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How to Bill for Multiple Services on a Single Visit Using Billing Codes

This guide will go over how to create custom billing codes in Jane to bill for multiple services and treatments for your Private, Insured and/or ProviderNet Pacific Blue Cross visits.

This is handy for billing for add-on treatments such as a Vitamin IV drip to a Subsequent appointment, Aromatherapy add-ons to a massage visit, billing for extra time if the appointment has gone over, etc. all on one receipt!

Some of you are already charging for add-on services and treatments by adding these on as Products to the appointment. If that works for you - keep on keeping on! If you have the Insurance subscription, are needing to submit the visit through the ProviderNet Pacific Blue Cross integration or are looking for an alternate way - read on:

Step One: Setting up your fancy Billing Codes

Head over to Settings > Billing Codes > New Billing Code

Enter in the values for the Billing Code:

Type- Choose Billing Code

Code- Set the Code. This can be an internal code that makes it easy to search, or it can be the number assigned by the Payer or Insurance company.

Label- Name the Code. This name will display on reports and receipts and invoices.

Amount- Set the Price. This is the full price that will be attached to the billing code. If it changes choose your most commonly used price, or set up multiple codes with a slightly different name to help you differentiate between the pricing options.

You will want to create a billing code for your treatment and for each of your add-on services / treatments.

For example, if you are a Naturopath Physician, you may need to create a billing code for both your Initial Visit Treatment and your Subsequent Visit Treatment, and also for each of your add-on services such as your IV Drip therapy, Cupping treatment, etc.

Step Two: Add Billing Code(s) to Visit

Click on the Appointment > Click on Insurance Info

Enter in the Billing Code for the Treatment

Enter the Billing Code for the Add-on Service / treatment

Jane will use the amount field on each of your billing codes to create the total price for this visit

Optional: Add your Insurance Policy to this visit

After you have finished adding in your billing codes you can go ahead and Click the Add Policy button to select the insurance policy for this visit. Submit your claim using your normal workflow.

And…that’s it!

Here is how it all displays on your receipt:

  • Please note that the billing codes are only enabled for the Insurance plan. If you are on the Billing subscription and you want to use the billing codes to add in additional treatments or services, you’ll need to switch over to the Insurance plan.

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