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Pay Online, Verify New Customers, and New Sign Up / Sign In

March 02, 2016

Hello Jane Family,

We’re excited to let you know about a few new features, and to announce that one of you won an iPad!

A big thank you to everyone who’s been part of the Jane Payments beta! Your feedback has been so valuable. As a thank you, Payfirma will be sending you a loaded VISA gift card in the next few weeks.

We’re excited to announce that Jordana from Deep Physio in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada has won the draw for a fancy new iPad Air 2, compliments of Payfirma! Congrats!

You’ll see below that we’ve now launched Jane’s online booking payments features! If you’re interested in storing customer cards on file, or having your customers pay online, you can sign up for Jane Payments here.

OK, now onto what’s new…

Online Booking Permissions

You can now control who has permission to book appointments in your online booking. You can configure this in a couple of ways:

  1. Only allow customers to book online if you’ve given them permission
  2. Allow everyone to book online except those who’ve had their permission revoked

You can learn more in the Jane Guide, or begin configuring your policy in Settings under Online Booking. Enjoy. Responsibly.

Online Booking - Pay When Booking

For those of you using Jane Payments, you can now have your customers pre-pay, or put a card on file when booking online. We’ve given you lots of great options for configuring how this will all work. You can choose to have your customers pre-pay the full amount, pay a deposit, or simply put a card on file.

You can also set a different policy for new customers who are booking their first appointment. So, you could allow existing customers to book without pre-paying, but require new customers to put a card on file. This would give you a way to potentially collect on the dreaded no-show by an unknown customer. Yep. That guy.

You can learn more in the Jane Guide, or begin configuring your policy in Settings under Online Booking.

Online Booking - Verify New Customers

If you want a little more assurance that people won’t abuse your online booking, you can now require your customers to verify that the email address or mobile phone number they have entered is real, and that they have access to it. Jane will simply send them an email or SMS message with a verification code that then allows them to complete their online booking. The industry calls it 2-Factor authentication. We call it no-jerks-allowed! You can flip this on in the Settings under Online Booking or read more in the Jane Guide.


Jane is now integrated with FOTO, Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes. FOTO is a patient assessment system that reports primary functional status measures for your patient. The Canadian Physiotherapy Association has selected FOTO as their outcomes system. If you are a FOTO user, you can now link your FOTO account to Jane, which allows you to set up new patients profiles in FOTO and retrieve reports from FOTO after your patients complete a survey.

You can link to your FOTO account in Settings under Integrations.

New Sign Up / Sign In

Usernames and passwords are such a bothersome part of our digital lives. We’ve revamped Jane’s sign in system to really simplify the process for your customers to sign in to their accounts. You and your customers can now sign in using either an email address, mobile phone number, or username. This will hopefully reduce the number of times that people have trouble signing in because they forgot their username.

Now, this is great for your customers, but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Jane has a snappy new page for staff to sign in as quickly as possible. The best way to use it is to sign in to Jane, and bookmark Jane once you’re signed in. This bookmark will sign you right back in if your session hasn’t expired yet, or give you a simple username / password page that will work great with any saved password systems that you may be using. Isn’t that nice?

Honourable Mentions:

  • Duplicate charts without opening them! We added a little dropdown menu on the right side of the collapsed chart previews. In there you’ll find an option to duplicate the chart entry. No more scrolling to the bottom of the chart to find that button!
  • If you’ve saved Jane to your Home Screen on an iOS device, you will no longer have to enter your password every. single. time. you. open. Jane. We’re very sorry that you were ever made to do that.
  • You can now un-delete intake forms. Just hit the Save & Unarchive button on a deleted intake form. Waaaay faster than calling us.
  • Same deal with charts. You can use the chart filter to display deleted chart entries (in the state dropdown), and there’s a button to Un-delete the chart entry.
  • We are working hard on some of Jane’s infrastructure to keep things running quickly. The last two weeks have not been the greatest two weeks in Jane’s performance history, but things are looking much much better. And that makes us happy.
  • We’re pleased to finally say that your monthly Jane subscription charges will now show up as “Jane Software” on your credit card statement.

Thanks everyone. We know some of you are eagerly anticipating some features that we did not just announce. But rest assured, we have a ton of great new things in the works, and we’re super excited to get them onto your screens. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready.

The Jane Team

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