log In. If they visit other clinics that use Jane, they’ll have a separate My Account for each clinic.

📍Note: Anyone with a Staff Profile in your Jane account will have a My Account area as well.

There are lots of things that can be done from the My Account page! Let’s walk through each of these sections together:

Upcoming Appointments

Clients can view and manage their upcoming appointments, as well as join their online appointments from here.

If you’ve allowed it in your Settings, they can cancel or reschedule their visit as needed. Jane will display any appointments within your cancellation period as “contact to cancel” to avoid any surprises. No matter your cancellation policy, all appointments can be cancelled online within 5 minutes of booking to allow for errors.

Online Appointments

When a client has an Online Appointment in the next hour, a blue Begin button will appear in this area to allow them to join the call.

Learn more about How Clients Join Online Appointments!

Appointment History

Clients can review all their past appointments here. These don’t have receipts or invoices attached to them.

Intake Forms

If there are Intake Forms to be completed, they’ll be available here. Your client will see a banner running across the top of their My Account page prompting them to fill out their form, or they can click into the Intake Form tab.

You can learn more about Intake Forms here.


You can share chart entries and files with clients and they will be able to access them through their client portal. This is especially helpful for things like exercise programs, progress reports, or treatment plans.

Learn about Sharing Chart Entries or Files with your clients.

Contact Info

Clients can update their contact info here, as well as choose to opt-in to marketing emails. The information they add here will be reflected in their Client Profile on your end. It’s important to note that the option to add or update Pronouns will only appear if this setting has been enabled on the administrative side of Jane. Clinics can find this setting by heading to Settings > Clinic Info & Locations > Client Pronouns.

Credit Cards on File

If you’re using Jane Payments, your clients will be able to add a credit card and pay any outstanding balances from their My Account area. If they’d like to remove a credit card from their file, they’ll have to contact the clinic to have that done.

Pay Balance

As mentioned above, if you’re using Jane Payments, your clients will be able to pay any outstanding balances from their My Account area.

Notifications & Reminders

If you’ve made your Reminders & Notifications client-selectable in your Settings, clients can manage how they’d like to receive those here.


In this section, clients can update their username and password, as well as see all the devices and browsers they’re logged in on by clicking Manage Sessions.

Google, Facebook & Twitter

If you have chosen to allow social logins (Settings> Online Booking> Client Sign In Settings), clients can come here to link or unlink social profiles.

Phew, that’s a lot to explore! Let us know if you have any questions. 💙

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