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Jane’s Telehealth Feature will be Free Forever

July 01, 2020

Hello Everyone,

As we celebrate holidays in both Canada and the US to mark the unofficial start of summer, we’re sending out an update around Jane’s Online Appointments feature.

We’ve decided to offer Jane’s basic one-on-one version of Online Appointments free forever.

As many of you know, Jane launched Online Appointments (Telehealth) at the beginning of the COVID response period as a tool to help you transition your practice online. To date, we’ve seen over 605,000 appointments take place using Jane’s Online Appointment feature! Well done everyone.

We began by thinking that we would get started offering Online Appointments at no charge during the pandemic, but that it would be a paid add-on down the road, much in the same way that insurance features are only included for those of you for whom insurance billing is relevant. However….as per usual, our plans have evolved and adapted, and the way that we as a healthcare community continue to provide care to our patients has changed, perhaps permanently.

We would like to encourage the continued use and experimentation of telehealth in our community. We would like Jane’s Online Appointments feature to be the tool you use to do that. And we would like to honour the pricing under which you made the decision to start using Jane’s Online Appointments feature to begin with.

For all of these reasons, the version of Jane’s online appointments that you are now using will be included in all pricing plans, at no extra cost. 

We will be developing an advanced version of Online Appointments that includes group sessions, high-definition video, and some other more specialty features. The advanced version we will have a per practitioner fee. More details will be coming on this in the future.

But for now, carry-on! 

Whether you’re reaching your patients in-person or online, we hope Jane is a helpful part of your team.

And if you’d like to chat about how Online Appointments or In-Person care is going for you and your practice, we’d love to have you as part of Jane’s freshly launched Community Forum.

Come join the conversation at facebook.com/groups/janerunsclinics!

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