Electronic Charting, Forms, & Surveys

Simplify your medical documentation with Jane. Easily and securely capture, collect, and store patient or client information.

Optimize your charting with time-saving features

Speed up your patient charting with helpful features like Phrases, Smart Options & Narratives, Dictation, and more

  • Use our Phrases feature to save time typing out your most commonly used sentences by using a hotkey to auto-populate them instead
  • Instantly transform a shortcut into entire sentences, paragraphs, or lists with our Smart Options and Narrative feature
  • Enable a dictation key on your device and effortlessly dictate your patient chart entries instead of typing them out
  • Duplicate your previous patient chart entries to avoid starting from scratch, or Pin them to the top of your patient’s chart for easy reference
patient charting features

Customizable templates for every specialty and need

Don’t want to start from scratch? Access a fully-stocked library of searchable templates for every specialty, discipline, and need — all generously created and shared by the Jane community.

  • Save time by pulling a template already created by other practitioners in your field and customize it further using a variety of charting tools
  • Use Templates across different forms in Jane, such as your Intake Form questionnaire and Outcome Measure Surveys
  • Share your own templates with your colleagues in your practice, or to the Template Library to use at other Jane clinics
chart template library

Navigate your practice data with ease and precision

Navigating through your practice's data has never been easier. Jane ensures your data is organized so that you can find what you need with a few simple clicks.

  • Filter your patient notes by date, practitioner, discipline, status, and more
  • Patient notes can be searched by keyword to help you easily find the information you need
  • Export patient notes as PDFs for medical record requests or for practitioners who move to a different practice
medical documentation navigation
After having done paper charting and issuing paper receipts for 30 years, I didn't think I needed Jane, but now that I've been using this system for over 4 years, I can't live without it! Jane is always providing updates based on the needs of users. Most of the clinics I know use Jane and everybody loves it!

Lynn|Solo Practitioner|Reviewed on Capterra

Enhance patient records with photos and videos

Adding photos to your patients’ notes is an intuitive way to document and track their care. It’s as easy as snapping a photo or video, dragging it into a patient’s note, and… voila!

  • To maintain your patients’ privacy and discretion, photos and videos captured through a patient note won’t save to your device
  • Use photos or videos to track a patient’s progress between appointments in greater detail
  • Record a patient’s range of motion or response during neurological exams
adding photos and videos to patient’s records

Reduce admin time with automated intake forms

Swap administrative hours for better patient care. With automated Intake Forms, you can collect patient information before they set foot in your office.

  • Integrate filling out Intake Forms into your patients’ booking workflow by setting your forms to automatically prompt patients at the time of booking (or send it manually)
  • Capture your patients’ consent to treatment ahead of time
  • Reduce no-shows by capturing credit card information directly from your Intake Form using our PCI-compliant payment solution, Jane Payments
  • Speed up the check-out process by collecting insurance information in advance
online intake forms

Track patient progress with outcome measure surveys

Build and send Outcome Measure Surveys to evaluate and monitor patient progress and gain insights into how you can provide better care

  • Set up Surveys practice-wide or for individual patients
  • Send automated questionnaires before the appointment to collect patients' subjective assessments
  • Schedule an automated follow-up to check in on the results of your appointment
outcome measure surveys

Track patient progress and care plans at a glance

Track where patients are in their course of care and have essential patient progress details at a glance

  • Visualize your patient’s progress by tracking the start and end of a patient’s problem and monitor attendance with an appointment counter
  • Organize your chart notes, patient forms, and outcome measure surveys to a primary diagnosis, using built-in ICD-10 codes
  • Collaborate quickly and clearly with other providers in your clinic by creating separate plans to share insight into patient progress
tracking patient’s progress

Sync up your billing workflows 🇺🇸

Simplify your insurance billing workflow by adding CPT/Diagnosis codes to your patient notes and your appointments simultaneously

  • Sync billing codes between your patient notes and claims with just a couple of clicks
  • Use hotkeys to quickly populate a specific code or access your entire code list
  • Reorder your codes, adjust the number of units, and select the codes you want to include in the appointment — all from the patient’s note
syncing up billing workflows

Maintain privacy & security

All medical files are protected by your secure Jane login and can only be seen by the staff members you authorize

  • Practice records are only stored on local servers, which is is essential to ensure your practice is acting in accordance with your local privacy legislation
  • A file can be made private, visible to select practitioners only, or open to the whole practice
  • Privacy settings are flexible and can be set according to your business's standards
protected medical documentation

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