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Referral Commission

Lets start at the beginning.


Referrals can be set on a patient’s profile either when they create their profile online or by the staff members creating the profile in Jane.

This is intended to show if a patient was referred in directly to a particular practitioner (showing that they have or are building a network) or just to the clinic in general (showing the value of the brand name). It can be something that is helpful to track.

You can then filter even further on the referral report to show who is referring to each practitioner or just to the clinic as a whole.

Learn more about the Referral Report Here.

Referral Commissions

Some people like to reward practitioners with a higher percentage if the patient was brought in directly to them. So when you set up commissions there is an option to add a different rate for when the practitioner treats people who come to the clinic through their network.

On the Income Category screen that might look like this:

Or many people will pay just the same rate. In this case you can leave the referral rate blank

Most people just pay the same rate whether the patient was referred directly or to the clinic in general so if you leave that blank it will automatically match the default rate. Do not put a zero here - Jane won’t let you anyway - but that would mean that you don’t want to pay your staff anything at all if the patient was directly referred, which I can’t imagine is the case :)

If you do enter rates in both fields then you will see a division on compensation reports.

Compensation Reports and Referral Commissions

Let’s look at an example.

Above Michael receives 10% for product he sells to a patient that was referred to the clinic in general or to a different practitioner in the clinic. Or if he is selling to a patient that was referred directly to him he receives a 15% commission.

Here’s how that looks on the compensation report:

It’s not displaying an additional compensation amount, but just splitting the product sales for Michael into two different lines.

Here’s how it looks if the referral rate is set to the same rate as the regular commission.

Again, it’s not an additional compensation amount, just split into two categories (those sales that were made to clients that were referred directly to the practitioner and those that weren’t).

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