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Hours Scheduled / Booked Report

What’s the Hours Scheduled / Booked Report?

The Hours Scheduled/Booked report will provide an aggregate perspective on how productively your clinics schedule, or a staff member’s schedule, has been booked within a certain period of time.

You can find this report by heading to Reports > Hours Scheduled / Booked


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What’s included in the Hours Scheduled / Booked Report?

1. Scheduled (hrs) 

This column reflects the total length of the shifts booked for the time period.

2. Booked (hrs) 

This column reflects the total length of appointments or classes booked into the practitioner’s day. This does not factor in breaks booked during your shift time.

3. % Booked 

This column represents the percentage of the appointment hours over the total shift hours (Booked / Scheduled).

4. Total Bookings 

Total Bookings represents the # of appointments booked during the time period.

5. Breaks 

Breaks represents the length of breaks booked into the schedule.

Hours Scheduled / Booked Example Scenario 📚

Here’s an example of a practitioner’s schedule for the day, and how it would translate to the report.

Notice that the length of the shift is 8 hours (from 9 am to 5 pm), with four appointments booked for a total of 3.5 hours. There is also a 1-hour break in the day.

If we were to visit the Hours Scheduled / Booked report, this is the information it would provide us:

Note: when two appointments are doubled-booked at the same time on the schedule, let’s say each appointment was an hour long, the Hours Scheduled report would consider this to be a single hour of time but the Appointment report would consider each appointment two separate hours.

It is also important to note that Jane will consider any physical appointment in the schedule a part of the Booked (hrs) calculation, regardless of whether it is a booked, arrived, or no show appointment. The Booked column will not take into account cancelled appointments since they are no longer listed on the schedule. In the example below, we can see a three hour shift, and 1.5 hours worth of appointments (one unarrived, one arrived, and one no show).

This is what the Hours Scheduled/ Booked Report looks like for this provider. Jane will consider any physical appointment in the schedule a part of the Booked (hrs) calculation. Each of those appointment blocks are 30-minutes in length, so if you add up the duration of the booked, arrived, and no-show appointment, it comes to a total of 1.5 hours (90 minutes).

If you are interested in the number of arrived appointments (or more importantly, cancelled or no-show) for a particular provider during a certain period of time, you could check out the statistics provided in the Dashboard (which can be found under the Settings tab).

You could also run the Appointments report for that practitioner for that same date range and only bring up no-show appointments so that you can subtract the duration of these appointments from the value provided by the Hours Scheduled/ Booked report.

Numbers Don’t Add Up? 🤔

If your ‘% Booked’ looks to be off, you’ll want to check if any appointments have been booked outside of your Shift. Jane will take into account all appointments booked outside of Shifts. This could make your ‘% Booked’ value seem higher than it is, compared to if you only look at appointments booked on the Shift.

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