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Prevent Staff from Booking Outside of Shifts

You may have noticed something special hiding away in Jane’s Schedule Settings called “Prevent staff booking outside shifts”. This is another way you can personalize your schedule in Jane to fit exactly what you need. 😍

As the name describes, this setting allows you to prevent staff from booking appointments outside of your scheduled shifts. This feature will be used most often by clinics that do not allow flexible scheduling. So, when selecting this setting, please be aware that you are removing the flexibility that your front-desk staff have to book patients within practitioners’ breaks or after hours.

Before we take a look to see what this looks like in your administrative schedule, let’s navigate to this setting in Jane by selecting Settings > Schedule Settings > and scanning our eyes to the bottom of our first section as shown below:

If this box is left unchecked, and if an administrative staff books an appointment outside of a shift, they will get a warning in Jane and will still be able to proceed with booking in a patient:

However, if that setting is checked off, Jane will remind you with a red alert message that appointments cannot be booked outside of a shift.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! Our email is [email protected].

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