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Scanning and Uploading to Jane Charts

You might be looking to load in a scanned Dr. referral, or an in clinic intake form, or the paper chart that you’re leaving behind. Loading documents into Jane through the Files area of a patients’ profile is something that you will do regularly so here’s some tips.

Size of File

Jane does have a file size maximum for both the Charts area and the Files area, which is 50MB. Most scanners are set by default to a very high resolution - more than you need for this type of scan. High resolutions create larger files which take time to upload. “Screen Resolution” is enough.

Format of File

Same idea for format. PDF is the preferred format for size and optimization.

Attaching a Scan to a File

Once you’ve scanned a document to your computer. You can upload it to a chart using the “File/Image” option.

Head to the patient’s chart and click the “New Chart Entry” button. Then choose the “File/Image” option.

Hit the “Add Image/File” button

Find the scan from your computer as you would if you were attaching a document to an email.

Then give it a great description that will make it easy to search for later on. Paper Chart January 2013 to December 2015. Or X-ray report right knee January 2013.

Speaking of finding them later. If you add searchable keywords to your upload - either in your document description or even in a template you use when uploading certain types of documents, you can pull up your uploads quickly from the chart.

I created a chart template called “report upload” and added a Heading called “Report” - but you could tag those any way you like.

Here’s a chart with many entries (not all uploads)

I type in “Report” here in the search bar, and magic!

Just the Report uploads show up.

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