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  • 5 Quick Charting Tips

    If you use the same word, or term or sequence in certain entry types you can pull them up using the “search” bar in the the top of the chart.

  • Adding a Signature to Charts

    When you sign off on a chart entry using the “Sign and Lock” feature, Jane will date and time stamp your entry.

  • Use Phrases For Faster Charting

    This handy feature allows you to create a shortcut for a set of words, sentences, or even lists that will auto-populate when you use a keyboard shortcut in a chart entry.

  • Appointment Charting Status

    Sometimes you would like to review your appointments or those in your clinic to see if there are any appointments that haven’t been documented.

  • Chart Parts for Creating a Chart Template

    Your templates will show up in the bottom of your template list when you use the “New Chart Entry” button or “Add to Chart” function. You can create your own chart templates or, if you want to piggyback on someone else’s hard work, you can opt in to templates built by other practitioners in your ...

  • Chart Template Library

    Jane users really are an amazing community! There are a number of generous practitioners who have worked to build fantastic templates in Jane and have shared them into our Library.

  • Charting for a Past Date

    It’s important to note that while you can adjust or change the date of the chart entry to reflect the date of service, you cannot backdate the date and time of the “signed at” stamp. To comply with charting regulations, Jane will accurately record and display the date and time that the chart ent...

  • Charting New Territory: Tips for Switching to Electronic Charts

    After working with practitioners in clinics for over 10 years, I know how hard it is to leave paper charting behind, even with all the logical reasons to switch: reduced supply costs, no storage or shredding, off-site access, improved legibility (although I never trust a practitioner if I can rea...

  • Charting Privacy Options

    Sharing chart notes can be something that varies depending on how you run your practice. There’s a number of settings in Jane that you can work with to ensure your notes are shared with the appropriate people in your practice.

  • Consent for Assessment/Treatment of Sensitive Areas

    The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario have recently released a new Standards for Maintaining Professional Boundaries and Preventing Sexual Abuse which includes a section detailing that “Treatment of Sensitive Areas Must be Discussed with the Client and Written Informed Consent Must be Obta...

  • Couples or Related Groups - Booking, Billing, Charting and Notifications

    There are times that you want to work with more than one person at a time, but it’s not a class or drop-in style group. This may be especially relevant to you if you’re a mental health practitioner or a family chiropractor. This would be for appointments like couples or family counselling or fami...

  • Creating a Chart Template

    If you’d like to standardize your charting or, better yet, reduce the overall time you spend charting, using Chart Templates is the way to go.

  • Customized Chart Requirements

    So, you were the chosen one this year.

  • Deleting, Moving or Changing a Chart

    There are a few scenarios that pop up where a chart needs some attention. Jane has a few ways to work with your chart entries, while also remaining compliant with general charting regulations. These regulations typically require original entries to remain legible and all changes to a signed chart...

  • Files Area in Chart

    Learn how to securely upload and store multiple files simultaneously to a patient's profile in Jane
  • Exporting Chart Notes (Print or PDF)

    Sometimes you need to send a chart or a clinical record for a medical legal request or referral to another practitioner.

  • Adding CPT & Diagnosis Codes to Charts (US)

    Jane’s goal is always to be helpful, and when it comes to documentation and insurance billing, that means being thorough, compliant, and efficient.

  • Adding Billing & Diagnosis Codes to Charts on the Base Plan

    💡Heads up — this guide is applicable for the Legacy Base Plan only.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    That’s why there are a number of keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate the Schedule with fewer clicks.

  • Letters in Jane

    Often you need to send Progress Reports, Doctor Letters or other Form style Letters to people outside of your practice.

  • Photos in Chart Notes/Documentation

    Photos can be a great compliment to a chart entry to track skin conditions, range of motion, misalignments, and progress of treatment over time.

  • Pinning and Starring your Chart Entries

    Do you need to refer back to your patient’s intake form regularly, or the notes from their initial visit? Maybe there are a few key notes, images or uploaded documents that you need quick access to.

  • Prescriptions

    Many of you are prescribing to your patients and have asked about how that can be managed in Jane. We know that patient charts can span many years and be made up of hundreds of entries. So finding entries that have specific information and compiling them in one place can help your patient care.

  • Print to PDF

    In order to print to PDF from Jane, make sure you are using Chrome on either a Mac or a PC. Then on a page that has a print button in Jane:

  • Printing or Sharing Chart Entries (Treatment Plans)

    Sharing just the Plan portion of your chart entry with your patient is a common workflow for practitioners.

  • Scanning and Uploading to Jane Charts

    You might be looking to load in a scanned Dr. referral, or an in clinic intake form, or the paper chart that you’re leaving behind. Loading documents into Jane through the Files area of a patients’ profile is something that you will do regularly so here’s some tips.

  • Sign & Lock Charts

    Signing and locking charts is part of the electronic charting workflow and affects how chart entries are finished and how any future changes are tracked.

  • Day View: Sign and Lock Workflow

    For the lock icon to show up the treatment has to be connected to the chart entry. Which means it needs to be selected on the schedule (so the “check” needs to be displayed on the appropriate appointment)

  • Supervisor Sign Off

    With many clinics working with practicum students, or practitioners who haven’t received their full license yet (‘Practicing Therapists’), we’d like to share how to have the Supervising Practitioner review and sign off on those chart entries.

  • Switching from Paper Charts to Electronic Charts

    Making the switch to Electronic Charting can seem like a big task - especially if you have years and years of paper charts stored in your clinic.

  • Uploads for Review - Labs, X-Rays and Other Reporting

    If you have administrative staff that are uploading clinical information that needs to be reviewed by a practitioner, it’s most accurate to assign the uploaded chart entry to the appropriate practitioner.

  • Customizing Your Chart Footer

    So, you were the chosen one this year.

  • Hiding Unchecked Checkboxes in Signed Charts

    Some of the chart templates and intake forms that we create have long lists of checkboxes to fill out. It’s great to capture all of this information, but sometimes reviewing these entries can feel like double-checking a multiple-choice exam that you’ve filled in so meticulously on a Scantron shee...

  • Export Shortcuts From Autotext Expander

    We previously recommended the chrome extension Autotext Expander, however their newest version isn’t compatible with Jane.

  • Clinical Surveys for Subjective Measures

    With Clinical Surveys, practitioners can collect information from a patient or client before each scheduled appointment. The answers to survey questions are added to the chart, much like Jane’s intake forms.

  • Making a Chart Amendment

    Not a problem.

  • Smart Options & Narrative for Charting

    This chart part allows staff to create a quick and easy narrative with only a few simple steps.

  • Help! I accidentally archived a draft chart entry.

    Good news! – As long as the chart data made its way to Jane’s servers before you archived it, the archived draft would be saved as an archived chart entry.

  • Sharing Patient Charts with a Third Party

    When it comes to sharing a patients charts with a Third Party like a lawyer or insurer we don’t recommend emailing chart notes. You can create the Third Party a patient profile, upload the document and then share that document to their patient portal so they can view and download it in a HIPAA co...

  • The chart entry is complete, so why isn't the lock showing?

    Looking for the little calendar icon on your chart? Could have sworn you made an entry for that day but there is no lock on the Appointment? Sounds like the appointment isn’t attached to the chart. Let’s walk through the steps for adding that.

  • Updating the Chart Visibility of Existing Chart Entries

    These are important questions to ask ourselves as charting regulations are constantly changing while clinics transition to electronic health records.

  • Batch Chart Export for Practitioners

    There are a couple of things we do like to note first, though.

  • Creating a Narrative Chart

    Before diving into the details of building out a Narrative chart, check out our guide on Smart Options & Narrative for Charting. It’s chock-full of details on what Narratives are and how they work.

  • Formatting Chart Entries

    Did you know you can add formatting to your Charting in Jane? If you haven’t checked it out yet, we definitely recommend it.

  • Charting for Classes and Group Appointments

    To the practitioners charting for Classes or Group Appointments (i.e., family or couples therapy), we have a time-saving treat for you. 🍫 

  • Clinical Surveys for Subjective Measures and Patient Follow-up (new look)

    With Jane’s newest feature, Clinical Surveys, practitioners can collect information from a client before or after each scheduled appointment. The answers to survey questions are added to the chart, much like Jane’s intake forms.

  • Tips for Charting During Your Online Appointment

    Here’s hoping that this guide will make switching between things just that much easier! Here are some useful tips that we’ve picked up from clinics along the way on keeping up with client notes during an Online Appointment (telehealth) video or audio conference.

  • Outcome Measure Surveys

    We know that better insights into your clients’ progress help you provide better care. With Outcome Measure Surveys, you’ll be able to add scores to Clinical Survey questions to help you to quantify a client’s experience at a point in time and over the course of their care.

  • Clinical Surveys

    With Clinical Surveys, you can collect information from a client before or after their scheduled appointment, or at the time of booking online. You can also set up a survey to send daily, weekly, or monthly to individual clients. The answers to the survey questions are added to the chart, much li...

  • Sending Individual Surveys to Patients

    📌 If you are looking to create a form for your patients to complete on their initial appointment check out our intake forms found here.

  • Early Users - Creating a plan of care

    Welcome to our newest feature for tracking patient care! This feature enables you to organize your chart entries and track the number of appointments for a patient’s specific problem.

  • Treatment Plans

    Welcome to our guide on Treatment Plans. This feature helps you organize your chart entries and track the number of appointments for a patient’s specific concern.

  • Smart Preview (Beta)

    Welcome to our Smart Preview Beta guide! We’re excited to show you how Smart Preview can help you customize and edit your chart preview text.

  • How to Face Chart

    Face charts are a great visual tool to track what parts of a face have received treatment. For example, a medical aesthetics practitioner could use a face chart to record how many units or syringes a patient has received in different areas.

  • Supervision (Beta)

    Welcome to our beta guide on Supervision in Jane. Many clinics have practicum students or practitioners who haven’t received their full license yet (i.e. practicing therapists) and require a supervisor to sign off on their charts. This feature aims to simplify that process for both the supervisor...

  • Client Aftercare Information

    You might want to give your clients some tips on how to take care of themselves after a treatment. If they’ve got their patient portal set up, you can use it to share some aftercare or documents with them that cover this important information.

  • Voice to Chart (Beta)

    Welcome to our beta guide for the Voice to Chart feature! With the current version of this feature, you can upload an audio file to a chart and Jane will use it to create a summary in the form of a SOAP note. Pretty handy! With Voice to Chart, you don’t have to split your focus between taking not...

  • Medical Aesthetics Hub

    💡Heads up — this guide refers to some features that are not available on all plans. For more information, check out our pricing page.

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