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Webinar: Adding Telehealth To Your Practice

March 29, 2020

The video from our Adding Telehealth To Your Practice webinar is now live!

On Friday, March 27 we hosted a special webinar on how you can successfully transition your practice to providing telehealth services hosted by Alison Taylor, Jane co-founder, and featuring Natasha Wilch, longtime Jane community member, and seasoned telehealth practitioner.

Webinar: Jane Telehealth March 27 2020 from Jane Clinic Management on Vimeo.

During the webinar, Alison and Natasha covered:⁠ ⁠

  • Natasha’s story as both a clinic owner and practitioner⁠
  • Insights on how Natasha built and grew a telehealth practice⁠
  • Tips and tricks on how you can start using telehealth in your practice⁠
  • Common questions on working as a telehealth practitioner⁠
  • Using Jane for telehealth including Jane’s new Online Appointments⁠

We also have a number of other resources available to help you learn how to use Online Appointments:

Natasha has also added her telehealth forms to the template library so people can access those from within Jane. To access her forms, load the template library and search for her name Natasha Wilch to find her two templates: Telehealth Intake Form and Telehealth SOAP Note.

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