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🎥 On Demand Webinar: Private Practice Marketing 101 with Kayla Das

Hello Jane Community, Jack here from the Jane Community Team. 👋

I’m here today to share the recording from our workshop, Private Practice Marketing 101 with Kayla Das. We had over 3000 participants registered and loved seeing so many of you tune in live!

Thanks to everyone who attended and was active in the chat and engaging throughout the session. You can continue the conversations in our community group on Facebook. There are already a few threads from topics from the workshop that you can jump into here and here - or start a new thread to chat about anything from the workshop that inspired you!

If you couldn’t make it live, not to worry. We’ve got the recording for you here, so sit back and listen to Kayla as she shares her top three ways for increasing your client caseload.

Who is this workshop for?

💙 This workshop is perfect for those that have an interest in learning how to market their practice, learning about how clients find their practitioners, and how they can increase their client caseload.

I’ve collected below some info on this engaging session, our host and some of the materials she shared with the class. 🙂 

Use the links below to jump to a few of the things we wanted to highlight for you from this workshop.

💡 About the Session
👋. Meet our Host
🎞. Kayla’s Slides
📖. Keep learning with Kayla’s free guide
🖥. Jane and Clinic Sites website builder

💡 About the Session

To stand out you need to catch your ideal client’s attention with an initial powerful statement that creates enough curiosity to make them stop scrolling and reach out to you.

The old adage build it and they will come is no longer true. Your initial statement should be something that your ideal client connects with. Creating curiosity **and connection is key to attracting clients, increasing income without appearing ‘salesy’ or inauthentic.

Kayla has often heard practice growth being likened to seasons, with many ebbs and flows throughout the year. However, she is excited to talk about building strong foundations in marketing so that your practice can continue to bear fruit long after the seasons have changed.

Kayla Das of Evaspare Inc. joined Jane to share info on:

➡️ Marketing your practice
➡️ How clients find you
➡️ Ways to increase your caseload
➡️ Answers to community questions⁠

👋 Meet Kayla

Kayla Das is a social worker and business & marketing coach for therapists. Kayla loves the world of business. Her passion is helping therapists create private practices that, in their design, are value, vision and aspiration-focused. Kayla works with therapists to create strong private practice foundations based on the values of developing authentic marketing strategies that generate profits while also establishing business systems and processes designed for practice sustainability. Kayla lives with her husband and two pups, Larry and Marshall (who are often heard in the background of her meetings) in Alberta, Canada.

🎞 Kayla’s Slide Deck

Get Kayla’s session slides here.

📖 Kayla’s Free Guide

In this guide, Kayla gives you the 5 essential elements to include in your therapist directory profile so your prospective clients not only click on your profile but take the next logical step to contact you.

Get the guide here.

🖥 Jane and Clinic Sites website builder

We saw a few comments from people mentioning they were not quite sure where to begin when it comes to building their own website. As Ali mentioned during the session, we have an integration with Clinic Sites to help you get up and running with a new website in no time!

With Clinic Sites, you can set up a website in just a few minutes. Aside from the ease of set-up– you will no longer have to worry about making updates, as Clinic Sites syncs with your Jane account. This includes your Logo, Brand Colours, Location Info, Services and Service Description, Staff Pictures & Bios and the “Schedule an Appointment” link to your Jane booking page.

Interested in working with Clinic Sites? Checkout our handy guide on Getting Started with Clinic Sites.

Additional resources from Kayla Das

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