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Welcome to Jane’s Ambassador Program!

Whether you’re growing your community, scaling your business, or coaching health and wellness practitioners in your space, there’s one thing that’s certain. You 🤍 Jane. Jane’s Ambassador program was created to invite you, our biggest supporters, into our story in an official way and support you in your journey, too.

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What is Jane’s Ambassador Program?

Jane’s Ambassador Program is a space for our biggest supporters to come together, have a say in Jane’s story, and benefit mutually by creating thriving communities.

Ambassador Program: supporting you

We’re here to support you

We're committed to helping you accomplish big goals. Running a workshop? Creating a podcast? Seeing a gap in Jane’s roadmap that is instrumental to your business? Let’s support one another!

Ambassador Program: Help shape Jane’s newest features

Help shape Jane’s newest features

Ambassadors will receive an exclusive invitation to collaborate with Jane's Product Team. With your insights, we'll be able to create a newer, better version of Jane together.

Ambassador Program: spreading Jane Love

Spread the Jane Love

Use your knowledge to champion Jane across your community. Humblebrag by showing off your shiny Ambassador badge.

“I've been partnering up with the Jane team for over a year, and we have a love-love relationship. I'm so excited this program is starting and thrilled to be part of it!”

Kendall Hagensen,

Somatic Mental Health Therapist, Vancouver, WA

Meet Jane’s Ambassadors

What it means to be a Jane Ambassador

Jane Ambassadors are:

Highly engaged members of the Jane Community Forum

Eager to support fellow practitioners and share their knowledge

Happy to spread their love for Jane by showing others how Jane can help them help their clients

Ready to share feedback on how Jane can be better

Ambassadors receive special access to:

Hearing about Jane's newest feature releases and Beta Testing opportunities

A private ambassador community. Connect directly with the Jane Team and fellow ambassadors

Co-marketing opportunities with Jane. Loud and proud, we want to recognize you for everything you do in your community

Exclusive ambassador swag. Yeah, you heard that right. Swag that only Ambassadors can get their hands on

Nice to meet you!

Oh hey! Thanks for stopping by to learn about our Ambassador program. I’m Kristin, and I guess you could say I’m the face behind the program. I’ve always had a genuine passion for forging trusted connections with others, and I use that passion to fuel my work here at Jane.

In a previous life, I worked the front desk at a multi-disciplinary clinic. Acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, nutrition, podiatry, you name it — we were one big ol’ happy family. Although I was a hero at billing in record time and filing charts (yes, we used paper), my admin superpowers aren’t what kept me there. The deep relationships I had with our practitioners are what did. 💙

Fast forward to today, I’m incredibly grateful to combine my passion for relationship building with a company I love. It’s you, the helpers, who inspire us to grow every day. You are our foundation, the reason for our success, and the path to our future. That’s enough about me though! I’m so excited to watch Jane’s Ambassador community grow and get to know each and every one of you.

How do I become a Jane Ambassador?

Our team reviews our community for potential ambassadors every few months and extends invitations via email based on capacity. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to chat though! If you have questions or would like to learn more, let’s chat!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jane Ambassador Program?

Jane’s Ambassador program is all about connecting you with like-minded community members, providing exclusive Jane perks, and supporting you along your journey. We want to continue to build Jane with you because we know that your stories and feedback will help us be the best we can be.

How do I become a Jane Ambassador?

Jane’s Ambassador program is currently by invitation. You’ll receive an email from a member of our ambassador team letting you know the exciting news! Curious about becoming a Jane Ambassador? You can always contact us to learn more.

What are the Ambassador program requirements?

Jane Ambassadors are passionate users and active members of our community. They are highly engaged members in our online Community Forum, supporting practitioners and sharing their knowledge. They carry that with them outside of the forum by spreading Jane love and showing others how Jane can help them help their clients.

How long is the commitment?

Ambassadorship lasts for one year, at which point it may be renewed.

Do you offer compensation to your Ambassadors?

Participation in Jane’s Ambassador program is voluntary. While we don’t offer direct financial compensation, there may be opportunities for Jane to sponsor an event or workshop you’re putting on. Let us know what you have coming up, and we’ll see how we can support you!

What if I don’t want to be an Ambassador anymore?

We understand that you might be running a practice or working on other projects and that you may not have time to be an ambassador anymore. If at any point you no longer want to participate, please let us know. No hard feelings!

Do I need to be a Jane user to be an Ambassador?

Great question — yes! To qualify as a Jane Ambassador you do also need to be a Jane user (or alumni user) in the case you’re full-time coaching now.
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If you’re curious to learn more about Jane’s Ambassador Program, or you’d like to be considered, we’d love to meet you and hear your story.

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