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Jane's June Newsletter

June 28, 2022

Hey Jane community,

We’re writing to you from a (finally!) warm and sunny North Vancouver. 🇨🇦 We hope that, wherever you are in the world, the sun is shining and you’re feeling a little brighter for it.

Despite the nicer weather, there won’t be too many lazy summer days ahead for the Jane team. We’re working on a bunch of helpful features, and we can’t wait to get them in your hands as soon as possible.

Speaking of helpful features, let’s take a look at what’s new in Jane this month:

(1) Accept Tips with the Jane Payments Terminal

We know that asking a client if they’d like to tip after a treatment can be, well, a little awkward. That’s why we’re so glad that you can now set up your Jane Payments Terminal to prompt your clients for you!

You can even set some standard tip amounts (ex. 10%, 12%, 15%) along with the options to add a custom tip or skip it altogether. And if it doesn’t feel quite right to be asking a certain client for a tip, you can turn the tip prompt off at checkout with a single click. We hope this helps you make a little extra money (without the uncomfortable interactions). 💸

(2) Better Client Statements

If you’re someone who works with client Statements in Jane, this one might make you go, “ooh!” and maybe even, “ahh!”. These small but mighty updates will be great for everyone, but we hope they’re especially helpful for our friends in the U.S. who deal with insurance.

  • ☝️ We moved the Summary to the top so you and your clients can see the most important info at-a-glance
  • 🙅‍♀️ We added the option to Exclude Insurance Details to help protect your client’s privacy and keep statements a little shorter
  • 📫 We also included a Print (Mail) option so your client’s mailing address will fit within the window of a #10 envelope when folded

While we’re so happy to be able to make these changes for you, we’re still looking at how we can make Statements in Jane even more helpful. If you have any feedback for us, we would love to hear it!

Learn more about Statements in Jane >

Honourable Mentions:

  • 🇨🇦 TELUS eClaims: You’re now able to submit Equitable Life of Canada claims directly through Jane’s TELUS eClaims integration!
  • Jane’s Bursary Program: Did you know that we award an ongoing free or discounted Jane subscription to an eligible organization every month? We’re so honoured to be a small part of some really incredible stories. Learn more about our bursary program and some of its amazing recipients. 💙
  • Intake Forms: We’ve fixed up an issue where Intake Forms that still need to be completed weren’t appearing in clients’ My Account. Now, your clients should be able to log in and see their pending Intake Forms (and hopefully complete them 😉).
  • Chart Entries: We’ve added a new Filter option that allows you to sort a client’s Chart Entries by newest first or oldest first! Then, if you go to Export the chart, it will print or create a PDF in the order you’ve chosen.

Want to see what else is new? Check out our Changelog.

Those are the big updates for this month, folks! Let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or fun summer plans. We really do love hearing from you.

Chat soon, Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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