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Introducing Front Desk Magazine

February 14, 2023

When was the last time you got mail you were excited to open and read? (hint: not a bill?)

Well, you’re in luck! This Valentine’s Day, we decided to write you our version of a love letter! 💌  Introducing Front Desk magazine…a labour of love from the folks here at Jane, to the people who inspire us most: you!

We know running a clinic comes with a lot of work, regardless if you’re an owner, practitioner, or busy behind the front desk. The question is, when you’re so busy helping people, how do you find the time and resources to grow your business? To dream about your next step, or leap into something new?

Our mission with Front Desk is to help you open, run, and grow your practice — and most importantly, have fun while doing it. We hope you take equal parts delight and value from its pages.

Here’s what you can expect inside this issue ⬇️

  • ⭐ Marketing: Discover tips for building meaningful relationships and growing your customer base
  • ⭐ Operations: Learn how to set your practice up for success, from tech to finances
  • ⭐ Design: Find the inspiration you need to love the space you work in every single day

We have limited copies, so be sure to request one early for your best chance at snagging one. (You can also opt-in for updates on more content like this in the future.) 🙂

Once requested, please be patient with us and allow a few weeks for it arrive in the mail.

Do you have feedback, a story idea, or want to chat with us about how to contribute? Write to us at [email protected].

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