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Switching EMRs: How to Overcome the 3 Most Common Uncertainties

November 24, 2023

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So, you’re thinking about switching to a new EMR, but you haven’t quite made the leap. That’s understandable — change is hard, and there’s probably a ton of things on your mind.

You’ll want to explore the import process, understand how the new system will impact your day-to-day operations, and strategize on the best way to train your team effectively (while addressing any potential resistance). Having everyone on the same page is key for a smooth transition!

Here are a few common considerations people have as they anticipate switching and what to look out for:

Uncertainty #1: Will switching to a new EMR disrupt our workflow and productivity?

Sometimes the idea of change can feel scarier than sticking with the imperfect system you already know. After all, you’ve mastered your current software — even with its occasional quirks.

Questions that might arise are how much time will it take to learn a new EMR, and how will your staff feel about making this transition? Will their productivity take a hit? Will your clients or patients notice hiccups along the way?

As you navigate the uncertainty, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Engage your team:

    Take your team along for the journey! Discuss the software you’re considering with them in advance and listen to their concerns. Make it clear that this change is all about improving efficiency and lightening the administrative load for everyone. Better yet, show them the features that will make that possible. Charting templates? Integrated applications? Getting their buy-in before making the switch will make it that much smoother.

  • Choose an intuitive interface:

    Reduce the learning curve by selecting software with an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface. Another bonus? The benefits of a simple and thoughtful design will extend to your patients, who also have to make a transition of sorts when it comes to features like online booking, intake forms, and more.

  • Look out for comprehensive training and onboarding:

    What exactly does “comprehensive’’ mean? Well, ideally you’d look for something that caters to different learning styles and preferences. Think: guides, webinars, videos, an interactive site, and more. The goal should be to provide you and your team with a variety of resources to help you get comfortable with the new system.

  • Evaluate the technical support:

    Consider the level of support available. How often can you access it? Is support available during off-hours or on weekends? A responsive support team is your safety net during the transition.

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Uncertainty #2: I have so many files to import into my EMR… How will I know where to start?

You’re the custodian of some pretty important data as a healthcare provider. You want to feel safe, secure, and supported when you’re moving those confidential files over to a new system. Below are some questions to ask while you’re in the evaluation stage.

Data security:

  • Does the platform offer industry-standard encryption, ensuring your data’s safety and privacy?
  • Does the platform conduct regular data backups to prevent loss and ensure data availability?

Data importation:

  • How much of the importation process is done through self-serve actions?
  • Is there an experienced imports team available to guide you through it?
  • Does it cost money to transfer your files?
  • What types of data can they import? (Consider existing patients, appointments, insurance policies, and more.)
  • What file types does the platform support?

Did you know? Jane’s import team has experience with imports from over 500 different softwares. (And pen and paper, of course!) Check out some of them here.

Uncertainty #3: Once the transition to the new EMR is done, will I be on my own?

Once your data is successfully imported, what’s the next step?

Onboarding, much like the data importing that comes before it, is something that requires some patience and support. Resist the urge to rush through the process! Learning at your own pace will help you avoid information overload and improve retention. With a deeper understanding of your software, you’ll be able to make it work better for you.

A good company won’t put pressure on you to learn the material quickly. Easy-to-access training materials should always be available in multiple formats, along with customer support.

You’ll want to know how you can reach out for assistance — whether it’s through email, phone, or chat — and when that support is available.

Did you know? Jane’s award-winning customer support team is available even on Saturdays!

Don’t know if making a switch is worth it? Talk to people who have already taken the leap!

Joining a community of practitioners who’ve navigated the transition to a new EMR can offer you valuable insights into the process, as well as some much-needed emotional support. Remember, transitioning doesn’t have to be a solitary journey — share experiences, exchange tips, and ask for reassurance from those who’ve been there and done that. It’s a journey worth taking with a supportive community by your side. 🩵

Join the Jane community to connect with over 12,000 practitioners —including Jane ambassadors who are happy to educate, seasoned Jane users, and non-customers with questions just like you!

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