Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Step 1: Setting up Jane Payments

Ready to experience all of the benefits Jane Payments has to offer? We thought you might be.🎉

First, full access users can head to Settings > Jane Payments.

If you’re ready to go, click “I’m in, let’s do this,” and follow the on-screen prompts and questions.

Since we will be facilitating payments and transferring money to you, we’ll need to collect some information about you and your business, as well as your banking information. This should only take about 5 minutes.

Once you’re done that, you’ll see a confirmation page letting you know that your Jane Payments account is set up. This means that you’re ready to start accepting and processing in-app/online payments.

Purchasing a Jane Payments Terminal in Jane

With a Jane Payments Terminal, you’ll be able to link it to each of your practitioner’s bank accounts to send them their payments directly (no need for multiple terminals). 💸 And you’ll also have all of your reporting for online and in-person payments in Jane, in real-time, all on one payout schedule. This means less time reconciling payments, and less chance of error from manual entry, too.

Please Note: The Jane Payments terminal will require a strong, reliable internet or wifi connection to function. If you are a mobile clinic 🚙, we recommend reaching out with any questions before purchasing.

If you’d like to purchase an integrated credit card terminal, you can do so directly in your Jane account, or anytime in the future. Click the blue-button as shown below, and Jane will bring you to the terminal purchase and delivery screen.

What do I do when my Jane Payments Terminal arrives? Head on over to our guide, ‘Linking your Jane Payments Terminal’ to learn how to link your terminal and start taking payments.

Future Features

With the Jane Payments Terminal, we’re working hard on making more options available to you. In 2022, we’ll be releasing the ability to optionally save a credit card on file right from the terminal. Stay tuned!

Need a hand getting started? Feel free to reach out to support at [email protected]