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New in Jane: Memberships

December 07, 2021

Hey Jane Community, I’m Aurelia, and I’m on the Product Team here at Jane. My team is dedicated to improving Jane’s billing and reporting features.

Today, I’ve got some incredible news to share. We’ve just launched our new Membership management tool. 🥳  Our goal with this feature is to significantly reduce the amount of administrative time it takes to create memberships and collect payment from clients. Who doesn’t like a little extra time & cash flow during the holidays?

Create a membership administratively, then sit back & relax 💖

A quick note on the automatic setting:

The automatic setting for recurring payments is Jane Payments exclusive. If you’re unsure whether Jane Payments is the right fit for you and your practice, I’ve included a link for you here. You can set this up directly in your account under Settings > Jane Payments, but please let our support team know if you’d like any help with that!

Ready to get started? Learn how to use Memberships:

We often find that once we release a feature, as big as something like Memberships, there is an opportunity to elevate the feature to fit your needs (even more!). So, we’d love it if you’d send us an email at [email protected] to share your feedback as we continue planning 2022. 🙏 Or, join the conversation in our community group on Facebook.

Happy Holidays!

The Jane Team 💙

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