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Take back your treatment time with Online Intake Forms

Streamline the intake process

There’s no need to start from scratch with Jane’s Online Intake Forms. Choose a pre-made questionnaire template from our Template Library to get started, and customize it to fit your needs. You can also create multiple forms and consents to be sent automatically for different practitioners, disciplines, or treatments.

Create and send as many forms as you like — they’re all free and included in your Jane subscription.

There’s nothing better than a seamless patient experience

To ensure you’re able to start your treatment on time (and fully prepared), Jane sends out a gentle email reminder 24 hours before an appointment prompting your patients or clients to complete their intake form if they haven’t already.

With Jane’s Online Intake Forms, you can choose to collect payment and insurance information before your patients step foot into your office. After their appointment, patients won’t need to search for their credit card or insurance policy — everything is already securely stored in Jane.

Enjoy the security (and ease) of Online Intake Forms

We know how important it is to keep your patient’s information safe and secure, which is why we have features in place to help you securely collect and store patients’ Intake Forms and Consents. With your patients’ data secure and up-to-date, you can focus on what you do best — providing excellent care and support.

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