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Referral Report

The referral report can be handy when looking to track how your patients are being referred and to whom (either to a specific practitioner or to the clinic in general).

You can find this report under the main Reports tab.

What Can you Learn?

This report will break down the revenue by source, as well as provide the total number of unique patients involved in that calculation. If a patient visited the clinic more than once during the period, the value of their appointments will go towards the “Amount” column, but they will only be counted a single time in the “Number of Patients” column.

This report is also broken down by which staff member a patient was referred to. This includes:

  • Anyone: The totals for all referral within the account. Encompasses the two clinic and staff member subdivisions below.
  • The Clinic: The totals for patients referred to the clinic (but no practitioner in general)
  • A Staff Member: The totals for patients who were referred specifically to this staff member.

How do Patient’s Enter their Referrer?

Patients who book via the online booking site will have the option to choose from a scoped list while confirming their account information.

If you would like to add some additional options to this drop-down, this list of referral options can be edited by a Full Access User under the Settings Tab > Language.

👉 Please note that Jane’s default ‘Other’ option opens up a text box, into which patients can free type their own referral source. If you’d prefer not to have that option, feel free to remove ‘Other’ from the list.

How do Staff Enter the Referrer?

Administratively, staff members are not limited to selecting an option from the pre-determined list of referral options, and you can enter any information you would like into this referral field. Jane will auto-populate any source that’s been used before so that your data will be as compiled as possible. This can be done under the Patient’s Profile > Edit/Settings area.

Also in this area, the clinic can specify which practitioner the patient was referred to (if any), otherwise this settings defaults as being referred to the clinic in general.

Filter and Export

You can see by date range the number of clients that have come in by that referral source and the amount of income they represent. You will be able to toggle between the Collected (Cash) and Invoice (Accrual) versions of the report, depending on your preferred method of accounting.

  • Collected (Cash): Based on the total value of payments applied during the specified date range. While the payments considered have been applied during the date range, the particular invoices that these payments are applied to may not necessarily fall within the specific date range.
  • Invoice (Accrual) Totals up all of the invoice values during the specified date range, regardless of whether the invoices have been paid or not.

You can also export the report to a spreadsheet file (Excel or CSV), if you’d like to work with the data further outside of Jane. This version of the report also includes a detailed breakdown of the individual patients who contribute to the totals shown in-app.

Frequently Asked Questions

I created a new referral source, but it is not appearing on the report?

An appointment will not show up as a line item on the Referral report until it has been invoiced (arrived) or paid, depending on the accounting filter being used. If you are working with a brand new referral source, you may not see this source appear on the report until a patient referred via this method has an appointment arrived for the first time.

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