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Jane Payments

Above and beyond your day-to-day payments (but great for those, too).

It’s never been easier to get paid.

  • A complete online and terminal payment solution: Fully integrated with your Jane account to give you everything you need in one place.
  • Spend less time managing your payments: Collect and record transactions, access essential reports, and get support. All within your Jane account.
  • Secure and PCI compliant: Jane Payments meets the highest security standard to ensure your clients’ credit card data is never at risk.
Prevent no-shows and collect fees when they happen

Prevent no-shows and collect fees when they happen

With multiple ways to require payment information before an appointment, clients are less likely to no-show. And with payment reminders by text and email along with secure online payments, you can easily collect fees if they do.

Take the transaction out of your treatment

Take the transaction out of your treatment

With online payments, you and your client can end your session on a healing note, instead of a transactional one. Those who prefer to tap, swipe, or insert their card will love Jane’s sleek and fully integrated terminal.

Increase your revenue without increasing your hours

Increase your revenue without increasing your hours

With hands-off features like auto-recurring memberships, online gift cards, and email and SMS A/R collection, you won’t need to up your working hours to increase your revenue.


With Jane Payments, everything is included in your per-transaction rate: no hidden fees, no surprises, and no contracts.
Jane Payments Terminal
Card present
2.65% for credit cards, $0.10 for Interac Debit
Jane Payments Online
Card not present
PCI, Monthly, Annual, or other “Hidden” fees Nope.

If you'd like to compare your current fees to Jane’s, you can check out this guide or reach out to our team.

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How does Jane Payments go beyond your traditional POS?

Online Booking Payment Policies

Require a credit card on file, a deposit, or full payment before your client schedules an appointment online to help prevent no-shows.

Auto-Recurring Memberships

Set weekly, monthly, or annual payments that Jane will invoice and charge automatically for you.

Online Gift Cards*

Allow clients to purchase gift cards to earn more passive revenue through your Online Booking site.

Payment Requests via Text and Email

With a single click, Jane can send your client a customizable request to pay their outstanding balance online through a secure client portal.

Secure Credit Card Collection on Intake Forms*

Request clients add a credit card to their client profile while filling out their intake form.

Store Cards on File via Terminal*

Use the Jane Payments Terminal to save credit card info to your client’s profile during check-out.

*Available in Canada and the US

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