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New in Jane: Manage Shifts & More!

June 23, 2021

Hey Jane Community,

We wanted to make creating shifts easier and faster for you.

That’s why we built a new tool we’re calling Manage Shifts.

With this tool, you can conveniently create multiple shifts, for multiple staff members across a time frame that you’ve chosen— all in one place. 💪

Let’s take a look!

Learn how to use the new Manage Shifts tool:

But wait! There’s more…

We’ve snuck in a few extra features that we think deserve an honourable mention:

  • Formatting is now available for your charts! Bold, italicize, underline, create bulleted or numbered lists, and add important links. You can learn more here** provides you with a standalone report to review all of the applied payment activity for a particular period, presented in a similar fashion to the Sales Report.
  • Phrases are available on mobile devices and tablets.
  • We had the pleasure of appearing on a Jane + Fullscript Webinar where we chatted about a few ways we can automate our practice using Fullscript and Jane. You can check out the recording by visiting Fullscript’s Youtube Channel.
  • While we’re on the subject, have you registered for either of Jane’s upcoming webinars? Topics include Client Retention and Building a Multidisciplinary Practice. Check out the details and register here!

And as always, let us know your thoughts! Our email is [email protected] or join the conversation in our community group on Facebook! We love hearing from you.

The Jane Team 💙

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