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We take pride in helping the helpers.

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by!

We've been working hard over the last several years to put together our dream team to ensure exceptional customer support and an unparalleled product that is known, trusted, and genuinely helpful. At the core of everything we do, we are here to help the helpers and to create a thriving community.

We wrote this page to share our #Mission, our #Vision, and our #Values. And although they haven't changed since the beginning of Jane, we thought that writing them down might be helpful so that you can get to know Jane just a little bit better. We think Jane is pretty great, and we think you will too.

Thanks for reading, and as always, let us know what you think! If you’d like to learn more about Jane’s origins, you can read all about that here:

Our Story.

Jane Mosaic

Our Mission

Helping the Helpers.

We are here to help the helpers. We are one of the few allies to allied health practitioners in the health care space. We want what is best for them and their small businesses as they provide care to their communities.

Our Vision

More Happier Helpers.

To create a thriving community of health care professionals who are succeeding in their businesses and providing engaging care to their patients, in which Jane is a delightful, powerful and integral member of every one of their teams.

Our Values

Value #1

Love Jane.

"Love" is very often interpreted as a feeling, but we believe love is 1/4 a feeling and 3/4 a practice. Love at Jane means respect, support, commitment, hope, attention, empathy, inclusion, passion, and action.

Love Jane: Jane the Product(s)

We take pride in building the most delightful Products and Services out there for our Customer Community. If you can't say you're proud of Jane and believe that Jane is the best choice for our customers, then we haven't met the quality bar of Delight that we've set for ourselves.

We strive to design and build Jane to be the most helpful possible experience for our customers, and we believe that we should be able to authentically recommend Jane and all of Jane's products and services as the best solutions out there. #delight

Value: Love Jane
Value: Love Customers

Love Jane: Jane Customers

Jane customers are a lovely community. They spend their days working with their clients/patients and Jane. And their time in Jane is often doing the parts of their jobs that they find the most challenging and unenjoyable. They’re growing patiently along with us as we constantly release new features (and the occasional bug) and develop as fast as we possibly can. Our strong support focus provides more than just answers. We give our customer community a group of cheerleaders as they run their small business practices out in the world.

This is the heart of our company mission: to help the helpers.

Our love for Jane’s customers means we never oversell, we care about the user experience, and we build a product that actually meets their needs.

It also means being curious. Always asking the why. Getting to the true heart of the question. Loving our customers means digging deep into their needs and solving for their actual problem. #askthewhy #alwayscurious

Jane really does have the best customers in our space. They are forward-thinking, adventurous, kind, and patient. They’re our why. Being a member of their practices is a privilege we take to heart as they are out there caring for their communities, and we strive to be the best employee they’ve ever had. #janecommunity

Value: Love People

Love Jane: Jane People

We’ve got each other’s backs.

Jane is a group project, and everyone on the team is contributing to our success. We are intentional about creating an inclusive supportive culture - one that we build together and for which every individual person at Jane is responsible. When you join Jane, we become a different company than we were the day before. We work together towards a common goal, and that means we support each other. The culture is one of collaboration, growth, and accountability, but not one of blame or finger-pointing. Our successes and missteps belong to us all as a team. #loveeachother

Everyone has a voice.

We want to build a team of more happier employees. We strive to keep everyone in the loop and involve the right voices in our decision-making across roles and departments. We collaborate early and work out loud - often cross-functionally. It’s important to us to keep our leaders, teams, and customers informed. We share the why behind decisions and include people in the planning. #openslackchannels

We work to assume good intent.

We assume the best intent from our leaders, managers, colleagues, and team. We understand that many of us are stretching into work we haven’t done before. We understand that literally everything could be made better (ourselves included). Assuming the best in people helps us have a supportive and productive workplace. #assumegoodness #growthmindset

Value: Love the Company

Love Jane: Jane the Company

We don’t need to be like everyone else in the tech world. We are trying to solve problems by doing what feels right for Jane. We say it’s like sailing a boat, where you stick with the course until the wind shifts, then adjust the sails.

This means things are changing - constantly and quickly. We never want “because it’s always been done this way” or “because so-and-so said so” or “it’s the Jane way” to be a reason behind a process, and we’re always asking “how do we get there from here?” In that question lies an innate curiosity and openness to fresh ideas and different perspectives, especially those stemming from diverse experiences and abilities. We recognize that there is always more to do, new ways we could do it, and that where we are today is not the final answer! #alwayscurious #notdoneyet #askthewhy

We are not sitting still, but looking to grow and learn continuously. What a role looks like at Jane could be a bit ambiguous as we change quickly over time. Everyone needs to be comfortable with a bit of unknown, trying new things, and figuring it out as we go. #seejanegrow #trynewthings

Jane as a Company is the vehicle through which we can delight our customers and team. Committing to Jane’s health ensures a successful future - which in turn allows us to continue to serve our customers. #companyhealth 🩵

And Loving the Company means committing to building a workplace you want to be a part of by upholding these values and championing them in your decisions, behaviours, and interactions. We are all authors of the future of Jane, and that’s both powerful and exciting.

Value #2

Work Hard.

Our vision is to create a worldwide community of thriving allied healthcare practices. It’s a vision of growth. It’s a vision of actually making our customer’s lives better. And it’s a vision where we get to be part of improving people’s health and wellness.

Our performance bar at Jane is “Delight” - which is a very high and constantly evolving measuring stick. The gap between “Satisfactory" and “Delightful” takes exceptional effort to conquer, especially when “Good” is such a tempting finish line, and when what is delightful today declines over time.

We are relentlessly pursuing delight as a metric. We all need to be committed to the effort needed to hold ourselves to a higher standard: creating delighted customers and a delighted team #alwaysbechasingdelight (#abcd)

With this vision of growth, plan for expansion, and bar of ongoing delight, everyone plays a crucial part in the running of Jane. When you love Jane, love the Customers, love the People, and love the Company, that naturally translates into a desire to contribute to the goal of improving Jane and bringing Jane to more of the world.

And Scale Ups move fast! The startup world is not the best fit for everyone - to be successful at Jane you should appreciate a rapid pace at work. A work day filled with idleness and boredom should sound awful to you.

But “working hard” only works if we are all working on the right things - which means we are putting in effort that is aligned with our company goals and aligned with our individual abilities and talents. We hope that everything we do at Jane is providing added value to our Customers, our Team, and our Company - we want to see everyone thriving together. We strive to communicate the why behind the work we're all doing and that we’re all empowered to create an impact in our day-to-day roles. #rowingtogether🚣‍♀️ #effortcountstwice #thrivingtogether

Working hard at Jane, however, does not mean working long. We value a dedicated workday of effort - but just as we are building a real sustainable business, we hope we can all have real sustainable careers at Jane and a real sustainable life. #worklifeharmony 🚲💕🌻💻

Work hard because it shows self-respect, work hard because it shows respect for your team, work hard because it shows respect for Jane. Work hard to create delight! #impact

Value: Work Hard
Value: Have Fun

Value #3

Have Fun.

Enjoy your job, be curious, bring enthusiasm.

While we consider this a value, we also recognize that it’s also not something that can be given as a task. Like telling someone to smile does not make them feel happy.

Trevor and Alison often ask each other “still having fun?” Because if not, they need to change something. Our goal at Jane is that everyone feels as much joy in their career as we do. Your job should be a fulfilling part of your life. You spend too much of your life here not to enjoy yourself :)

“Have Fun” is a litmus test for the health of Jane as a company and is an early indicator of problems for you as a team member and/or us as a company.

Stressed because of high volume or cranky customers? Bored in your role? Feeling under appreciated? Dealing with process friction? If you’re not having fun there’s a problem somewhere and we need to fix it.

And fun comes when we’re all thriving together. When you’re feeling successful in your role, know how your work is connected to delighting our customers and team, and understand how you can grow in your career at Jane, work feels fun! #morehappieremployees

And when we’re having fun together it’s a lot easier to Love Jane and Work Hard, creating a really magical Values loop. We are motivated by Love Jane to put in effort with Work Hard and then celebrate the success of that together here at Have Fun.

We also just like to have….fun. Our team is filled with fantastic people, and slack channels often have us laughing out loud. Or LOL as the cool kids used to say.

(I’m updating this in Feb 2024, so the cool kids are actually now saying “ijbol”)


Let’s Gooooooooo 😉


Alison & Trevor

On Behalf of Jane