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New in Jane - Tips, Switching & Swiping

February 10, 2016

Hello Jane Family,

We’re excited to let you know about a few new features, and to give you an update on the Jane Payments Beta.

Tips! (as in Gratuity)

Jane now has support for collecting and tracking tips. Combined with Jane Payments, you can enter a tip amount before receiving payment and charge the full amount plus tip to your customer’s card. Or you can simply use the system to track cash tips. The tips are reported on the Compensation report as well as a new Tips report listing all tips collected by location and staff member.

You can flip on Jane’s tips feature in Settings, under Billing Settings (the Full Access role is required to get here).

Quickly Sign In As Another Staff Member

If you have staff sharing a computer, we’ve added a quick way for you to switch which profile you’re logged in as. In the User Menu at the top right (the one with the currently signed in staff member’s photo and name), choose the “Sign in as…” option. Then select your profile and enter your password. Super quick!

We always like to remind everyone that it’s important that you’re always signed into Jane as yourself. This ensures that Jane is keeping accurate logs of who has made changes and who has accessed profiles and charts. This is especially important under the various applicable privacy legislation (HIPAA, FIPA, PIPA etc.) And each administrative staff member should have their own profile. So, don’t use Jane as someone else. Use Jane as yourself.

Swipe Your Cards

As part of Jane’s new payment features, we’ve added support for credit card swipers. On the payments screen, swipe a credit card on a USB card swiper, and Jane will detect the card and fill in the number and expiry info instantly. You will still need to type in the CVV code from the back of the card, as that’s just how credit cards work. We’ll be offering a nifty little Jane credit card swiper for everyone using Jane Payments in the coming months, but if you’re excited to start swiping now, they’re readily available online for around $25.

These little swipers can also be used to swipe gift cards. Here’s some info on ordering compatible gift cards for your clinic.

Jane Payments by Payfirma - Update

<img src="https://jane.app/system/dragonfly/production/2016/01/22/9hl1wgt7xg_blob)

We’re opening up more spots in the Jane Payments beta, which has been going great. If you sign up with Payfirma before the end of February, a few nice things will happen.

  1. You get a $50 VISA gift card
  2. As a thanks for being part of the beta, Payfirma is going to do a draw for a new iPad Air 2 (16 GB) at the end of the month. If you’ve signed up, you’re automatically entered in the draw.
  3. You get to start using Jane’s new payment features – storing customers cards on file, processing payments right in Jane, and very soon, allowing your customers to pay online.

Honourable Mentions:

  • The claims list on a patient profile now shows the total amounts billed, paid, and owing. Sorry we ever made you do the math manually!
  • Interested in tracking your online booking traffic? You can now add your Google Analytics tracking ID to your online booking pages. Check it out in Settings, then Social Media. Go SEO!
  • One of you cleverly suggested we display the number of reminders that are due on the Reminders button at the top of the schedule. So we did that.

Thanks everyone for being such lovely customers. Let us know what you think!

The Jane Team

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