Maybe you'd be a great addition to Jane's team.

Jane Team

We're building a great product and a great team

Jane is a home-grown, profitable startup.

This means we’ve been growing a real business out of our own revenue for over 7 years now. We have the luxury and security of not having a zero-cash date like some venture-backed companies.

Jane is led by a product-person and a customer-person.

This means the two main teams at Jane (the devs and the customer support team) are both led by doers that understand the job. We don’t have any suits here. We don’t even have a sales team. We’re building a really good product that is selling fast because people love it.

We Love Jane.

Loving Jane is about loving the product, the customers, and the company. We've written a Jane Values document that gives you a more detailed look at what it takes to succeed at Jane. Please read it over to see if it feels right for you!

We provide our customers amazing support.

We grow the same way our clients do: by providing a superior service that people recommend to their friends. The Support positions at Jane involve handling phone and email correspondence from either current or interested users, running online demos by request, and possibly attending some conferences.

Jane’s dev team gets a lot of autonomy.

Our devs get to really own the projects they’re working on from beginning to end and beyond. Each team gets to participate in setting key goals that they believe will help our customers succeed. Then, they look at the best ways to bring those goals to life and use strong agile practices to iterate quickly towards them. We’re focusing a lot on code quality and getting to nerd out on exploring the best possible ways to build things. At the same time, we’re moving fast, releasing updates daily, and being really responsive to what we’re hearing from our users.

Jane’s road map is exciting.

Well, we think so. We have some interesting and challenging projects on the go, including our own (J)analytics platform, marketplaces, global insurance integrations, enhancing our telehealth experience, and introducing features like secure HIPAA compliant chat. And, of course, security as a whole across Jane. Not to mention the fascinating journey of scaling our team and processes.

A remote-first, Canadian company

Born and raised in North Vancouver, we’ve spread our wings and grown across the country (and the world!). While we’ve kept our office that overlooks the North Shore mountains and the Pacific Ocean, we are committed to providing an excellent hybrid work environment for our entire team.

Being remote-first means you can live and work from anywhere across Canada. Want to spend your winters on the slopes and summers in cottage country? Go for it! We can’t wait to see pictures of your adventures.

Despite being physically apart, we’ve maintained a close-knit, supportive team through virtual and in-person events, company-wide challenges, and lots of fun slack channels. We even have a role on our People team dedicated to building connection and delighting our team members!