Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Merging and Unmerging Patients

Let’s say your patients have created a duplicate profile on your online booking site. No problem – Jane makes it easy to merge duplicate patient profiles with just a few clicks.

Merging Patient Profiles

In the Patients tab, search for the patient with a duplicate profile.

Click the + button on each patient to bring up the Merge view. You’ll see the + button when you hover your mouse over the patient’s name.

Next, choose the record you want to be the primary record. Jane conveniently lets you know the likelihood of the profiles being a match. It’s generally a good idea to select the profile with a username set up so that the patient doesn’t run into trouble when trying to access their My Account area.

All conflicting information will be shown in Notes once you’ve merged, so don’t worry about losing anything. 

Un-merging Patient Profiles

Oops! You’ve merged two patients together and need to un-merge the profiles. We get it, mistakes happen and there’s a quick way to reverse it!

To start, a Full Access user can head back over to the Patient’s Profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the black dropdown arrow beside Edit.

From here, select Merge History to see the previous merges that have taken place for this profile.

On the next page, select the orange Undo Merge button to un-merge the profiles and turn the profile back into two.

Bonus💡: In the Reports tab, you can take a peek at the Potential Duplicates report for conveniently identifying profiles which may need merging. Friendly reminder that Jane determines potential duplicate profiles based on the patient’s name, birthday, and/or personal health number (PHN). This report may not recognize that they are duplicate profiles if there is a different Preferred Name on one of the profiles.

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