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Why The Name "Jane"?

Naming anything is a profoundly difficult exercise. Maybe you’ve experienced this if you’ve ever named a clinic, a newborn or an empty Chiquita banana box full of puppies, and felt that aching certainty that a cooler, more fitting name was out there…somewhere.

That’s how we felt naming Jane.

We didn’t expect that. See, the people behind Jane are clinic and software people but part of our company also focuses on marketing and branding other companies. We do naming and creative work for bike brands, local ski resorts and yummy coffee roasters, and, for exactly that reason, we thought naming our own product would be a breeze. A “start at lunch and be done by three” kind of thing.

Six months and 42 single-space pages of names later, we can all agree it did not go quickly or smoothly. But, in the end, we can also all agree that Jane couldn’t be named anything else. Here are some thoughts on why Jane’s name feels so right:

Simple in every way: Easy to spell, easy to say (when you’re answering phones many, many times a day) and easy for people to toss around in a clinic environment: “Hey, does Jane have that?” or “Jane has all my charts — Jane’s so supportive that way.” Etcetera.

Hooray for not having ‘clinic’ in the name: A quick scan of the competitors revealed some striking similarity in their names, from Cliniko to Clinic Master to Clinic Server. Sure, part of us understands why they’d want ‘clinic’ in the name. But we figured that marketing to clinics, in clinic settings, at clinic trade shows would make the point that, you know, Jane was a management program for clinics.

So friendly sounding: Alison, one of Jane’s founders, runs four integrated health clinics. With her in-clinic knowledge and our team’s field work, we discovered that practitioners and admin staff had…a tricky relationship with technology. It’s hard to really love something that can be cumbersome and confusing, which is why we leaned toward selecting a name that was welcoming and approachable. And, while any first name might have worked, we had a soft spot for the name Jane because of this lady right here:

Jane Thomas, who runs a clinic in the little mountain town of Squamish, BC, Canada, was our very first customer. She and her staff painstakingly beta-tested our system for almost a year and, in the process, provided us with loads of invaluable insights and encouragement. When it came time to picking a likeable name to brand our program, Jane seemed like a natural fit.

Jane. Right off the bat, it’s friendly — and we’re friendly. We’re helpful and easy to get to know, and so is Jane.

That last point is really important to our whole team. As we work hard to add new features, we want you to know that we’re working even harder to keep Jane super effortless to use. That means making the design even friendlier, getting you where you want to go with fewer clicks, and pushing Jane to make your job easier.

That way she’ll have personality, character and stamina every bit as awesome as her name.

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