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Collect Insurance Information on Intake Forms From Your Clients 📸

Do you offer insurance at your clinic? If yes, then this one’s for you!

Jane offers a dedicated way for clients to upload photos of their insurance cards and provide their most basic insurance policy details in an intake form.

The information submitted in an intake form will be turned into insurance policies on the administrative side of Jane that are “Awaiting Review”.

Clinic staff will then need to review that the details entered match the insurance card images and approve them before billing any claims under the new insurance policy.☑️

Whether you are setting up your intake forms for the first time or whether you’re already using Jane’s intake forms, you’ll be able to start collecting client insurance policy details in no time at all!

📝 This field is intended to collect insurance cards only. You won’t be able to collect or upload any other images in this area from your patients, like drivers’ licenses, verification forms and other images. If this is something you’d like for Jane to have in the future, let us know!

Enabling Insurance Information in Your Intake Form

Full Access users can head to Settings > Forms & Surveys in your Jane account.

Click on the blue hyperlink name of your Intake Form or the Edit button if you are editing an existing form. If you are starting from scratch, select New Intake Form:

Head to the Insurance Information tab and select Include to enable the Insurance Information in your form.

Then, pick your Insurance Card Image Settings preference. You can choose to not include the option to upload any images, require that clients provide an image of only the front of their insurance card, require that clients provide images of both the front and back of their insurance card or make the images optional.

If you want to provide any additional instructions or details for your clients about the information you’d like them to provide, such as your clinic’s insurance billing policies or processes (e.g. an overview of what type of insurance you accept, instructions for specific types of insurance like motor vehicle accident claims, etc.,), you can use the Custom Introduction section.

Bonus: there is formatting available in this area so you can make sure to emphasize and clearly layout any instructions for your clients.

Next, select the insurers you would like to allow clients to provide information for from the list of existing insurers in your account. (You’ll see the internal insurer name you have created on this set up step but when filling out the intake form, your clients will see the legal name you have set if different).

Important: If you create new insurers, they will not be automatically included in your intake forms. You will need to edit your intake form settings to include any new insurers you create after the initial set up of this Insurance Information step.

Last but not least, select which fields you would like to collect from your clients and decide whether you want the details to be required. The minimum required information is the Member ID/Certificate # but you can also collect the Plan/Policy # and the client’s relationship to the policy holder. You can also choose to collect the insured person’s details (name, DOB and sex) and/or the insured person’s address in cases where the client is not the main policy holder.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Intake Form. You’re all set!

You can verify that your changes have been saved in the Intake Form’s details listed under the blue hyperlink of the Intake Form’s name.

Client Experience

What does this look like for clients filling out an intake form?

When enabled, the Insurance Information step will be the second step clients complete when filling out their intake forms.

Note: If a client is eligible for multiple intake forms and more than one of those forms has the Insurance Information step enabled, clients will only be prompted to complete the Insurance Information step once. In these cases, the Insurance Information step will follow the settings specified in the first intake form.

Clients will need to select the insurance company they would like to provide details for from the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu will include a list of the insurers that you’ve previously chosen to include.

If a client doesn’t have any insurance coverage, they can select click Skip and continue to the next step in the intake form.

Existing clients who already have an insurance policy on file will be shown the existing policy’s details and will have the option to move on to the next step or add details for a new insurance policy.

Once an insurer has been selected, the image upload area(s) and insurance policy fields will be revealed.

If the client is completing the form on any type of device that has a camera, (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop with webcam) they will be able to take a photo of their insurance card right from the intake form, or they can upload an already existing image from their device.

Browsers may require that clients give permission for a website to have access to their camera. Here is a guide from Google Chrome’s support site on how to provide this access.

If there is more than one camera available, the selection can be toggled at the top of the camera capture window.

Once they’ve captured the image, they’ll see a preview of the photo and have the option to Retake it or click Looks Good to use the photo.

Next, they’ll need to type their details into Member ID/Certificate # and Plan/Policy # fields and select the appropriate Relationship to the Insured from the drop-down list options.

In the case that clients try to move on to the next step before they have completed any required fields, they will get a message from Jane reminding them that they have not fully completed the form.

Once all the required fields have been filled out, clients can move on to the next step and continue to complete and submit the intake form.

Managing Insurance Information Submitted in the Intake Form

So, a client filled out their intake form and submitted their insurance information - what’s next?

The details submitted by the client will be turned into Awaiting Review insurance policies on the administrative side of Jane. You’ll need to review and approve the details submitted by the client before you are able to use the insurance policy and generate any invoices.

Where can you find these Awaiting Review policies? Jane provides a few different options. These include: the appointment panel, and the Billing > Insurance Policies section of the client profile

Appointment Panel

The easiest place to manage these types of policies is in the Schedule from a client’s appointment.

When a client has completed their intake form and provided insurance details, you will see a notification in the Notices/Action Items on their booked appointment.

Click “Review Policy” from the alert message to review the details and double-check that the information entered matches the insurance card images. This is where you can make any corrections or enter in any additional policy details.

When everything looks good, click “Save and Approve”. This will save any changes you made and update the status of the policy to Open.

Now that the policy has been approved, you can add it to the appointment and begin billing claims!

Billing > Insurance Policies section of the Client Profile

You’ll also be able to see the Awaiting Review policy under the Billing > Insurance Policies section of the client profile.

You can review and approve policies that are awaiting review from this area of Jane by clicking View, then Edit next to an Awaiting Review policy.

Verify the information entered by the client by comparing the details to the insurance card images. You can make any necessary adjustments, and add any additional details. Then, click Save and Approve.

Now the policy will be available to add to any purchases.

Client Profile

In the client’s profile, you’ll be able to see the insurance details provided when viewing the completed intake form.

The completed intake form, in its entirety, can be accessed by clicking the blue hyperlink name of the completed form from the main profile page.

Finally, you’ll be able to view the images uploaded by the client under the Files area of their profile. The images will not be included in the client’s chart.

📍 Note: Currently clients can only add one insurance policy detail in the intake form. If they like to add additional policy details, they will have to be sent another form. When filling out the new intake form, existing insurance policy details on file will automatically be shown under the insurance section, but they will have the option to add details for a new insurance policy.

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