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Insurer Statements

Just like patient statements, you can pull up insurer-only (or insurer and patient) statements from the patient profile. But, in the case that you’d like to include a few different patients under the same insurer on one statement, we can do that from another area of Jane. Let’s go through both workflows :)

Patient Profile

Head into the patient profile and into the Billing tab. You’ll see a list of the patient’s purchases below, and from here there are a couple of ways to get the ones you want onto a statement.

Many clinics like to use the Filter button, which allows you to filter the full list by location, staff member, and of course by date range. Once you have your filters set, you can click the Select All button to include everything you’ve filtered for:

Note: If your patient has a few purchases in the list still, you may see a Load More button at the bottom of the list. You’ll want to be sure to click Load More until the button stops populating, and then click Select All to ensure everything is included!

But, you can also just click on the purchases you’d like to include on the statement. Just make sure you click into a field like the Staff Member field where there’s no button or link:

With either method, once you have everything you want selected, you can click Statement on the right:

Since we’re doing this from the patient’s profile, Jane is going to assume we want a patient statement. In the page the opens, you can update the statement to be insurer only, or both private and insured, making sure to click Filter once you’ve got that set:

You can now print, email, or save your statement as a PDF :)

Billing Tab

You can also pull up an insurer statement in your main Billing tab by heading down to the Insurer Invoices area. There you can jump into the folder for the insurer you want a statement for, and pull up a statement just like you can in the patient profile:

If you want to pull up just one patient’s invoices, you can find your patient in the list of purchases and just click the filter icon next to their name:

With your statement up, you’ll have the option to print or save the statement as a PDF.

You’ll see that the biggest difference between the Patient Statement and the Insurer Statement is the account listed at the top:

So if you’re wanting to send a statement to the insurer showing them as the Account, your best bet will be pulling up an insurer statement from the main Billing Tab.

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