Staff & Admin Scheduling

Your home base for all of your scheduling needs. Manage your staff members' shifts and keep tabs on your appointments through a comprehensive practice Schedule — available with a click from anywhere in Jane.

Streamlined admin workflows

Whether you’re doing it all yourself or have a busy front desk team, Jane can lend a helping hand with administrative work

  • Book an appointment in just four clicks and create an invoice in just two
  • Know at a glance if an appointment is online or in person, when your patient or client has arrived, and when payment is collected
  • Highlight available time slots in your schedule with our Magnifying Glass feature, making it easy to see your availability
  • Search patients quickly by preferred name, phone number, email, and more

Smart, real-time Wait Lists

Jane’s Wait List management features will help you keep your schedule full and see your patients sooner

  • Patients, practitioners, and admin staff can create Wait List requests — tailored to the patient’s availability
  • Wait List cues provide a visual signal to anyone viewing the Schedule that a new spot has opened up
  • Wait listed patients can be notified of openings that match their preferences with a single click or, if enabled, Jane can send automatic notifications on your behalf
  • Patients can choose to receive Wait List Notifications through SMS, email, or both!

Manage classes & group appointments

Jane goes beyond the traditional 1:1 treatment (but is great for those, too). Offer classes or appointments for couples and families — and manage everything from one convenient schedule.

  • Customize your online booking site so patients can easily book a class, or a 1:1 or group session
  • Set the number of participants you want to include in each Class booking, and connect to your Wait List when you fill up
  • Offer 1:1 sessions online with 1:1 Online Appointments included in all Jane accounts
  • Host sessions for families, couples, and related individuals in person or online with Online Appointments for Groups — which can be added to any Jane plan
Jane has already greatly exceeded my expectations! I love that everything I wanted (and more!) is integrated all into one platform. The booking, scheduling, intake forms, telehealth, HIPAA compliance, and appointment reminders all in one!

Kimberley|RN-BSN/Business Owner|Reviewed on Capterra

Staff & location management

More staff and more locations won’t mean growing pains with Jane. Quite the opposite, in fact! You can easily add additional staff members and locations to Jane and manage everything from one view.

  • Adjust your staff members’ permission levels to ensure the right amount of access to patient information from your schedule
  • Protect your team’s downtime with easily identifiable scheduled breaks
  • Jump between location schedules with a click to stay on top of busy practice needs
  • Create weekly shift schedules for multiple practitioners, and make effortless updates with Jane’s Manage Shifts feature

Stay on top of patient details

Key patient information is visible right from the schedule — allowing you to view the details you need, when you need them

  • See if a patient has past no-shows or an outstanding balance on their account (and whether they have a credit card saved on file so that you can charge them for it)
  • View your patient’s last visit to plan for when to schedule their next appointment
  • Add internal notes to an appointment that can carry over to following appointments

Keyboard shortcuts for speedier work

Navigate Jane like a pro with these magical little keyboard shortcuts that help speed up your workflows

  • Pull up things like the Wait List or your Tasks from any screen with a few keystrokes
  • Use Jane’s Privacy Mode shortcut, which will obfuscate the names on your schedule and in your patient list
  • Shortcuts are ideal for zooming in and out of documents, making them even easier to read

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