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🇺🇸 It’s time to get acquainted with the new claim submission experience!

February 23, 2022

If you’re a U.S. clinic that bills insurance, you’ll notice that the claim submission folders in the Billing tab have a fresh new look and feel. ✨ The core functionality, like how you submit claims, hasn’t changed, but there are a few updates that we know will make managing your insurance claims so much smoother.

If you have a few spare minutes between submitting claims and reconciling payments, grab a seat and join Sophia from the Jane team as she walks you through what’s changed, or jump below to see what’s new! ⤵️

📍 Since this video was made, we received some feedback that folks were missing the at-a-glance ability to see if CPT & Diagnosis codes had been added to an appointment. So, we quickly got back to work and have now added one column for Procedure codes and one for Diagnosis codes. Thanks to everyone who reached out to let us know how we could be more helpful!

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • We introduced a new Claim Summary panel that shows you everything you need to know about a claim;
  • You’ll now be able to select your claims with a checkmark; and,
  • We moved the submission button for electronic claims to the bottom of the Draft and Unsubmitted folders. Yep, we got rid of those big 🍊 buttons up top.

📚 Additional Resources

The following guides aren’t new, but they’re here if you’d like a refresher on how to manage your claims in Jane:

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