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Alternate Names for Jane

August 01, 2020

In a recent blog, we wrote about the agonizing, hair-pulling-out process that was finding the right name for Jane. The list of what that name couldn’t be was long: couldn’t be boring, already in use, confusing, hard to say, tricky to spell, unprofessional, ungoogleable, and on and on. And what it did have to be was an accurate reflection of using such a simple, well-designed program. Six months later, Jane was picked, and a collective sigh could be heard from miles around.

Just for kicks, though, let’s go through some of our thinking and a few of the names left on the cutting room floor:

Let’s try health-related one to hint at what this product is:
Clinic Sherpa (“Lighten the load of managing your clinic.”)
Bones (“The building blocks for a perfectly run clinic.”)
Treatmint (“A fresher, easier way to manage your clinic!”)
Socket (“Connect all your clinic’s moving parts.”)

Maybe we should convey that it’s easy? Pretty? Packed with features?
Snap (“Chart, book, schedule, invoice in a snap.”)
Ergo (“Clinic software that’s beautifully put together.”)
Chockablock (“Running a busy clinic has never been this easy.”)

How about a word that’s just fun to say?
Nu (“Better, all-nu ways to chart, book, schedule and invoice.”)
Sassafras (Tree bark that’s medicinal but, argghhhh…)
Palooka (But then we found out it meant “dumb” so…)

Then there this was:

Finally, we descended into creative delirium.

Thank goodness we found Jane. And, it would seem, you did too. High fives all around.

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