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  • Accounts Receivable Report

    The Accounts Receivable or AR report lists all patients and insurers with money owing.

  • Appointments Reports

    Jane keeps track of everything related to appointments, from online bookings to arrivals.

  • Applied & Unapplied Payments Report

    The Applied & Unapplied Payments Report provides a comprehensive breakdown of all of the payments that have been allocated towards an invoice within a particular date range.

  • Billing Reports

    Number-loving people, it’s time to celebrate.

  • Billing Summary Report

    The Summary report provides a general overview of the day-to-day financial information of your clinic.

  • Compensation Report

    Whooop Whooop, it’s pay day! Whether it’s for the week, the month, or half the year, Jane’s Compensation Report can help you calculate a practitioner’s compensation.

  • Cash Reconciliation Report

    The Cash Reconciliation Report was designed to show a summary of all of the financial activity in and out of the clinic for a particular period. This report is best used alongside the Sales Report, which is a list of all of the invoiced amounts for the same period.

  • The Inventory Report, Product Price Lists and Calculating Retail Value

    25, 26, 27…. wait a second, did I count those right?

  • Day End Procedures

    There are a few standard practices that are helpful to do to reconcile your end of day.

  • Employee & Contractor Taxes with Jane

    Several Jane users have asked us recently about tax reporting so we thought we’d go through this with you.

  • Exporting Reports and Customizing them in Excel

    It seems like everyone works with their reports and data in a different way. I often have clinics asking for a very specific report “Patients who have been seen in the last 3 months with a birthday in August and a first name that starts with J”. Well, that’s a bit extreme, but reports do tend t...

  • Hours Scheduled / Booked Report

    The Hours Scheduled/Booked report will provide an aggregate perspective on how productively your clinics schedule, or a staff member’s schedule, has been booked within a certain period of time.

  • Income Categories (Compensation at Different Rates)

    Often you will want to compensate your staff differently for different types of products. Income categories will allow you to both pay your staff a different rate and also to break down categories of income in your reporting. I probably shouldn’t be so excited about that, but I am.

  • Patients Reports

    Note: Patient reports are only available to clinic owners and Full Access users.

  • Patient Retention Report

    The Patient Retention Report is designed to give you an overview of the booking habits of your staff members.

  • Referral Report

    The referral report can be handy when looking to track how your patients are being referred and to whom (either to a specific practitioner or to the clinic in general).

  • Referral Commission

    Lets start at the beginning.

  • Return Visit Reminders

    💡Heads up — this guide contains some workflows that are only available on the Thrive plan. We’ll let you know which workflows these are throughout the guide.

  • Reconciliation Date: Reporting Invoice Changes Made Prior to a Certain Period

    If you haven’t seen it already, we strongly recommend that you check out our guide on Understanding Invoice Reversals first, as this document will make reference to the concept of invoice reversals and require a basic understanding on how these work in Jane.

  • Reconciling Your Accounts Receivable (A/R) Between Periods

    Nothing is more satisfying than having all your accounts balance after some careful calculations! This guide was designed as a deep dive into how a clinic can reconcile their accounts receivable from the end of the previous period to the number shown at the end of the current period.

  • Product Performance Report

    The Product Performance report can be used to pull a few different pieces of information. The report can be filtered by date range to see the number of appointments/sessions completed or products that have been sold over a specific date range. This report is also a nice complement to the Compens...

  • Sales Report

    Jane’s Sales report shows you a comprehensive list of sales during a specific date range. It’s helpful in identifying what you have been paid for during a specific date range and whether there are any invoices that have not yet been paid.

  • Strategies for Investigating Reports

    Let’s go through some of the strategies available when investigating into reports. Each clinic is a little bit different and relies on different reports for their practice, so this is will be more of a general overview of the resources that you have at your disposal when taking a deeper dive into...

  • Transaction or "Cash Out" Report

    Jane’s Transaction report is commonly used as a “cash out” report for reconciling your clinic’s POS machine, as well as cash and cheques at the end of the day. This report will show you all of the payments that were collected for the date range selected, regardless of whether they were applied to...

  • The Practitioner Dashboard, Explained

    The Practitioner Dashboard was designed to present a collection of statistics about a staff member’s performance within a certain date range in a simple and visually-appealing way.

  • The Practitioner Dashboard for Clinic Owners

    You may also want to have control over which type of metrics your practitioners have access to.

  • Unscheduled Patient Report

    Patient compliance. One of the hardest things for a clinic to manage. No worries, Jane’s here to lend a helping hand at getting those clients back in for their continued care.

  • Working with the Purchase, Invoice, Received At, and Applied Dates

    In Jane, there are four different types of dates to get acquainted with: the purchase, invoiced, received at, and applied dates. This purpose of this guide is to explain what these different dates represent, where they can be found and changed in Jane, as well as the different report(s) that they...

  • Reporting FAQs

    Before we get started: if you haven’t already, check out our guide on Strategies for Investigating Reports if you are interested in the different tools at your disposal when working with your reports.

  • Online Appointment Usage Report

    This report shows you all of the Online Appointments made for the date range selected so clinic owners can see how Online Appointments are being used across practitioners.

  • Compensating Product Sales by Profit Margin

    Currently, Jane will calculate staff compensation based on the revenue received for a particular product sale. If you would like to compensate your staff member based on the profit made on a particular product sale, you will be able to arrive at this amount with a little bit of spreadsheet magic ✨

  • Jane Payments Transactions, Payouts, and Monthly Processing Reports

    For our Jane Payments users in North America, there are a few additional reports available to you.

  • Transactions Report - New!

    We’re always looking for ways to make your day easier, and we’re hoping this new report does just that.

  • Your 2023 with Jane FAQ

    Happy New Year! 🎆 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Your 2023 with Jane year-end summary.

  • Snapshot Reports

    Snapshot Reports (formerly known as Materialized Views) lets you view your reports faster without long loading times or timeout errors that may occur for larger clinics with a lot of data.

  • Insurance Policy Report

    The Insurance Policies report is used to pull up all insurance policies used in the practice, filterable by insurer & staff member that saw a patient via a specific insurer.

  • How to generate a list of Birthdays in Jane

    Birthday wishes from a clinic are a heartwarming way to show patients you care and are a thoughtful gesture that’ll make their day extra special. If you’re looking to generate a list of patient’s birthdays, you’re in the right place!

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