Booking, scheduling, billing, video call & charting – Jane does it all.

The best clinic management software in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

Online Booking - Turning people’s website visits into actual appointments.

Jane makes sure that anyone can search for and secure an appointment – even people with little computer experience. Once patients see how effortless it is to book with you, they’ll be back!

Booking Made Easy

Online booking was the first thing we created for Jane so it works seamlessly with your clinic’s schedule. There’s never a delay or discrepancy in what a patient sees in the calendar versus what your staff sees. And there’s no extra configuration required.

  • Easy and fun to use
  • Intuitive, visual and totally online
  • Patients quickly see which therapists are available
  • Easy to book an appointment in just a few clicks
How to book a chiropractor appointment online in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.
Choose Your Practitioner and Speciality

At a glance, clients can see all the services, treatments and availabilities you offer and select from them.

  • Filter a search to see only the information you need
  • Patients can create an appointment with a specific practitioner if they have a preference
  • Patients can choose from available therapists if they have a specific time slot in mind
Choose any therapist at an integrated health clinic, from chiropractors and massage therapists, to naturopaths and physiotherapists.
Fully Integrated With Your Clinic’s Workflow

Jane is designed to fill practitioners’ schedules for an efficient day. That means no awkward gaps in the day and it’s easy to fill last-minute openings.

  • Availability is real time – to the second
  • Instantly reserves a patient's selection in the staff schedule – no double booking here
  • Clinics decide how far ahead they will allow online appointments
  • Smart scheduling maximizes the earning potential of each clinician (and your clinic!)
An easy, affordable scheduling program for your health care clinic.
Email Notifications

Jane reduces the number of forgotten or missed appointments by automatically emailing patients helpful reminders.

  • Patients receive an email confirmation at the time of booking
  • Set reminders to be sent 24 hours / 48 hours etc. before the appointment
  • Practitioners can opt in to receive booking notifications
Reduces Data Collection

Organization is key! Stay on top of the steady stream of patient details, insurance information, and other data with Jane.

  • Collect data on a patient's reason for visiting and insurance information prior to arriving
  • Online record keeping is secure, and reduces your clinic's paper costs and paper waste
Send your patients email notifications and reminders for their treatment appointments at your health care clinic.
Convenient for Patients

Jane gives patients access to their patient profile.

  • Patients can view their upcoming appointments and cancel or reschedule visits
  • Patients can view their appointment history
  • Practitioners can post documents, notes and chart entries to a patient’s account. Great for exercise instructions, reference information, lab results, and xrays
Offer online profiles so patients can book, cancel or reschedule appointments at your health care clinic.
Jane Respects Your Brand

Jane’s online booking pages can be completely customized to look just like your clinic’s own brand.

  • Presents a professional image
  • Offers a seamless online experience to your clients
Respect your brand

Charting - The simplest way to chart. No experience required.

Jane’s electronic charting is so straightforward, even devoted paper-only practitioners will be compelled to switch. There’s even an option to chart using a stylus and tablet – almost like paper and pen!

Use Any Device You Like

Chart on a laptop or PC. Even iPads and other tablets make great charting devices.

  • Type, dictate or handwrite notes into a patient’s chart
  • Draw shorthand symbols and callouts to add extra detail
  • Devices with built-in cameras allow video/pictures to be added to files
Access Charts Everywhere

Didn’t finish your charting today? No need to take them home (and accidentally forget to bring them back.) All you need is an internet connection, plus a tablet or computer.

Online charting for massage therapists, chiropractors and other heath care practitioners in Canada, the United States and Europe.
Add Photos & Videos

Photo charting gives you a revolutionary way to document and track your patients’ conditions. It’s as easy as snapping a photo or video, dragging it into a patient’s chart and...voila. So helpful.

  • Digital images/videos can lead to greater accuracy in diagnosis and treatment
  • Track a patient’s moles, rashes, etc. from visit to visit
  • Useful to record a patient’s range of movement or response during neurological exams
Photo and video charting practitioners document and track your patients’ medical conditions.
Personalize Your Chart

A library of different chart templates is available so therapists can choose the one that works best for them.

  • Charts can be as simple or as robust as you want them to be
  • Choose a template made by others in your field, e.g. physiotherapists, massage therapists, and others
  • Or build your own chart template to cover the topics/questions you normally fill in
Create your own charting template for physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and more.
Search, Filter & Export

Your entire clinic's data is so well organized, you can find whatever you need in just a few clicks.

  • Filter search details by date or practitioner
  • Search for entries by type of pain, by videos, by partial patient name and more
  • Easily export charts for medical record requests
  • Save and send files as pdfs for practitioners who move to a different clinic
Search, filter and export your clinic’s data by date or practitioner.
Maintain Privacy

Even in an online world, clinics can maintain patient privacy without any extra fuss. With Jane, all medical files are password protected and can only be seen by the people you authorize.

  • Privacy settings are flexible and can be set to each clinic's standards
  • A file can be made private, visible to select therapists only, or open to the whole clinic
  • Your practice’s records are only stored on Canadian servers. This is essential to ensure your clinic is acting in accordance with Canada’s privacy legislation
Clinic management software that maintains a patient’s privacy and keeps your clinic’s health records confidential.
Phrases For Faster Charting

Instantly transform a shortcut into entire sentences, paragraphs, or lists with Jane's built in text expander.

  • Auto-populate a set of sentences or short phrases by using a hotkey in a chart entry
  • Reduce time spent charting by creating phrases for your most commonly used entries
  • Create shortcuts for exercise prescriptions, billing codes, symptoms, assessments, areas of treatment, medications…the options are endless!
Phrases For Faster Charting.
Smart Charting to Save Time

Significantly reduce the time to complete a chart entry with Smart Options & Narrative.

  • Build an entire chart entry by selecting from a list of choices
  • Organize the choices as buttons, sliders, checkboxes, and drop-downs
  • Quickly produce entire reports for 3rd parties using the customized narrative builder
Significantly reduce the time to complete a chart entry with Smart Options & Narrative.

Scheduling - See Everything At A Glance

The Schedule is your true home base – and you're never more than a click away. From here, you can see your whole clinic overview, including what’s happening by day/by week, which staff are working, which days have available appointments, and lots more.

Easy, affordable scheduling software for your health care clinic in Canada, Europe and the United States.
Super Fast

Front desk staff are always doing a million things at once, so Jane was designed to minimize steps and make completing tasks extra efficient.

  • Book an appointment in just 4 clicks
  • Invoice in just 2 clicks
  • Watch available appointments turn bright orange – so it's easy to see free time slots
  • Search by partial name, phone number, email and more
  • A handy copy & paste function means less repetitive typing
Book and invoice appointments at a health care clinic using this affordable clinic management software.
Easy and Effective Wait List Management

Jane’s Wait List features will help you keep your schedule full and see your clients sooner.

  • Clients, practitioners, and admin can add Wait List Requests with client’s availability and notification preferences
  • Wait List cues will provide a visual signal to anyone viewing the Schedule that a new spot has become available
  • Wait Listed clients can be notified of openings that match their preferences with a single click or when enabled, Jane can send notifications to your clients automatically for you
Let patients add themselves to a wait list when booking a chiropractic, massage therapy or physiotherapy appointment at your health care clinic.
See What You Need To See

When you book an appointment with Jane, the patient’s information is visible in one, easy-to-view screen.

  • See the number of ‘no-shows’ or if they have a balance owning
  • See a patient’s last visit to know when to schedule their next visit
  • Add notes to a patient’s file regarding insurance claims, etc.
  • Enjoy real-time scheduling that’s always in in sync. If an opening in the schedule suddenly gets booked by a patient or another staff using Jane, you’ll see the change right away
Administrators at health care clinics and clinic owners will love this real-time scheduling feature.
Classes & Group Bookings

Seamlessly offer classes and one-on-one bookings on your schedule.

  • Offer classes at specific times of day for a set number of participants.
  • Classes can be booked online like any other treatment or service.
  • Classes and one-on-one bookings are managed intuitively together on your schedule.
Seamlessly offer classes and one-on-one bookings on your schedule.
Keyboard Shortcuts

Pro users of Jane will love these magical little key combinations to navigate Jane in clever, faster ways.

  • Bring up the waitlist, staff list, or schedule from any screen with a few keystrokes
  • Shortcuts are ideal for zooming in and out of documents so they're even easier to read
Navigate your clinic management program with these easy keyboard shortcuts.
Ratings & Reviews

Jane follows up after your patient's visit to get real-time feedback with an email survey.

  • Reviews are stored privately in Jane's secure system
  • If your regulations allow, send patients to Google to fill out an online testimonial and build your online reputation
  • Review patient feedback data across all practitioners within the clinic by day, week, month or year
Ratings & Reviews

Billing - Why hasn’t software done all this before?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bill an appointment one click after you book it? With Jane, you can. Jane also takes care of your clinic’s entire billing workflow, from receiving payments and dealing with insurers to paying staff.

Jane can help you accept payments the way your customers want to pay.

Jane offers a simple, flexible payment system where you can store customer cards on their profile, accept online booking pre-payments online, and send e-invoices to customers for outstanding balances - all within Jane.

  • Store credit cards on file: Securely store customer credit card information directly in their profile, making it faster and easier for your staff to process payments.
  • Get paid when the appointments are booked: Accept credit card pre-payments or deposits for online booking. You get better clinic cash flow and reduce payment administration both onsite and after service.
  • Make it easy for clients to settle their accounts: Customers can pay their balances online and not have to mail payments or come to the clinic. Everyone wins!
  • Available in 25 Countries Jane Payments is available for businesses based in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.
Jane payments pay
Integrated Into the Schedule

A prettier, better designed way to invoice clients and manage your clinic’s financials.

  • One button lets you invoice or receive payments from the schedule with no need to switch to a whole different “billing” program
  • If a claim becomes insured, or a patient has forgotten to tell you they have coverage, Jane makes it easy to re-bill their treatment
  • Add products or additional billing items right from the appointment screen
A better, simpler way to invoice patients and manage the financial records of your health care clinic.
Crystal Clear Reporting

Get a big-picture financial overview of your clinic in easy-to-read reports.

  • Get a snapshot of the financial health of your clinic by day, week, month or year, by practitioner and by discipline
  • Jane highlights billings that require your attention, e.g. unpaid invoices, rejected claims, etc.
  • Use reports to track billings by each practitioner and to help manage inventory
Get a full financial report of your health care clinic, including your invoices, billing, inventory, and commissions.
Insured Treatments

Use Jane to manage patient insurance claims and send invoices to the appropriate payer.

  • 🌎 Collect insurance policies before the patient comes in
  • 🌎 Bill a visit to multiple third party payers
  • 🌎 Easily track insurer invoices and payments
Use this clinic management program to manage patient insurance claims and to track insurance billing.
Electronic Claim Submissions
  • 🇨🇦 Manage various insurance workflows using fee codes, percentage coverage, flat fees, or a combination of each
  • 🇨🇦 Enjoy seamlessly integrated insurance billing with our growing list of insurers: TELUS eClaims, Teleplan, and Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet
  • 🇺🇸 Easily create Superbills, CMS-1500s, & EDI's
  • 🇺🇸 Post insurer payments quickly with the Electronic Remittance Management Tool

*Currently available to Canadian and US customers

Use this clinic management program to manage patient insurance claims and to track insurance billing.
Products & Inventory

Easily sell retail or therapeutic items along with a patient’s treatment, such as vitamins, ice packs, exercise equipment, braces and other items.

  • Have up-to-date information about your stock levels
  • Track the tax on all purchased items
  • Use Jane to add and record commissions payable to practitioners
Sell treatments and therapeutic items at your health care clinic using this affordable clinic management program.

Offer your patients a non-recurring, one-time purchase for discounted access to a certain number of eligible sessions. Packages can be redeemed for a preset amount of uses and can include multiple types of appointment offerings.

  • Punchcard-like offers where your clients can pay upfront for a predetermined number of sessions
  • Offer discounts when multiple sessions are purchased
  • Keep track of how many sessions have been redeemed
  • See how these packages are performing for your practice
Offer your patients a non-recurring, one-time purchase for discounted access to a certain number of eligible sessions.

Offer your clients a Membership that can be sold administratively and set up on a recurring basis for automatic payment.

  • A subscription-like offer that can be used towards eligible sessions
  • Set up recurring membership invoices on a weekly, monthly, or annual billing cycle
  • Process payments automatically with a client card on file, or manually with other payment methods
  • Jane keeps track of membership usage and performance
Offer your clients a Membership that can be sold administratively and set up on a recurring basis for automatic payment.
Send Receipts By Email

Most of us have trouble keeping track of our receipts, and nobody likes waiting around to receive new copies. Enter emailable invoices: your clients will absolutely love this feature.

  • A patient's entire appointment record can be called up at the touch of a button
  • Patients appreciate the convenience of not having to leave their home to replace misplaced receipts
  • Emailing receipts reduces paper costs, postage and paper waste
Email patients their receipts for health care appointments at your integrated health care clinic.

Online Appointments - Secure, simple, and seamless.

Meet 1:1 or with a group of related clients using Jane’s fully compliant telehealth option, then chart, bill, and collect payment — all within Jane.

Join your telehealth sessions with confidence — as if you’re in the room together.
  • HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliant
  • Full suite of features like a Waiting Room, Screen Share, and more
  • Made for practices and their clients in mind
  • Run sessions for up to 12 related clients

Learn More about Online Appointments

Online Appointments for Groups