Our Story

Co-founded by Alison, an owner of a multi-disciplinary clinic, and Trevor, a developer with an obsessive eye for design, Jane is both beautiful to use and very intentionally focussed on the needs and workflows of a hard working private practice.   Today, Jane is proud to have an ever growing team of passionate developers and customer support reps that champion Jane both locally and internationally.

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Jane’s Origins

But let’s back up to the beginning. Jane’s story begins in 2011, when Alison was opening a multi-disciplinary clinic (Canopy Integrated Health) in North Vancouver, BC.  As a brand new practice, Alison knew that online booking would be necessary in helping to build out caseload, and electronic charting/note taking would free up space for treatment rooms.  Canopy opened with, and continues to offer, a diverse range of practitioners including Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Counsellors, Dieticians, Midwives and more, and so Alison knew that any software solution would need to accommodate these many different disciplines and styles of practice.    

The search for software began…. but she was unsuccessful in finding a good match.    

At the time, Alison was working with Trevor and his Marketing Agency (Thoughtshop) to brand Canopy and build and launch her website.   Trevor heard Alison’s (loud and frequent) complaints about the available software options - they were ugly, inflexible for her different disciplines, didn’t respect her brand, and just weren’t good enough!  So he offered to build her something.   

6 weeks later, Canopy had a beautiful, flexible, real time online booking tool running on a server within the clinic and connected to the website - and it offered flexible electronic charting/note taking too.  

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Jane is Born

Canopy used this early version of the software for a year, during which time both Alison and Trevor were being contacted by other clinic owners asking about what Canopy was using and where they could find it.   

So in 2012, Alison and Trevor decide to build the software  out into a fully licensable product that other practices could use too. Jane team march 2017

Jane spent just over a year in further development - as we added a full billing component including insurance integrations and tracking systems.  During this time Jane was being used by half a dozen very ambitious and very forgiving early adopters, who patiently reported on where things could improve (thanks guys!).

In 2014 Jane was ready to launch and officially became available to practitioners everywhere.  Jane took off, fuelled by rapid word of mouth referrals that resulted in a quick expansion across North America (again - thanks guys!).  

Jane Grows Up

Today Jane remains focussed on the specific needs of solo and small practices in the complementary health fields and is being used in more than a dozen countries by over 12 000 practitioners in a variety of different disciplines.    Still based in North Vancouver, we develop and support Jane entirely in house through an ever expanding team.    Alison continues to lead the Customer Experience, while Trevor leads the Product Development and together they manage Jane as a company.  We’re still having a lot of fun and looking forward to continued growth both product and people.   

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