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Patient Retention Report

The Patient Retention Report is designed to give you an overview of the booking habits of your staff members.

You can find this report under Reports > Patient Retention.

It will show you the number of new patients for the practice, and per staff member, and help give you an idea of whether clients are booking back in.

Data is only as good as the lens through which you view it. So knowing your staff and how they practice is essential for really drawing conclusions from straight numbers. I encourage you to keep this in mind when reviewing all reports.

That being said, let’s look at the lines of the Retention Report one by one.

💡 Note: An appointment will not count towards the totals shown in this report unless it has been marked as Arrived. Appointments that have been marked as a No Show will not be included within this report.

New Patients

The first line is New Patients. This is exactly how it sounds :) New patients to the practice. These are those that are coming in for the very first time and have never been seen by anyone else in your practice. They will have the “first visit” badge on their appointments on the schedule.

This number can show you which of your practitioners is either attracting new clients, or the one who is seeing only new clients and not rebooking. I have seen very successful practitioners vary widely on these reports, and the same numbers can mean very different things. High numbers in the new patient line could be both a positive OR a negative depending on the reason for the bookings.

Returning Patients

The second line is also fairly self explanatory: Returning Patients. This is the number of clients who are returning to the practice (but note that they are not necessarily returning to see the same person in your practice). They may have been in first for Massage and are now returning for Physiotherapy for example, and they will display as “returning”.

📍Note: Keep in mind for New and Returning Patients figures, these numbers will represent unique patients. If the same patient visits the clinic multiple times during the specified date range, they will be counted only once in either category. In the special case where a patient is brand new to the clinic AND also books their follow-up visit during the specified date range, they will be considered a New Patient.

Total Patients

The third line is the total number of clients seen by the practitioner during the date range you selected. Jane is just adding the two previous numbers together for you.

Total Patients = New + Returning Patients

Total Visits

The fourth line is Total Visits - this is the number of actual treatments that were arrived during the reporting period. This includes all visit types attended by all clients. If the same patient visits multiple times during the specified date range, each visit will count towards the final total.

% Returning Visits

Jane removes the initial visits from the visit count and then turns that number into a percentage of visits. You can see here of all the visits seen in that time frame what percentage of the visits were repeat business TO THE PRACTICE. Again really important to note here that this number shows the percentage of returning patient or clients. They may have previously seen a different staff member. This can be calculated as:

(Total Visits - New Patients) / Total Visits = Returning Visits * 100%

% Repeat Visits within Date Range

Shows how many of these visits were repeat during the reporting period. So for example, if the report is run for an entire month, this is the number of visits that were a returning visit during this period.

This will give you a rough idea of whether the practitioner is booking clients more than a single time. Again, it’s always important to keep treatment style, report date ranges, vacation or sick time and the many other factors that could be affecting reporting data in mind.

(Total Visits - Total Patients) / Total Visits = Returning Visits * 100%

If there’s data that you’re trying to extract from Jane, let us know what it is and most importantly WHY you want it and what you want to do with it, and we’d love to discuss how Jane can help.

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