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August Feature Releases: Family Profiles, Preferred Names, Credit Card Labelling and More

August 13, 2019

Hello Jane Community,

Hope you’re having a great summer. We have a few exciting new features to introduce you to today. We’ve been growing our team substantially this year and these are just a few of the many projects that are in development right now. We have some fantastic momentum building on our development team and we can’t wait to share all the new things with you.

So, here’s today’s release. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the changes!

Family Profiles

We’re excited to let you know that Jane’s online booking now allows your clients to sign up, book and pay for family members’ treatments!

We’ve taken Jane’s Relationships system and added a few new features: - One person/profile can now book online for multiple family members - Families can pay with one credit card that is stored across profiles - Intake forms for all people/profiles can be accessed from one single account

For your clients who have been juggling multiple usernames and passwords to book for their family members: they can now have their whole family in one place, and manage all appointments and payments from one central profile (their own).

Read more about how Family Profiles work in the Jane Guide here.

Jane will include both names on charts, and will use the preferred name on everything except for financial documents like receipts, invoices and insurance documents.

Read more about Preferred Names in the Jane Guide here.

Credit Card Labelling

As part of Family Profiles, you can now nickname credit cards to help differentiate between the various cards your clients may have on file. You can even choose a colour!

If you’re using Jane Payments, look for the new Nickname field when viewing or adding a credit card.

Read more about Credit Card Labelling in the Jane Guide here.

Honourable Mentions

  • New Charting Experience - We’ve been working on a complete rewrite of Jane’s charting interface for the past year, and it’s ready for some tire kicking! If you’re interested in trying out the new version, let us know here.
  • Client Information on Invoices & Receipts - You can now choose what fields from your client’s profile will be included on invoices, receipts and statements. All configurable through the Language area. Read more in the guide here
  • Did you hear about Jane from an existing Jane customer? We want to thank everyone that’s been referring peers to join Jane. If you have full access privileges, let us know who referred you to Jane by heading to Settings -> Jane Subscription.

As always, let us know your thoughts! We love hearing from you.

The Jane Team

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